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RD 3, Pick 91: LB Dorian Williams, Tulane


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4 minutes ago, BillsFan130 said:

But it makes no sense. He basically just said we drafted a back up linebacker who can play teams.


Would be good for the 5th round value, but not 3rd


I'm not sold on Bernard. If Williams beats him out at WLB then this is good value. We need more youth on our defense and linebackers who can cover is something McD really values. Teams is the bonus not the main purpose imo.

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Just now, HappyDays said:


Nevermind, Beane said we drafted him to be an OLB and special teamer. I hate it.

got to get third round back ups and special teamers at undervalued positions. 4 RB and LB in the third round the last 5 years. Two off the team and two backups

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4 minutes ago, Warriorspikes51 said:

Fine. But two 3rd round picks in back to back years on LB’s who won’t play is uninspiring


We don't really know that yet.  The fact that Bernard didn't play much his rookie year tells us a little bit, but hardly the whole story.


This regime is notoriously deliberate w/ any rookie.  We'll see if Bernard can work his way in more - and it looks like he has a clear shot to do so this season.


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Just now, BillsFan130 said:

Just read Joe Marino's scouting report on him and he had him as 6th round value..🤢

What's the difference when first that's his opinion and second it's also the opinion of many that this draft class kinda sucks this year anyways. Idk. Probably not a great take on my part but it's late lol

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17 minutes ago, boyst said:

Talent scouting is talent scouting. I don't trust our talent scouting at LB. 



Milano was a sensational pick and Edmunds was good. So you should.


Not that I know the first thing about Dorian Williams.


Generally not doing well (or doing very well for that matter) at picking any particular position is more about sample size, the early or late nature of the picks you've taken and luck than it is about difficulty picking any one particular position.

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BBB says he’ll be at OLB for now. This is a head-scratcher for me. Not considered a value pick. At OLB, doesn’t particularly fill a need either. I don’t really see the point here to be honest. 

BBB also said they thought about trading down, but would have had to move back further than they were comfortable with. My response: Learn to be more comfortable. You can always trade back up after trading down. 

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4 minutes ago, NeverOutNick said:

Trying to not be annoyed because the first 2 picks were amazing but man we crapped the bed in the 3rd round. Who gives a rip if LBers were flying off the board. Stick to your BPA model. Is Williams going to really contribute any more than some special teams snaps? Probably not. You still have special players with high upside in Clark Phillips III and Michael Wilson on the board and a lot of O line that can compete for starting spots like Zavala and D Jones…just underwhelmed that Beane got suckered there. He’s been bad in the 3rd round

agreed. I really liked the first 2 rounds. This pick leaves my stomach upset

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21 minutes ago, gonzo1105 said:

He’s a great pick. He’s the # 2 traditional MLB imo ahead of Henley and behind Campbell 


Thanks, I’ll take that as a first good sign regarding someone I know nothing about. Playing MLB at 228lbs sounds like a challenge. What is he like? 

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He sounds like a good player.  I like his description more than Bernard’s last year.   

That being said, I don’t understand what we’re doing at LB… at all. 

Bernard was drafted to be the Milano backup and/or 4-3 LB.   Now we lose Edmunds, and decide to draft another guy we just admitted will back up Milano. 

Maybe Bernard is the MLB favorite?  Has  to be the reason, no?

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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