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  1. Don’t understand why teams keep trading with the pats. Almost like they want to help them keep winning
  2. Pbomb

    Corey Liuget DT going to be cut

    Ya not sure comparing palepoi and luiget to each other simply because they came from the same team is reasonable
  3. So adding a top 3 wr for the last 6 years wouldn’t help the bills much? His relationship with Big Ben was fine up til this year. Wasn’t Big Ben calling out the other wrs too and blaming them. Lotta of problems in Pittsburgh, like I said maybe it’s not all him. And your guarantees about catches is pretty meaningless. im curious if a top wr won’t help the bills what will. Golden Tate? The wr you said you would get in another thread. Basically the same age, will probably cost almost as much money, hooks up with his qbs girlfriend, also brings drama, and is not even close to being on the same level talent wise. Brilliant
  4. Pbomb

    T.J. Hockenson

    I would be ok with a trade down, pick up another second and take him around 15-20. 9 seems a little high but what do I know
  5. Pbomb

    Corey Liuget DT going to be cut

    Because they are all the same, not sure who you are talking about either
  6. 20-25 sacks, defensive player of the year
  7. Pbomb

    Bills sign C Spencer Long to 3 year deal

    This was the one guy I was hoping the bills would get. If we don’t make another move I will still consider this a successful free agency
  8. We could pretty much use a starter or need depth at every position besides qb and safety, so I’ll be happy with any position almost
  9. A lot of people apparently think the vet wr will whine and complain if Allen struggles, not that a proven successful wr could actually help Allen and give him a reliable weapon
  10. Right so let’s just stay in mediocrity and not even try to get better cause it didn’t work out in the past. Or maybe he would help Allen cause you know he is actually really good, that would be great too. didnt the rams go out and get suh, Fowler, talib, Peters, woods, whitworth, cooks in 2 off seasons. None were drafted
  11. Isn’t he a valuable asset himself that we would be adding and fill a major need. So because we are not super bowl contenders we shouldn’t try to get good veterans. He isn’t that old, I would hope the bills are trying to build a Super Bowl contender within a couple years while he would still be here Seems like there is a lot of problems in Pittsburgh, maybe it’s not all his fault
  12. A lot of hate for ab, I don’t recall prior to this year him being a problem at all for Pittsburgh. I would trade a 2nd or 3rd for him, he isn’t that old, and wouldn’t be that expensive. Would instantly fix our wr core. He would probably be on his best behavior to show Pittsburgh up. My only concern would be with poyer, I would check into that first. We have a huge need at wr and one of the best in the league is available and people don’t want him? i wonder if all these people saying definitely no and stuff would be happy then if the patriots traded for him
  13. Pbomb

    We deserve to see a terrible Brady

    We will probably see this thread again ten years from now