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  1. ??? Makes no sense. That award is not given for how you play against one team!?!?
  2. That's great and what exactly did that get you? Let me go back and see if that helped you beat the next team...or the team after that..
  3. Cam Newton was worse than Tyrod Taylor at that point in his career. Let's stop. The Covid pats roster was pretty bad I know you are not trying to tell me that bills team was the same or at least worse..lol
  4. Won executive of the year last year. And all those SBs don't get won if it wasn't for some of his draft picks.. And I hate the 1st round pick and trading back to get him. But some bills fans kill me trying to talk crap about him while the whole bills team is still chasing at least a trip to a SB.
  5. Keep seeing this...they won a SB without Dante. Bills fans need to put this take to rest.
  6. just wanted to note, none of this has anything to do with my original statement or even your first statement, but i will play along. Yup. I am very glad after 20 years the bills didn't have to punt against the Pats.
  7. Ha ha..I would of love to give McDermott the Pats Cam Newton covid roster team and see what he could of done with that..
  8. It doesn't change anything really..if I understand correctly. After each possession it goes into sudden death, right? Well going back to that game. The chiefs score /bills score.. Chiefs going down the field again n scored a td or field goal and the game is over....sooo u still lose?
  9. If your defense couldn't stop them...then you still lose in sudden death...what is the point? Dumb to ever change it in the first place..but then again. The NFL wants more offense anyways..
  10. I understand completely what he is saying and the discussion, you guys lost the game and could not stop KC at all in that game... point blank. Again the difference BB has done it. Nobody is going to focus on the semantics, but you to try and save face. And stop contradicting yourself in the process too. The Pats are irrelevant but yet you decided to create a thread about them?
  11. Ha ha what facts? You are the only one trying to draw the correlation? That poster made the comment cause idk BB has proven to have done it, on the biggest stages no less.
  12. Collapse? Ha ha nobody referred to that game for any of the two team as collapsing. and no way does it compare to what happened to the bills vs KC up top of the factor the bills lost to KC and the pats didnt . Nobody ever knows if they would win a coin toss so I don't know why that would matter. You guys lost the game and the pats didnt. You guys never stopped KC. That's pretty much it.
  13. You keep telling yourself that as you continue to keep the Patriots relevance alive here for some reason. Good job! Then that means it didn't happen. Two different ending results.
  14. ? That's not what that means. You're team is good, damn Good.. I don't know how talkin about the Patriots means u aren't or are..
  15. You can't truly believe this? Wow this has to be the most Buffalo Bills Fan post i have ever read on here.
  16. thing is EVERY THREAD IS..but most ppl look and see 20 years is more than 2 years..
  17. That is pretty much what is going on right now..One big head scratcher Oh yea and Allen Robinson just signed w the Rams...geez I guess the lack of a big play maker BB didn't think he needed....shrug shoulders
  18. I am sure that crowd will be loud...anything that reflects negatively towards BB that crowd comes out from the bushes.. Comes w the territory
  19. Manning was never as good in the playoffs as he was in the regular season. So Brady having better stats was not a volume thing, it was because Manning failed alot in the playoffs. And his Colts teams average 10 plus wins most of the times Manning was there... Manning and Rodgers are similar. They both despite their talent fail in the playoffs more than they succeeded
  20. You are naming two out of all the signings that he made, including draft picks. If you go down the line you will see the amount of 1st year and 2nd year players that started or played big rolls for them this year. And not every pats fan is happy with all moves BB makes. Plenty of Pats fans criticize his moves but at the end of the day, his success speaks for itself.
  21. McDermott is not the measuring stick for the franchise that has succeeded more than everyone in their division. Kraft is not going to move on from BB again after all the success over the years. It aint that easy and would be pretty dumb. And I know fans here can't see it but that horrible GM actually was consider the best executive this past season..
  22. Why the Bengals cause they are in the SB this year? Prisoner of the moment. Let's see if they can sustain this first before having to "worry" about them.. History has shown plenty of teams having great years but not able to sustain it over time..
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