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  1. FWIW, Spotrac has the Bills at $45mil cap space next year. I don't know how Rodak came up with the $65mil number or who is correct, but I'm not seeing anything jumping out to me as wrong with Spotrac's numbers. I hope the Bills will have $21mil to carry over, but my complaint was essentially I don't want to see them waste that money on stop gap players because I'd prefer it'd be available to carry over instead. I hope you are right that they have 90 mil in cap space next year, that's exactly the scenario I was hoping they would wind up with. But short of some big roster cuts I don't see how that's possible. Especially if they sign a few more Lee Smith type contracts before the season starts.
  2. People keep acting like the Bills still have $100mil in cap space to spend next year. It's not like they are back in cap jail or anything, but that number is down to $57mil per spotrac. It will be somewhere in the high 30s / low 40s after accounting for Hughes, Knox, Smith etc. But that's before 2020 rookies, or any of our 20-30 free agents who's contracts are up next year. Leaving enough, but not nearly as much as people are acting like we'll have, to be moderate players in FA next year assuming we want to bring some of our own players back. If you want a specific example from someone "bitching" about where money could be better spent.. between Tyler Kroft and Lee Smith in 2019/2020 the Bills will spend a combined ~18mil on both players. I would argue that DE #1 is at least as important as TE #2. I'd have waited a year and offer that $18mil to Clowney next year who I think is more of a difference maker than Kroft/Smith. If he's not available, then whoever the top DE, OLB, or WR that is.. $18mil will get you better FAs than Kroft/Smith. And Lee Smith will NOT be the reason the Bills make the playoffs in 2019, sorry. And if you think this team is out of holes to fill, what about WR1 and DE? OLB & RB next year. And that's assuming you are correct that Tyler Kroft and Lee Smith are the long term franchise answer at TE. I'd argue TE is still a need too. And even that is assuming Allen is the answer at QB which we don't actually know yet. I never acted like I thought this signing is the end of the world, I just gave my opinion that I didn't like it. I'd rather have seen the money go to a DE/WR/LB with more talent after roster cutdowns or in 2020 FA since you can roll over any left over money. It felt like the Bills spent the off-season paying too much for below average TEs out of desperation. We could have kept Clay for almost the same salary as Smith. And say what you want, Clay is STILL better.
  3. Not many positions TBH. The only one they clearly got worse at was TE. Probably DT. (Nothing against Oliver, but KW will not be easy to replace) Maybe RB with Shady getting a year older. The team looks better or the same everywhere else. The question will be was it money well spent. Because the one spot the Bills ARE worse in now is salary cap. (Not that they are in a bad spot they just don't have 100mil to spend anymore) My way too early answer to that question is in most cases it looks like the money was spent well. But we'll know in a year or so.
  4. Awesome! My favorite off-season signing so far by the Bills. Price, Number of years, etc all look good. And it was smart to sign him now instead of letting him hit FA next year. Nice Job, Beane!
  5. Not a fan of this move. This feels like $9mil in cap space that could've been used more wisely. We could've signed a better free agent next year for that price.
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