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  1. Not disagreeing with you because I think you could be right, but we need an impact pass rusher BAD... it the one position we don't have that we have to have still. And no I don't think Watt was that guy either.
  2. And they got much worse.... they are going to lose guys left and right. including both starting tackles... and Sammy (I'm always hurt)
  3. well Singletary is 5 7". and Etienne is 5 10". so that would be incorrect.
  4. gaines was released I do like that this kid has some size because we need some of that in the back end
  5. ZERO interest at that kind of money the dude is always hurt now... HARD PASS at anything even close to 15 mil.
  6. I just saw that he was fair market value.....only depending on what that means Don't know what your are looking at but bills have been on this list since the day He got released (ESPN) sooo there's that.
  7. keep this dude in a bubble during the season and turn him loose in the playoffs... Sign him Beane!
  8. Edmunds needs a another year to see what he is, he was hurt over half the year, if not more. Oliver needs more help...he not going to be someone teams need to game plan for but he is a good football player.... we need a big strong run stopping DT..... and a real pass rusher someone teams need to account for. I think the pass rusher needs to come via trade.... almost zero chance we get one in the draft drafting as low as we will. as I see it Must have DT pass rusher RB another quality LB starting CB ————————
  9. Except for the bush league stuff at the end..... much to learn we have..
  10. Game was too big for him.... like the playoff game last year... forcing passes instead of taking the easy stuff.... learn from it...
  11. Oh well still a good year but this defense has been meh most of the year.... we need a lot of help there, and we need a real running back badly. I’m noteven that upset because I want nothing to do with Brady. Don’t want to hear about Brady for two weeks. Josh need to learn to take the short game.
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