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RD 3, Pick 91: LB Dorian Williams, Tulane


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3 minutes ago, No_Matter_What said:

Not knowing the player, so can't judge him, but from what I read you are correct - we reached for the need.


And that is a bad thing. We didn't "have to". We should've taken BPA on almost any position in 3rd and figure out who plays instead of Edmunds later.


Loved first two picks, don't like this one (not a player, but the approach).


Let's just hope he turns out to be a long-term starter. @gonzo1105 I hope you're right :)

counter: I don’t expect them to think he’s a day 1 starter so it’s maybe not the same need based pick you think. 

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2 minutes ago, CaptnCoke11 said:

People on here clamor for a LB… Bills draft a really physically gifted one… People cry 

Look at his weight. Does not scream MLB. add the weight he slows down
we needed a downhill cerebral player like Klein but fresh with a higher ceiling perhaps

Already have a backup for Milano

But honestly  Welcome to the Bills Dorian :)

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6 minutes ago, 5ths the charm said:

But will get pushed around like Edmunds when we needed a between the tackles run stopper. Love the OG pick!!!

That’s up to our DT’s .. when healthy they will be fine. Remember Jones Phillips did not play vs Cinn along w Von and Hyde 

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8 minutes ago, Straight Hucklebuck said:

What a wet fart dud.


Another safety playing linebacker.



Dewand Jones must have a medical flag because that was our chance to rid ourselves of Spencer Brown. 

On the PFF draft broadcast they said Jones had a disastrous Pro Day - like some teams literally said they despised the guy and would not take him in any round.  And they had Jones at 31 overall on their Big Board.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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