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  1. understand your point, but I care about America, each and every person, just as I always did with my work.
  2. Message to “HaplessBillsFan” If you’re a moderator here, you could at least explain so, and briefly state your authorities. I’m assuming you may be a moderator since my response to Brooklyn Bill was deleted. I took the time and answered BrooklynBills questions one by one in a logic sequence and you (or someone) took offense to the actual Indian translation of Brooklyn. What about the false accusations made towards me by BrooklynBill? Was that considered civil ? He can say whatever he wants (and I support it) but his post remains. I guess you just don’t care for m
  3. Thats right, I did conflate - can you believe it ! And guess what, I can conflate anything I want - what’s it to you ? Its a free country. As for you, go ahead and perpetuate the outrage and be miserable - I don’t care. You can continue to be stunned and outraged - hope it makes you feel better. As for me, I’ll stick with my hard work and positive attitude, it’s worked for me. Racism never goes away - you made that up about me - fake news on your part. If you work hard and don’t demand of others, then one is more likely to gain the favor of others / and I’ve seen t
  4. I wonder how many people here know that today is the anniversary of D Day in Europe, or what it even means. By comparison, it makes many of the complaints of today seem frivolous.
  5. Its selfish to think this is just a problem within the boundaries of the USA. As a Caucasian male, I’ve lived and worked on several continents around the globe - and I was often in the minority. Guess what? I worked extra hard every day to gain the trust and respect of my neighbors and coworkers. EVERY DAY! and I never once felt sorry for myself! Not once did I ask others to accommodate me! Not once did I ever demand or expect others to welcome me! As a result, others saw my efforts, I gained their favor, and made lasting relationships with a meaningful impact. This nonsense about w
  6. It would be fun to do a background investigation on you and see how perfectly / imperfectly you have lived. Then, judge you as you are judging others. My guess, you would then be without a job and maybe even jailed. That goes for all of us...(me included)! Then, based on this idiotic calculus (Courtesy of “ScottLaw”) when we are all fired from our jobs and all pronounced guilty, we can all live in this utopia of a jobless, guilty nation - nice! On a side note, (ref Fromm being “caught”) what was Jake Fromm supposed to do? Upon being drafted, make an anno
  7. OMG, I just arrived at this post and already 28 pages ....and counting. I wish we could do a background investigation of everyone doing the finger pointing now ... I’m sure everyone would have a stain on their record .....and then (based on the so called “standard” many on this board have) we could all be jobless. What a miserable bunch of people; finding joy by only wishing hate and destruction for each other.
  8. Tre White and Jerry Hughes. If you’re not tracking the rationale here, see the other TBD post entitled, “Tre White calling out coach.”
  9. I’m just speaking from a general standpoint, (not just Bills). It would be worth it (to hold 4 QBs) if the talent at QB (or any position) is commensurate with holding a spot on the roster. Anyway, just saying a team, any team, can hold 4 QB’s, (see pats and Tom Brady - year 2000). Belicheck didn’t want to hold 4 Qbs but made the sacrifice - and it paid off. Anyway, I’m quite happy with our QB room now.
  10. You can keep 4 QB’s on the roster, as has been done before, but I get it - you pay a price as a team.
  11. I’ll wish you an early welcome to the “retirement team.” I just retired myself in January (26 years) and haven’t been to a Bills game since 1988 (Raiders at Bills - an extremely cold game). I’ll have to fly in from Hawaii but it will be worth it. PS - you’re gonna love retirement more than you realize. Good luck to you ! And thanks for your service (LOL, now I can finally say it to someone).
  12. No! I’m wanna hyperventilate now. And if you push me, I’m going to hold my breathe till I pass out! Don’t test me.
  13. Terrell Owens! Loved his time with the Bills!! If TO would had been a Bill for his entire career, I think it’s possible he would be one of the most recognized Bills of all time. Proof - he was with the Bills for only 8 or 9 months and he even earned a key to the city during that time. Also, to this point, some else here already posted “TO” and that post had easily garnered the most likes ! Cannot overstate this enough, he was with us for only 8-9 months, but yet, still got so much favorable attention!
  14. The only solution I could think of which may begin to balance things out would be to develop an algorithm to include only the quality of work by an individual (no ethnic background data, only football related performance). Then based on the output of the algorithm, only the top individuals would qualify for interviews, promotion. If you’re an individual who believes math is racist, then my proposal doesn’t work for you:
  15. Fine, if the NFL is going to “socially engineer” front office and coaching positions, then it needs to do the same thing on the playing field (and every other aspect of the game; trainers, equipment personnel, secretaries, ball “people”) The playing field should then have an equal number of players who are ethnically Asians, Polynesians, Caucasians, Latinos, Indians, Africans, Eskimos (I apologize if I left out an ethnic group). And there goes your so called “quality of the game”
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