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  1. Hell yea I will!! Mahomes is the worse of 2 evils.
  2. Try and bundle every pick to get 3 good players for either side of the line.
  3. Hughes also I never hear their names called
  4. Wow that's a lot. First off I let Barkley go and pick up Cam Newton. Same type of quarterback as Josh Allen and definitely an upgrade over Barkley
  5. Or just pretend your changing the play but go with original. Try something geeezzzz.
  6. I think they were are eating wings and drinking beer all week. They obviously just used the exact same game plan as last time.
  7. KC really got a break playing us. Tennessee, Baltimore, Pittsburgh would of played them tougher. The Browns did a lot better the week before. I was really hoping that we would come in with a better game plan than the first meeting to me it looks exactly the same. Other teams make their defense look like swiss cheese.
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