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  1. glaring NO.... we have a GLARING NEED for an EDGE rusher way before a #2 RB. IN MY OPINION a true edge rusher is what is keeping this defense from becoming a dominate unit. Im hoping we are actively try to acquire someone.
  2. at this point Knox could be that player....take a wait and see approach we need an edge guy much more.
  3. who cares .... he our receiver now. if he upgrades our offense and plays as good as we think he will... nobody will care
  4. pretty sure we resigned LaAdrian Waddle too
  5. we need a big time pass rusher.... if we could somehow get that look out with this secondary.
  6. Houston with Hopkins..... errr nevermind...
  7. sportrac has them at 65 mil now. we are at 51mil.
  8. a+ Cant depend on a drafted player to make a difference right away... a Vet was the best option and at his age and cost it was a far trade from both teams... Bills now have a very strong WR core.
  9. Everyone on the 2020 list is better then anyone on the 2018 list....and it’s not even close.
  10. Man the jets are horrible..... what are they thinking bring gase back... WOW
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