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  1. Didn’t remember this, was kinda young. Just watched the clip, pretty amazing. a couple other things I noticed, Norwood missed 2 extra points, looking back at his stats he was terrible. Missed half his kicks over 40 yards, can’t believe the bills couldn’t have found a better kicker sooner. and what was that about the crowd noise, don’t remember you being able to not play if the crowd was to loud
  2. I agree, if I recall correctly it wasn’t til he went down that our run defense struggles began last year.
  3. Feel like you have to use your own judgement to determine. Don’t always know what the call was or what their job was. I feel the bills line is above average and has room/ needs to improve. Another year to gel together will help. Ford was inconsistent but should improve in year two, hopefully. i recall the end of the patriots, ravens, and Texans games. In all three we had a chance to tie or win at the end and the oline had complete meltdowns allowing multiple people in pretty much untouched on multiple plays killing any chance for Allen to do anything
  4. I tried trading 3 first round picks for him and still got denied
  5. I think not taking a wr in a very deep class would be a mistake
  6. They don’t have a 2 this year, used it to get Sanu(haha). But I agree would take their first this year and next and they have 3 late thirds this year for trade capital. All five picks would probably get them in the 6-8 pick range
  7. Ya their plan was clearly to stock up on draft picks and let the new gm pick the qb of the future next year. At the time the next qb class was thought to be far superior to the Mahomes one also
  8. 15 pts doesn’t seem extreme enough, they are rare so make them be worth 25 pts or if you get one in the 4th quarter it should be automatic game over
  9. What do you suggest the bills draft then where they can jump in and be starters right away? The way I see it the bills have no glaring holes. They will most likely be going bpa in the draft which means a good chance it will be a wr or rb.
  10. So that would leave us with a third this year and a second next year as our only 2 picks in the top 4 rounds. Brilliant!
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