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  1. Pbomb

    Bills are the new Browns

    We just made the playoffs last year
  2. Ya but then some people can’t complain about him This is some of the worst logic I ever seen
  3. Pbomb

    Is Josh Allen just a taller Tyrod Taylor

    Top 5 worst poster currently on tsw now I agree. Didn’t do much but still technically led a game winning drive under pressure. That’s already half of how many tyrod did in 3 years.
  4. I know, but I still think there is hope he can be decent. kB and Holmes are both useless , i would rather play Ray ray and foster than them
  5. Definitely top 5 worst poster on tsw right now
  6. i would say he is our best wr at this point
  7. Pbomb

    TD Mike looking for a job again

    Remember when a lot of people thought td mike was one of the greatest rbs and irreplaceable
  8. Pbomb

    Predict the Score: Titans at Bills

    Bills 30-6!
  9. Pbomb

    Allen had most time to throw than any QB

    Had almost 2.5 seconds there before he was actually sacked, miller had a nice block on his man at the end. way to go oline But it was miller who completely missed his block to help double team someone who didn’t need help. He came in so fast McCoy couldn’t even get there in time. Id say miller does this a couple times a game
  10. Pbomb

    Allen had most time to throw than any QB

    This is what I think. On many plays he was running for his life for 3 seconds, they probably include that time in their useless stats
  11. Pbomb

    Shaq Lawson move to DT?

    I agree, so many times they leave a rusher unblocked to double team someone right next to them
  12. I remember the same. kb dropping a couple, fosters big drop, while a tougher catch clay also drop one in the end zone. Not sure 4-5 drops in one game qualifies as good
  13. Pbomb

    Trade for Sam Bradford?

    Carson wentz started right away. I think this whole “mentoring thing” is a little overrated, that is what coaches are for
  14. The bills basically stopped passing in the second half