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  1. My guess has been the only way we are likely to have NFL football is if they put all NFL players, families, coaches, refs, trainers, etc into a group quarantine a few weeks before the season starts and everyone has to stay quarantined until the season is over. I don't know if that's possible, but for the amount of money at stake I'm surprised they didn't at least look into this. If one player gets sick (which will happen) there's a fair chance a good percentage of that team gets sick. What happens then? If a center gets sick the entire offensive line and QB are out for a month? What happens when the first player gets hospitalized or worse? IMO the NFL would have needed to take steps that they aren't going to take to have a normal season. I really hope I'm over thinking this because it would really suck to lose NFL football this year, especially since this is the first year since the 90s where I can say without being a homer that the Bills are the best team in the AFCE. Hopefully somehow the season just gets postponed/shortened and not cancelled entirely. But I'd be really surprised if we get a 16 week season on schedule.
  2. I try to keep politics and sports separate (including on here) but since this thread specifically asks... I wish President Trump would stop trying to politicize the NFL for his own gain. Football is where I go for 3 hours to get away from that kind of stuff. I've never considered athletes kneeling to be all that political. If they want to use their celebrity to bring awareness to an issue that's important to them it doesn't bother me any and they have my full support. I've never liked the way the President and his allies in the right wing media have tried to co-opt what I view as a harmless peaceful statement into some sort of political nonsense about disrespecting the flag. I've never fully understood why it's so easy for some to confuse the two when that's clearly not what anyone is trying to do.
  3. CB. I think I am a lot higher on Wallace, Gaines, Taron than most. I think all of them are quality starters and would be disappointed to see one of them bumped off the roster. I’m hoping for a WR or edge but trust Beane and would be happy with any other position.
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