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  1. He’s been ok, a lot of screens and dump offs. Should have been oicked off another time
  2. If Minnesota doesn’t get at least a field goal here, they are going to lose this game.
  3. I really hate this playcalling by Minnesota. Cook is having good success on these power runs, stop with the precision timing passes
  4. One of my favorite versions of Carol of the Bells. Really unique.
  5. Don't really mind how he comes along in the offense so long as he continues to be a monster in the return game.
  6. Elam inactive makes no sense unless an injury or illness flared up today. Dane doesn’t deserve playing time right now.
  7. The Chiefs are required by NFL rules to acquire one old, washed-up RB every season. Shady, Le'Veon Bell, now Melvin Gordon.
  8. Hope Josh and Cook work out the kinks in the execution this week. Some of those screens were wide open, but we can’t have an RB who literally fakes out his own QB lol
  9. Also if Tucker has like a 3 mph wind at his back, that's good. He's unreal.
  10. Brady AND Baltimore both lose? This day is a victory in my book
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