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  1. Surprised he still isn’t top ten for him, probably would be if starting
  2. So basically you have a negative outlook on every aspect and position of the bills
  3. Not sure if he was our best te last year, I thought croom played better when out there and was more of a threat. Didn’t the coaches make clay a healthy scratch last year, maybe they didn’t think he was the best either
  4. You don’t think gore, yeldon, and singletary is an upgrade over Ivory?
  5. I agree, I’ll take the tes we have now over the 3 we had last year. Our only decent te from last year is still here. Clay and Thomas were both below average to terrible last year. Kroft can atleast match that, lee smith gives us a good blocking te and Knox gives us some potential and a possible answer to the te problem
  6. White is entering third year, Wallace and Johnson their second. They aren’t considered youngsters? Hyde and poyer are 28, gaines 27, the other Johnson 26. That’s more the age players enter their prime not lose a step
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