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  1. Seems like this happens almost every week. The bills seem to be in charge then the momentum starts to change in the third quarter where the calls always seem to go against us
  2. Ugly win for the bucs, they must be a bad team
  3. Yes it counts as 1.5 wins but still not as significant as point differential so the bills are still in real trouble
  4. The bills are 6-2 and in first place in the division. 4-0 in the division for the first time since 1991. If you are still this negative and miserable why are you even a bills fan
  5. So are the bills, hopefully some bills fans will also realize this
  6. So does point differential or record determine who makes the playoffs? So sick of seeing this dumb stat. We got blown out in one game and that makes us a bad team. i remember past bills teams always lost the close games, now we win a lot of them. Guess some fans will just complain no matter what
  7. Ya don’t understand why so many people are saying that is an automatic loss. They have a lot of injuries and Jimmy g is not good.
  8. Like ours was and everyone thought would be this year again
  9. I agree , All three lbs were terrible today
  10. So now we need a ot on top of a g, te, rb, de, dt, lb, and cb by the trade deadline. Beane is gonna be a busy man
  11. So if you get blown out once during the season it negates your record and your wins become fraudulent
  12. It’s Dunkirk don , chadwick chad. he’s his own source
  13. Is there a list of players that have tested positive and most likely be out?
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