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  1. I think we should bring in this Brady kid. I hear he might be available.
  2. Wow how freaken cool is that!!! Very nice young man!!
  3. Concerns me every single week good teams get those. For those of you too young to remember watch some video of the early 90s Bills games. Seems like they were constantly getting those for some reason this team is not.
  4. I can't believe I was actually worried when the jets signed him what a loser
  5. Just don't tell J.A that or he will CHOKE!! He is 0-4 this year in huge games.
  6. This sort of thing just makes watching the demise of the patriots that much more enjoyable
  7. Because JA can't complete a pass over 15yds. I bet his golf game sucks also. Hands of steel no touch.
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