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  1. Have you ever said anything positive about any player or anything at all for that matter
  2. So basically you look at the number of sacks to determine a defensive ends productivity. Who cares about all the qb pressures and hits he gets
  3. I can definitely see 14-2 maybe 15-1
  4. Exactly, who cares about some random eagles wr from 30 years ago. Why is this even a thread
  5. So you can understand the idea of Williams but not not dillard , how is he a terrible fit
  6. I would trade up a few spots in the third and take h butler or j Ferguson
  7. I think there is a very small chance he gets past the bills at 9, curious to see if they try to trade up to 6 or 7 to make sure they get him
  8. I could see the Bills packaging their 2nd and 3rd to jump back into the first and try to land 2 impact players. I think they will go dt and edge with their first 2 picks. Have to go rb at some point also I would think
  9. 2 meetings for Oliver and Ferguson. Could be our first 2 picks. Dont know now much about Ferguson, anyone gotta any insight? Don’t seem to be meeting with many early round cbs, s, lbs, rbs, or any centers.
  10. Ya I don’t understand a lot of people’s obsession with moving edmunds outside
  11. There’s also this thing called defense that influences games. Robert foster had 3 tds in half a season as a rookie but ya let’s “project” him to only get 3. If Allen takes the next step it’s also ridiculous to think everyone’s tds won’t take a jump. The second half of last year with Barkley and Allen post injury the bills were on pace to get 48 tds over the course of a full season so ya there is no way the bills could ever get to 50 with adding a bunch more offensive weapons, new oline, Allen becoming more comfortable and experienced and the draft still yet to come. But keep talking about unrealistic offseasons and meaningless projected stats
  12. I don’t know the season hasn’t been played yet. touchdowns are scored during games not handed out in the offseason
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