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  1. What a stupid move I'm glad those idiots are not in our front office
  2. NFL has no room for a kneeler!! Take a hike dude.
  3. I think it would do a little more than cut into their playing time it would get them fired!!!
  4. It seems like every game I watch they are running that play.
  5. Going to be a real fish fry wish I were going.
  6. Browns game had the same crew we had against the Pats. They are absolutely horrible
  7. I would love watching a game like that. Wish we could mute the announcers. Every single one is annoying.
  8. I wish they would start intercepting some of those tipped balls over the middle seems like there is never anybody there.
  9. Great just what we need Insight from a meathead
  10. I have a feeling the bills are going to get a lot of people fired this year
  11. So what you're saying is Buffalo needs to sign Antonio Brown?
  12. Game over Chiefs look like crap overrated. Bills are winning the AFC big time!!
  13. What the hell is a PASH RUSH?. These announcers are horrible almost have to watch this game on mute
  14. Referees are trying to give this game to Kansas City they are ridiculous they call a penalty in every play
  15. Wow the Colts look terrific never seen this one coming.
  16. They don't have to do any of those things only thing they have to do is just keep winning
  17. Yeah I know what you mean but we were in a good spot at that point and going to get the ball first in the second half. Kind of bothered me that they threw the pass if they knew they were not going to try to move down the field why not just kneel down.
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