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  1. was the Patriots record about Belicheat or Brady?
  2. I found out that Jon Robinson was the GM of the Titans after he got fired…
  3. If this guy was any good, he would be on the Bills…
  4. If he’s not going to have an 85 yard TD run every game….I don’t want him…
  5. let’s not get ahead of ourselves… Better peripheral vision…
  6. He is so wide open, I can throw it between my legs.
  7. may hurt his confidence a little bit, but not his arrogance…
  8. After a wee bit of tequila, sat at the end of the bar and complained too much and too loudly about what a joke the head coach of the team is….
  9. I guess he doesn’t have the luxury to dig another oil well.
  10. I think I am tired of this “grow” nonsense, the only thing I want to see grow is the win column.
  11. McDonalds…they are easy to find…but if you are feeling adventurous…Burger King.
  12. Keenum preference….easier to see receivers if they are wearing white pants….
  13. He is the real Elvis…hiding in plain sight…
  14. We are going to lose to the Texans…THE TEXANS!!!!! Fire Beane !!!!
  15. RIP. He was a great punter, but with the notoriety of his draft position and his team..I think he was elevated above Jerrel Wilson who I think contemporaries felt was the better punter.
  16. All QBs now are just following the example set by TB12. And when you have no chance of getting a sniff of the QBs jersey, what better way to deflect your lack of talent to the fans of your team than to complain about an obscure aspect of the game….
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