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Move White to safety

Ethan in Cleveland

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2 hours ago, JoPoy88 said:

So you’re just disregarding position fit when you propose getting the “best” 5 DBs on the field at the same time (not sure how important that is, anyways.) So take Tre, put him at safety, and you still got your “best” 5 on the field? You sure? Because I’m not, since I’ve never seen Tre play safety at the pro level. 

I guess so. 


I'm sure the Bills will keep Tre White at cornerback. 


So it should be the same defense plus Tre White now. 



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17 minutes ago, billsbackto81 said:

This is the correct answer.


As I was told in high school geometry, that is intuitively obvious to the most casual observer. 




But while we’re at it, I bet Josh could be a great TE. Think of what a great upgrade he’d be at TE#2! 




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We should be hoping Tre White comes back as the same player, not moving him. I am guessing he gets back in a game in December.  ACL injuries are a big deal.  For every Adrian Peterson miracle story you hear, there are a lot of guys that struggle to get back to 100%.  My guess is we won't see the same Tre White until sometime in the 2023 season.  He is a legitimate #1 shut down guy.  There is no reason to move him to another position or rush him. He gets back in week 14 or 15 and that would be fine.  

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9 hours ago, Ethan in Cleveland said:

Bills should seriously consider moving Tre to safety when he returns. Right now Elam and Jackson are playing well and Benford will be back soon. The weakest link on the defense is Johnson/Hamlin opposite Poyer. 

Rod Woodson did this and landed in the HOF after his knee surgery and this history indeed sways my thinking. Woodson probably makes the HOF as a CB regardless. Others have done it too - Aneas Williams was another.

Tre is a great corner but it does appear to be true that McD's system allows CBs of all skill levels to do well. Akin to an OL playing your best 5 somewhat agnostic of position, perhaps the Bills should do the same thing in the secondary with their best 4 players plus Taron Johnson at nickel.

My only hesitation for White to safety is that he has never been a great tackler in the open field. 

Hyde may never play for the Bills again given his injury and only 1 more year on his contract. Moving White to safety now and letting the rookies play CB gives them a long term plan for years to come in the secondary.


Feel free to flame away, but I look forward to what others think. 

Many CB’s have made a successful transition to safety as they got older and lost a step, but this isn’t a move you make midsession.  Especially for a player coming back off a torn ACL.  At this point, keeping Tre on a pitch count is a much better than idea that trying a new position 

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5 hours ago, ColoradoBills said:


You got way too much going on here.

1st, Hyde is under contract next year and even if the Bills cut him, he has a lot of dead money ($7M) due to restructure.

2nd, Jackson is an RFA and if the Bills want to keep him, they have to put at least a 2nd Round tender.  That's around $4.3M.

3rd, Poyer may not get a new contract due to the entire teams "positional spending" being too much.

If J Johnson is kept, he will cost more than his 6th round rookie contract.


But all that is for Beane to decide.  My point is Tre goes back to CB.  If he can't fill that role, then it's about whether or not he

stays on the team.  If his knee won't let him play CB, there is no guarantee he could play FS.  We will have to wait and see.


Let me just add that Tre has a lot of dead money still on his contract due to restructuring.  It's a "risk lesson" to all of us who 

think these moves come free.  Just like I pointed out about Hyde.

This is a well reasoned post.

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1 hour ago, BADOLBILZ said:


We are about 1 more week of solid CB play away from the "Trade Tre White for......." thread.


Which will have about 2 pages of equally stupid replies until someone with some common sense joins to point out that his dead cap makes him untradeable.  

You left out the part about the thread continuing for another three pages after that common sense post.

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2 hours ago, Rat-boy said:

You left out the part about the thread continuing for another three pages after that common sense post.

Common sense responses were pointed out on page 1 of this ridiculous thread. Apparently off-season rules still apply in week 5.

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I can’t see this happening for at least another 5 years, if ever.  That said, I could see Tre moving to FS in the late years of his career.  He’s never been fast, so if he loses much of a step, he may not be a guy you want running with WRs.  He’d have to put on some weight and take on tackling a lot more seriously, but he’s got a nose for the ball. 


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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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