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  1. Jerry figures the more divisions he is in, the more chances to win. He is also trying to get into the Big-12.
  2. Our second and third teamers lost by 2 points on the road.
  3. why is the buffalo wearing a Michigan helmet?
  4. It’s a reminder to the team…just say no to massages.
  5. it will be stormy, but Josh will part Lake Erie and lead us to the promise land.
  6. Yes He does..He has no Ravens on His fantasy team…”Heaven Can Wait”
  7. I learned that I am not worried about Miami and New England…need to get over my anxiety….and just enjoy the ride.
  8. Want to see the ratings for the Browns game to see how many Browns fans that are “done with the Browns” are actually done with the Browns.
  9. not sure what point the writer is trying to make…but, when you suck, you’re going to get criticized.
  10. Case Keemun surprise start on the first play….that way J.A. does not get credited for the victory to cut down on the bonus money.
  11. “I signed on to hold a clipboard…not run for my life for 4 weeks.”… J.Flacco.
  12. same here….and if the Bills get up by 14 …for some reason it gets worse..I panic that they are going to blow it.
  13. Didn’t know who Steven Ruiz was yesterday…don’t know today…. And won’t know tomorrow…
  14. not sure on the design…I think they just dug a hole in the ground and filled it with concrete.
  15. “..the game is won by analytic predictions…”. — PFF……oh yes, Josh Allen will never amount to anything.
  16. Maybe they should list who isn’t a captain.
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