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  1. I believe the FBI raided Halas Hall looking for a professional football team.
  2. Bills 38 - Raiders 13. Jets all but forgotten.
  3. “The New York Football Giants”… maybe they should remove “Football” from that sign.
  4. Last year’s toast of New York is getting soggy this year.
  5. Bills win if Josh’s elbow stays intact. Jets win if Park Ave. wants them to win.
  6. “You, sir, are an idiot! Your father was an idiot! Your grandfather was an idiot! And while I’ve never met your great grandfather, I’m sure that he was an idiot too since idiocy like yours is so incredibly vast that it can’t possibly be due to just the environment. It would need a strong genetic determinant since no environment could ever produce an idiot as big as you!”
  7. “If you ‘retire’…we will give you a bonus if we win the big one next year”
  8. Kincaid will have a very nice 11 year career, then he will become manager of The Partridge Family. They will regret letting Austin ($6 Miilion Man) get away.
  9. Quarterback questioning the coach. The last playoff game they were in they were blown out. Clearly New England has leadership issues.
  10. If he was any good, he would be “in counseling” …and still on the team.
  11. The new stadium eliminates the troughs. You cannot make a mistake like that and expect to survive.
  12. Cook - A revival of 1973 - 2003 yards. Elam. - the second coming of Robert James.
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