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  1. Hoping we get at least Morse and Poyer back. Allen was under duress the entire Fins game and still tossed up 400 with receivers on the verge of heatstroke. I don't see Ravens poor defense stopping him. Bills 33 Ravens 24
  2. Well this can't be right...I don't see Tua on the list. I thought they were saying he was the second coming.
  3. Well, along with not wearing my Zubaz, took a tv outside to watch the game instead of watching in the bonus room on the large screen.
  4. That had to be the worst football game ever shown on national television.
  5. I think that mattered more than everyone in the secondary.
  6. You convinced me…taking Dolphins in my survivor pool.
  7. Fins make final score look close with late score Bills 30 Dolphins 24
  8. I don’t know, Ravens could beat them out.
  9. Game did not live up to the hype. Not impressed by either team
  10. I was going to mention that too. Don’t remember so many in one game.
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