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  1. Pbomb

    Bills-Browns Post Game Reports

    Its tuhrod
  2. Pbomb

    Tremaine Edmunds

    Some people love being the first to call a player a bust
  3. Pbomb

    Bills-Browns Post Game Reports

    Bust! I knew it. Good thing they got tuhrod
  4. Pbomb

    Star Lotulelei: Where is the Impact?

    I always like judging free agent pickups on their preseason play too
  5. Pbomb

    Star Lotulelei: Where is the Impact?

    They were to worried about tuhrod passing to stop the run Classic yeezus take
  6. Pbomb

    Who is the frontrunner?

    The vikings gave up a 1st for bradford a few years back when bridgewater went down. You never know how desperate some teams might get when their starter goes down
  7. Pbomb

    McDermott doesn’t learn

    After that decision i think its time to move on from mcdermott, wouldnt be surprised if pegula fires him
  8. I love when people complain about stuff that hasnt even happened yet. Another miserable bills fan who can predict the future
  9. Pbomb

    Peterman is now officially TRADE BAIT

    Peterman for mack, lets go beane
  10. Pbomb

    Bills trade with Browns for Corey Coleman

    When you change coaches and gms every 2 to 3 years the rosters turnover increases alot. To say we are a farm team is ridiculous, we keep plenty of good players. All teams lose and dont resign some of their draft picks
  11. Pbomb

    Difference again between Pats and Bills

    Just stop, you are embarrassing yourself now
  12. Pbomb

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    So because he hired a lawyer he is guilty and wont play again? Does sound a little irrational
  13. Reggie bush had quite the stat
  14. Pbomb

    Jarvis Landry says Tyrod Taylor looks "amazing"

    Im not sure, i think tyrod has the saints number
  15. Pbomb

    Jerry rice possible return to NFL?

    Lets get jerry rice and TO on our team this year, come on beane quit slacking