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  1. The dead cap would sure hurt, but it's not prohibitive if they decide it'd be in the team's best interests. The signing bonus was only $27M, and a fifth of that has already been amortized. A ton more was guaranteed, but that's all salary and whoever he's traded to would be responsible for paying it. That's a lot, yes, fair enough. But if Watson worked hard to make himself unpleasant, or quietly threatened to do so, he might get his way. It's a real possibility.
  2. Yes, it would be in their interest for him to stay. And yes I'm sure they'd like him to stay. But they won't expect him to make decisions based on the self-interest of other people. If they were the ones with leverage (if Watson has enough - which I think he absolutely does if he's willing to do the minimum and whip up firestorms there for the new regime) they'd leave too. Players understand that it's a business and that each guy at bottom will do what's best for him and his family. I'm old school and back then there was a lot more wind about how much you o
  3. So that trade would make sense if LA's only concern was next year. Whereas they would actually be concerned about the whole career in terms of both salary structure, talent and team fit. As good as Watson is, Houston would still have to give more than Watson to be considered equal value. IMO the Chargers making that trade is unimaginable in any real world trade scenario.
  4. They're saying it's more of having his breathing stopped than a concussion. Makes sense to me, honestly. I kept looking at all the replays and never saw a hard impact to the head. I wouldn't mind if his ankle's still cranky, though.
  5. Nah, Lamar didn't have a chance after Taron slowed down just a touch and let Tre pass in front of him and inside. He was flying when he had a chance. But after that it was over.
  6. If anyone should get an award there it was Madabuike, "Oh, oops, just got him with the fingernail." No, Allen was not hit hard, but he got him with a hand punch there, and he caught him with his weight on the back foot, so he had no way to catch himself. I don't see it as a flop. Though it also certainly wasn't a vicious play or anything by Madabuike. But agreed with TailgateChef, the stars get that call. People who worry about this kind of thing have been complaining about it forever with Brady.
  7. You're referring to the ESPN stat, QBR? Yeah, it has some kind of unexplainable foibles, and since it's opaque, nobody can explain why.
  8. Yup. I'm sure he's right. And while I didn't see the quote in context, I seriously doubt he blaming the loss on the wind. Saying it had an impact is reasonable.
  9. He doesn't own it, he owns a large piece of it. And what that should tell anyone interested is that he recognized a good investment when he saw it. Since every NFL team subscribes for their info, he clearly knows a good thing when he sees it.
  10. Jeez, you guys are sensitive. I thought it was pretty clear he meant this level of the playoffs, or till this regime. Did I miss Josh winning MVP at some point? Again, you folks are so oversensitive. He said good things about Allen all night.
  11. Two minorities and you get three picks. But bearded bald guys, I'd guess, don't quite sneak over the bar to count as minorities.
  12. Fair enough. But put me very far out of your group there. My guess is it'll happen, soon though I'd guess not this year. But we'll see.
  13. Nah. Guess it's a possibility? Fair enough, though early. Count them in? Yeah, um, no. We'll count 'em in after the press conference.
  14. The Rams D was not playing that well early in the year. We played them in week 3, and they allowed more than 350 yards each of the first three weeks, a team that allowed 300 yards only three more times all season. And except for us those were some poor offenses, the Cowboys and Eagles. We certainly did play well against them, though. More yards than anyone else all year, but they did get two turnovers against us.
  15. I'd say they fall right between good and great, at just about very good. The problem isn't so much talent, though, as matchups. They match up with us very well. Very good CBs, and a lot of pressure. They can stop the run without loading the box. They tend towards man-to-man, which is good and bad for us. We've torn up man-to-man Ds in the air (partly because so few have such good CBs) but it's generally a good matchup for our air attack, but will likely mean Allen will be able to do some running if he wants, assuming he can break the pocket.
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