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  1. You know it's okay to admit that your rival qb owned you because he's the GOAT. We're all adults here not babies
  2. You're assuming Allen is on Brady's level. Sorry to say Josh Allen isn't Tom Brady tier. Maybe Mahomes is.
  3. Kraft is even older than BB so does it matter lol
  4. As long as Zach Wilson starts Jets games they're automatic 4th place lol
  5. I think the reason there is a perceived amount of "stacked" talent at qb compared to previous eras is because everyone is starting out and in their physical primes. Nobody knows what these qbs careers are going to eventually look like, so they're judged based on what their futures could be, thus everyone is "good" and the league is "stacked". Guys like Herbert and Lawrence are talented but haven't proven anything. Lamar seems like a one hit wonder in 2019 and cannot stay healthy. Guys like Cam Newton and Russell Wilson started out hot then slowly flamed out as they aged. Thus when you look back at the previous era, it looks less "stacked" because only a select handful actually remained competitive year in and out. Ultimately time will show only 2 or so of these qbs will actually be HoF worthy, and you'll look back at this era as less stacked because only those qbs remained relevant.
  6. Eh I don't really count his two rings as DC. Guys like Toilet Bowles has a ring as a DC and McDaniels has multiple rings as OC. They can't ***** coach and drag their teams to winning records to save their lives. DC/OC success doesn't translate to HC success. You can be the best DC an just be an average and even trash coach. But to be fair to Belichick, he is an above average coach and like any other coach in that tier, can win with the right roster. But like any other above average coach he has a ceiling without the GOAT qb (see Andy Reid now that he has a qb better than Alex Smith). The problem is he doesn't seem to have a clue how to build his roster without prime Brady as a crutch to cover all the deficiencies/dumb decisions he has been making. He has always seemed allergic to getting his qb offensive help. That may have worked with Tom Brady dragging short white receivers to the super bowl (other than the two years they had Moss and the one day they had AB) with Gronk hurt half the time, but Mac Jones needs a LOT more help. Until he figures that out (or Mac Jones suddenly becomes Mahomes lol), the Pats will be flopping around with maybe a playoff appearance here and there, but never over the hump.
  7. Lol even getting to Kirk Cousins is being generous
  8. Lol lots of "loaded" teams don't make super bowls year after year. Super Bowls are extremely hard to win. And frankly they aren't won just by being "loaded". The Bills are also "loaded" right now. If we win the Super Bowl does that discredit Josh Allen because his team was loaded? Bet you'd be the first one defending him when the haters come. Same goes with any qb, including Brady.
  9. I disagree with this. Playoff berth is not enough. He needs to go deep in the playoffs without Brady. Lots of coaches are good enough to get to the playoffs but fall apart once they get there. I don't really see how barely squeaking into a wild card spot again is supposed to help his legacy. A deep playoff run will.
  10. Pretty sure Brady was the offensive coach from the day they turned their offense around mid 2020, with Bowles managing the defense. Arians was on chillax mode lol. So really their coaching staff didn't change in that regard.
  11. He's trying hard to act like Brady minus actually winning games
  12. Are you for real? Dude has won 7 super bowls and brought that loser franchise a ring. He can do whatever he wants. No other player has earned that privilege.
  13. People always underestimate how hard it is to find a franchise qb and overestimate how long qbs actually last. 15 years is a stretch for someone like Mac Jones lol. You're just traumatized because Brady lasted 20 years. He was not normal.
  14. I'm sure they said that about Jarrett Stidham too I think he's a great coach, he's just not the GOAT without Brady
  15. Pats fans just aren't used to having a mid qb. They think because Mac Jones is kinda like Brady he's automatically gonna be Brady. They have no awareness of how hard it is to find an actual elite qb or to win a super bowl. Spoiled af. Personally I think Mac Jones' ceiling is Tannehill or Jimmy G. Can fool you into thinking your qb is good enough if the rest of the team is elite, but you're really just prolonging your agony about whether he's good enough to win your team a championship.
  16. Josh's deal is a steal, and he can actually win playoff games
  17. Bro this man is 33-3 against us. We should focus on beating his ass first then we can talk *****
  18. Lol I love hypothetical arguments. Allen didn't win a super bowl with a strong squad the last couple years. We had a better team and record in 2020. Rodgers didn't win with a strong Packers team these past couple years. They had a better team (at least in 2020) and record. Brees and the Saints had a better team and record in 2020 too. About 5 qbs my ass
  19. Been trying to say this for years. People here just can't handle the fact that Brady owned us and he's not playing for our team so they give Belichick all the credit, because we like to believe our guy can do the same all those years
  20. The only people who hold off are those with personal biases against him, whether they believe their qb is better (Colts, Packers, 49ers), or fans of teams he owned in 20 years who just hate him no matter what he does (Bills are here). Whether you admit it or not, your personal bias is blinding you. Check out the unanimous selections for NFL 100, all decade teams etc. Brady has been unanimous many, many times. Don't say you know more about football than any of them. Honestly, it's just better for us as fans to respect what he's doing now because it ain't happening again. If there's a trajectory we would want Josh Allen to follow, it's Brady's - let's be real here.
  21. Live in the past? We own the Pats now (because he left) but we didn't beat Brady recently in a game that mattered. Until we can turn the tables on him we can't slander him. He owns our franchise. Why are y'all so sensitive, it's the ***** truth. Homer fans are annoying. We should all just be happy Allen gets recognition as a top qb. And as much as I would love Allen to achieve as much as Brady, realistically speaking it isn't happening. Ask Rodgers lol.
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