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  1. Completely agree with eball. We have an easier schedule, Allen looked good at the end of last year, so he should progress some more. More talent has been added to the roster already. There is no reason to believe we will have less than 8 wins. Now looking at the other teams, until proven otherwise, I will always say we lose 2 games to the Pats. But the other games I see no automatic losses like we have in previous years. Not sure when Cleveland became a powerhouse in everyone's eyes, they'll be good but to count that game as an automatic loss is an insult to the Bills. Pittsburgh is no longer the dominant team they were 3 -4 years ago. Baltimore? Are we seriously that afraid of Jackson? Philly will be a tough game, but at home, not really sure how great Wentz is, we have a decent chance at that game. When did we become afraid of Dallas, Prescott hasn't looked that great to me, stop the run and we have a shot on Thanksgiving. I'm not saying we win all 14 non-Pats games, but we have a chance to win any of those games. Again, I don't see how we lose more than 8, I believe we go about 10-6 and squeak into the playoffs.
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