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  1. For a little perspective, Baltimore is scoreless against Carolina.
  2. Wow, sent Hynes on a fake wheel route and used Cook’s speed for a great long run. INTERESTING CONCEPT
  3. I don’t care about that. He was Allen‘s top choice. It just is the fact that he isn’t ready to be an OC. It happens. Just rip the bandaid off.
  4. I want Dorsey left in Detroit. Also Dawkins is overrated as *****.
  5. Move on from Morse. Get a center in the draft. Dude has messed up snaps for three games in a row.
  6. Should be noted that missing 4 major defensive starters is a pretty big negative
  7. Edmunds is so freaking important to this defense, end of discussion.
  8. So that leaves...Soldier Field in Chicago on Christmas Eve as the only option.
  9. The pregame guys are basically the propaganda wing of OBD, so it definitely sounds like its on Tre.
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