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  1. Rams will trade their 2051& 2052 first round picks
  2. [I Expect The Bills To Win Their Next 6 Games - merged] So what you're really saying is Buffalo will lose to the Cowboys what kind of fan are you how bout them Cowboys!!!!!
  3. We need to get into Fitzpatrick's head right off the bat. I was at the Jets Bills game when Fitzpatrick lit us up. I hope they don't take them lightly I don't think McDermott would allow that . If you guys are going to the game make a lot of noise squish the fish
  4. Tannehill will last about one quarter before he gets injured
  5. What a stupid move I'm glad those idiots are not in our front office
  6. NFL has no room for a kneeler!! Take a hike dude.
  7. I think it would do a little more than cut into their playing time it would get them fired!!!
  8. It seems like every game I watch they are running that play.
  9. Going to be a real fish fry wish I were going.
  10. Browns game had the same crew we had against the Pats. They are absolutely horrible
  11. I would love watching a game like that. Wish we could mute the announcers. Every single one is annoying.
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