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  1. Ya it’s usually a high draft pick You forgot sammy to the op
  2. You would trade a first for Gordon? He has been average his whole career , did nothing yesterday and wants a big contract. Ekelar is better, and I’m pretty sure singletary is too
  3. Beane wasn’t our gm when he was drafted, he was still part of the panthers front office
  4. When he was passed the line of scrimmage and made the right call
  5. He was open on the first td too but smith was more
  6. Wonder what the spread will go up to now, +7 titans now I’m thinking
  7. Why mess with anything on our defense the way they are playing, people are talking about cutting star and Murphy to free up money, we already have over 80 million the run blocking by the oline has been better but our pass blocking has been terrible, maybe we should be looking there to upgrade
  8. He played, close to a hundred yards. Bills won too
  9. At this rate the bills will have more interceptions throwing to zay than they do completions
  10. Ya our oline was terrible today. Ford got beat countless times, Morse had 2 penalties and got pushed backed and beat also, Dawkins had the 2 key penalties to negate 2 big penalties by New England, maybe he shouldn’t be talking trash before the game anymore. Lee smith is worthless as a te and basically an extra lineman had what 4 penalties? the oline I feel was one of the biggest reasons for our loss today
  11. So he was running our draft from the panthers war room?
  12. Pretty sure special teams, penalties and oline play helped too but carry on
  13. Guess our oline still sucks, between missed blocks and penalties they were beyond terrible. Keep talking dion Dawkins
  14. The jets offense didn’t score a single point though
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