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Super Bowl Second Half Thread

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2 minutes ago, Jrb1979 said:

Doubtful. They weren't beating the Rams and the refs. No team was.



Come on; seriously? The single biggest mistake went against the Rams in the 75 yard TD catch from Higgins. 

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1 minute ago, Miyagi-Do Karate said:

This is what happens when the 4th best teams from each conference make the SB. Enjoy it, boys— no one will Have any memory of this snooze fest in 3 months. 

Yep. Farce of a championship game. Congrats to the Rams for getting it done, but they are far, far away from being close to a great team.

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2 minutes ago, Ethan in Portland said:

Fu Beane. Thank for doing nothing and keeping those precious draft picks

I agree I guess fans want to watch A.J sit on the bench. I hope next year Buffalo does whatever it takes to win us one. 

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Just now, TheFunPolice said:

Kupp caught one game winning TD and held onto the ball after taking a brutal helmet to helmet hit then caught another one

Kupp is awesome, however the refs really gave the rams alot of chances on that TD drive 

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2 minutes ago, PetermansRedemption said:

Stafford is the definition of an average QB. He’s exactly what he’s always been in Detroit. Just had a better team in LA. 

He is far above average.  The lions are bottom 3 organizations in the nfl. 

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