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  1. Not a fan of this move. This feels like $9mil in cap space that could've been used more wisely. We could've signed a better free agent next year for that price.
  2. I'd give Shaq, a 2nd, and an additional pick. (But I don't think Houston would go for this given what Frank Clark was just traded for) As much as it would be great to get a DE to finish the Dline, I don't want to see the Bills give out a huge contract and a 1st round pick in a potentially good WR draft. Maybe we can get Clowney next off season for less when the Texans have less leverage.
  3. Rolling over 25-30 mil in cap space next year gives the Bills enough money to resign any of their own players and be aggressive in FA again next year if they want/need to be. I'll take the extra cap flexibility a 1 year rental at DE with a bad shoulder. The bills were in on Ziggy, Clark, and Clowney, I feel good they will address the DE position next offseason.
  4. I guess I won't completely know how I feel about this until the numbers are out, but I really like the idea of the Bills having $25mil in cap space to roll over anyway. If it stays that way, that would give them a lot of flexibility in FA next year..
  5. I wouldn't mind seeing Buffalo roll that cap space over to next year so that they can be big players in FA again while still having enough money to re-sign their own FAs. If they do spend it this year though I'd want them to spend it on a top DE or WR. They already got their QB, LT, DT, & CB. DE opposite Hughes and #1WR are the only two "franchise" positions this team still needs (if Josh Allen pans out at QB) Other than that any positions the Bills need next year should be easy to find in the draft or FA.
  6. I actually think this is good news for Bills fans. (Maybe not this year since our schedule just got a little tougher but long term) Fitz isn't good enough to be the long term answer at QB but he is definitely good enough to win Miami enough games (if he's starting) to stop them from getting a top pick to use on a franchise QB in the draft next year.
  7. As some others have already said the writing was on the wall with this one. I'm still in the minority disappointed by this move though. This was the first year that Clay was going to be worth his contract. Even if 2018 wasn't his best year, it's hard to argue the Bills will be able to find someone better in FA for less than $4.5mil/year.
  8. The only position I'd like to see the Bills trade for is WR1 (I think they already have some potential WR2 and WR3s on the roster and I don't see any potential WR1s in FA. Plus if there were any, they definitely wouldn't sign here unless the Bills offered them a monster contract) I'd give up an early pick for Julio Jones. Or a mid pick for AJ Green and draft a WR in round 1. I think WR1 is the biggest need on the team and will also probably be the most difficult position to address in the draft or FA.
  9. More than anything, I'd like to see the Bills roll some sizable cap space (30-50mil) over to next year when hopefully the FA pool is better, we have a better idea of what positions we need help at, and we have a better idea of what we have at QB. My biggest fear is that Beane will feel pressure to win now and put us back in Cap jail by overpaying for average talent. I'd like to see the Bills go out and sign the best Center and best Tackle they can get. After that maybe a few cheap depth signings here and there and roll the rest over to 2020.
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