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  1. Dumb ass coaching 2019 josh, 2020 defense…. And a horrible punter that takes to freaking long to kick the ball
  2. So did watt practice with the steelers today?
  3. F that guy... Never watching or clicking on any of his crap ever again. it's just to get a rise out of billsmafia to get him traffic...he's nothing but a douche.
  4. Pretty sure it's bills daily shorthand for "Give it a rest". 🤣
  5. Three 1st round picks and two 2nd round picks…. Lol. Sorry but the fins aren’t that close, look’s like a panic move to me.
  6. might be okay with a white standing buffalo.. Love the color of the blue but not with the pictured Buffalo. YUK.....
  7. Daboll didn’t even want to interview with them this past off season, doubt he goes there.
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