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RD 3, Pick 91: LB Dorian Williams, Tulane


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Top Reasons to Buy In:

Size and frame

Special teams resume and experience on defense

Movement skills and college production


Top Reasons For Concern:

Ability to take on and deconstruct blocks

Contact balance

Modest read and react skills 

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5 minutes ago, HappyDays said:

This was not a BPA pick, this was a need pick. But honestly I think I'm okay with it. It's a weak draft and we have to ensure Terrel Bernard isn't our starting MLB.


He wouldn't be. Dodson would be. Bills were 4-0 in the games he started last year in place of Edmunds.

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Probably a reach because of how fast the linebackers went but he is projected as a special teamer who can compete to start.   He probably isnt big enough to play MIKE in the NFL and is more of a fit at WILL.    Oddly enough the kid is almost identical in size to Bernard.  The Bills have a huge problem at MIKE right now.    They are relying on a few undersized 3rd round draft picks to play a position they are too small for.   Meanwhile Dodson is a fringe NFLer.   Right now AJ Klein is probably best suited to start for them.

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I like this player a lot, but he was a reach. 5th rounder. Not a LB or a Safety. He's basically Bernard.


Nice backup, ST player and could start if the defense changes to have 330lbs DT's like the Mazi Smith kid out of Michigan.


Trading up for Simpson would have been worth it, or trading down for a pick.


If not a true LB, then I think Wypler or a few other players would have been better selections.

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2 minutes ago, Reed83HOF said:


meh, similar physical measurables don’t mean the same play. One could pick up the scheme wonderfully and grow in it while the other struggles. They both have question marks but we now have two swings at it instead of one and that’s better odds. 

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8 minutes ago, QCity said:

Had to reach for a need without that 4th rounder.

Not knowing the player, so can't judge him, but from what I read you are correct - we reached for the need.


And that is a bad thing. We didn't "have to". We should've taken BPA on almost any position in 3rd and figure out who plays instead of Edmunds later.


Loved first two picks, don't like this one (not a player, but the approach).


Let's just hope he turns out to be a long-term starter. @gonzo1105 I hope you're right :)

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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