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  1. Born in Buffalo, went to Iowa and yes this is 100% correct.
  2. Will always be Mike Foligno's number in my mind.
  3. Was at Schwabl's on Friday night. YUM
  4. Overall Team Rankings Offense 11th overall in points scored 9th overall in total yards from scrimmage 18th in passing yards 9th in rushing yards Defense 5th in points allowed 6th overall in total yards allowed from scrimmage 6th overall passing yards allowed 23rd overall rushing yards allowed Nice to see the O not in the 30s for a change.
  5. Where did Gore say this? I have yet to see this anywhere else.
  6. The only one that I am worried about beating is Mahomes. KC is going to be a nemesis for a very long time. Brady will be gone soon enough.
  7. He looks literally nothing like Karlos Williams IMO.
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