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  1. Have to wonder if his old teammate Diggs helped bring him in.
  2. We could sign Vontae Davis again and I would be happy.
  3. You think our defense is down some players? Baltimore is incredibly injured right now.
  4. So when do the "WE SHOULDA KEPT DABOLL" calls start coming into WGR?
  5. Why? He’s been more than serviceable as a swing tackle, which is fine for a 7th rounder.
  6. He also could have drawn an intentional grounding penalty or even a fumble. He made the right play.
  7. Sure, there’s a chance but it’s around the same odds of me waking up with a billion dollars in my bank account.
  8. I was literally just thinking “hey at least we aren’t the Chargers” but like…
  9. Agreed. Took a lot of weird angles and was very hesitant with the ball in his hands.
  10. These posts make it on this board after every loss. It’s not gonna happen.
  11. I think it was the most relatable thing I’ve seen from a coach all day long
  12. Mostly because I trust a guy who has been in football for 30 years over some stupid Internet forum.
  13. I still cannot believe we gave up 3rd and 22 like that. Why do we even have an UDFA from UB of all places?
  14. You aren't happy with Diggs or Davis or McKenzie or Knox?
  15. You're using Cincinnati as an example of good offensive line play?
  16. I'd be gassed too if I was dragging third stringers up and down the field all day.
  17. When you have third string linemen playing in a microwave all game, yeah there's an excuse.
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