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Beth Mowins to call Bills-Texans

Giuseppe Tognarelli

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43 minutes ago, Dr. K said:

All you guys complaining about her are tiresome.


Someone in this thread said she has a nasal voice. You may not like her voice, but it is not a nasal voice. 


Get a grip.

But can you agree that it is a VERY annoying voice?


My brother is a Dolphins fan, and he came over about a year or so ago, as I was watching a Bills game. Within 10 seconds of coming into the living room, he starts mocking the way the Bills broadcaster sounds and said that I should stop being Bills fan because of her terrible voice and the way she pronounces everything in a ridiculous overly exaggerated manner. I was upset, because I finally got to the point where I was able ignore her voice, but then it became all I could hear.


Anyone who says it's because she's a woman is wrong. Her voice and the way she over pronounces everything is god awful. It really sounds like she is trying to create her own brand with a wacko way of talking. It is so bad..... so bad. yuck

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On 9/24/2021 at 9:51 AM, Chandler#81 said:

She’s terrible. I don’t even know if she knows much about football. I can’t get past her horrible voice!

You wanna offer equality in sports broadcasting? Fine. Just hire people who don’t make you cringe at the sound of your voice!


Agree can't stand her.

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Highly talented football announcers are a breed predominantly male. I mean I get it. There are only so many paths to that job and women that DO break in to it are a tad more criticized if they arent say super hot like Kay Adams. This should be changing as new talent is given opportunities. That what it takes.  female Jim Rome? That would be siqqqq. Don't hate because Im a  Rome fan, met him at a world tour spot in La Jolla CA circa 1990 before he was "famous" away from socal....anyway


to me its the macho keyboard warrior thing to do. Easy waaay too easy to just glibly ask "would ya"......its so Rude. Women may THINK of guys in solely physical terms say out at a bar or whatever BUT my thing is I try to address people online as I would if we were to meet in person. Nowhere near the level of sexual banter would occur or any decent Good female wwill steer the heck clear of any guy with that little game.  BOOM



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I have nothing wrong with female announcers or women involved in sports. In fact I love it  


I'm evaluating Mowins just as I would with her male counterparts. 


She's awful. Lets not make this some sort of sexist thing because it isn't. 

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Nfl announcing has changed,  not sure why such incredible details such as today was the first time in history that 2 qbs last name ended in "field" in the same game. Bears vs Browns  Fields and Mayfield. Who the heck comes up with this useless poop. They said it on national TV.

Now I can flippin die peacefully knowing I have nothing more to learn.

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