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  1. Tenn would win the division over Houston due to beating them twice. Houston would get the wildcard against Buffalo because of a better conference record. I think the Steelers and Raiders would both get the wildcard over us at 10-6 also, unless the bills 10th win is against the steelers. Bills have tiebreakers over Tenn & Indy.
  2. I'm 37 and was screaming and jumping up and down too when I thought Hughes scored to win the game. And I don't usually let the games affect me that positively or negatively anymore. After they called it back the rest of the game I had a feeling they were going to lose. Today was a tough one!
  3. This is going to be a long week. I think this is the most disappointed I've been after a Bills loss in a long time. Probably since the Bills lost to the steelers week 16 in the early 2000s. Not sure if it's because I thought the game was over when Hughes looked like he scored or if it's because a win today probably put the Bills in the playoffs... but this one sucks.
  4. Yes. TE is a need on this team. This team needs a DE, WR2, and TE. and Howard is probably the best prospect still available at any of those 3 positions. I'd give up at least a 3rd. *maybe* a 2nd.
  5. No. When the schedule came out I figured the Bills needed to be 4-1 going into the bye to have a good shot at the playoffs, 3-2 to still have a chance. They need to stack some wins together now because later in the season the schedule gets tougher. I figured they *should* beat the Jets/Giants, would probably lose to NE, so I thought they would most likely be 4-1 or 3-2 going into the bye. 3-2 wouldn't be the end of the world but it would be disappointing.
  6. Sounds like lazy journalism, I can't see how anyone who watched that game and has two eyes thought the Bills defense was "far too pliable" against the Jets offense. But other than that, after a 17-16 win against the Jets 19th sounds about right.
  7. Really? I thought Taron played great and I hope he's not out for long, but I thought Neal played terribly. He would've been the worst player on the field today if it wasn't for the Jets' kicker... I hope they bring someone else in at DB before next week.
  8. I voted no. I don't think the Jets are good enough to get into the playoffs this year, and if the Bills can't beat the Jets, I don't think the Bills will either. The Bills have an easy start to their schedule. Their best shot at making the playoffs is a fast 4-1 or 5-1 start.
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