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How confident are you the Bills beat the Bengals?


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8 minutes ago, dma0034 said:



It's got to be their narrative for now. Most of it comes from known hater Nick Wright. He is jealous people put Allen up there with Mahomes so he creates these narrotives. First it was Rollarcoaster Allen. Allen has a good QBR then bad.... and completely ignores Mahomes does the same. He also completely ignores all of Allen's rushing numbers. So all this year it was Allen was throwing picks nonstop.... all of a sudden Mahomes caught up to him in INTs so he changed it to fumbles (not even turnovers... just fumbles) and INTs. 


For reference: Allen has 19 turnovers this year, Burrow has 14, Mahomes has 12 (no fumbles). Last year Allen had 18, Burrow had 16, Mahomes had 17. 


So in two years: Allen has 37 TOs, Burrow has 30 and Mahomes had 29. That means that over the last two year Allen averages one more turnover per 4 games compared to Mahomes..... it's hardly the issue the media is making it sound like.


Meanwhile sacks in the last two years:


Mahomes: 54

Allen: 59

Burrow: 92


Which means that Burrow averages an extra sack per game compared to Allen (not completely his fault). I'll take the extra turnover every 4 games versus one sack a game.

God if you can hear me please let Jacksonville win  , I will never ever ask you again for anything for the rest of my life !!! 

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Buffalo will win this week:

(1) we're at home, huge advantage

(2) Cinci Oline is a mess

(3) Cinco Dline is average, as are their LBs, their secondary is poor. (Eli Apple is their top CB - enough said.

(4) If this isn't the year fate-wise, not sure when it ever will be?  Feels like the year New Orleans won the Superbowl

(5) Got a feeling a star will be born, thinking James Cook

(6) We will win if we don't beat ourselves.  Our o-line has been good except Brown has been atrocious.  I give him help all game by chipping with a TE or RB

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If these 2 teams play 10 times it’s probably 4-4 with 2 ties. I don’t like the bills’ style (of football, I.e. philosophy on either side of the ball) but they win games.

I will say that I think the bills can beat any team if they are healthy and eliminate mistakes. Hell, they beat a lot of teams while injured and making mistakes.


the bills have problems that can only be fixed in the offseason so I’m just going to hope for the best. Hopefully josh makes enough plays and doesn’t make too many errors. I guess this is fandom with a gunslinger quarterback. 

Before last weekend I would’ve had the bills at 40% to beat the bengals, now I see it as 60%. the spread keeps getting bigger so there has to be something to that. 

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Week 2 was probably the last time we saw the Bills play at their peak, and it was amazing.

That team would have smashed the Bengals.  But I'm not sure we can get back to that level without Micah Hyde and Von Miller both playing.


The team we've seen since the bye has been very inconsistent. 

- The offense either slumps for 2-3 quarters, or it puts up lots of yards/points and turns the ball over. 

- The defense seems to hold strong until they have a chance to put the game away, and then they let up big plays.

- Even our special teams seems to be having costly mistakes at the wrong times.


Can the Bills finally cutback on the mistakes?  Turnovers.  Easy drops.  Mental errors.

Can our defensive backs make some big plays, and keep this from becoming a total shoot-out?

The Bills are the better team when they play clean.  It's just hard to picture them putting it all together, when we haven't really seen it happen since halftime of the Packers game.


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The Bengals got blown out by the Cleveland browns and lost to Cooper Rush. They aren’t a juggernaut especially with 3 backup linemen. 


The Ravens D is one thing but the Ravens O with Tyler Huntley literally marched up and down the field on them. 

The Bengals rely heavily on you making mistakes. if the Bills don’t they win this game handily. if the Bills do well grab the pepto in the 4th quarter.  

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If Josh doesn’t turn the ball over it’s a win

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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