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  1. The Bills roster and the #1 seed in the AFC is all they need. Then we pray McDermott doesn't choke.
  2. Is anyone really going to be shocked if the Chiefs come into Orchard Park and run the ball down the Bills throat in the AFC Championship game? When the big $ is on the line in the playoffs the Andy Reid vs Sean McDermott matchup is not one in the Bills favor.
  3. A for effort. Bills still can't run the ball and pick up a 3rd and 1.
  4. The Chiefs own the Bills in the playoffs, until they don't. That is the reality of the situation.
  5. 🤣 He was sloppy. Period. He needs to stop reading how great he is. The entire team does. Never seen a more talented team not show up for entire halves of games. Coaching.
  6. Point differential is nonsense. Are the Eagles better than the Bills because they have the #1 record in the NFL? The category that actually matters.
  7. He is wrong about not sealing games. What he should have said is the Bills don't play complete games. Too many games this year they have not showed up for entire halves.
  8. That is the result of the #1 scoring defense and 3 blowouts. They scored 3 points in the 2nd half yesterday. Ridiculous.
  9. It is week 8. How long is it going to take to clean up this nonsense? Why is it going to get cleaned up ever if it isn't cleaned up in week 8?
  10. He is right though. Bills are reading their own headlines and believing the hype, but the Bills are not playing complete games. It is going to come back to haunt them in the playoffs. Bills are sloppy. Coaching. Coaching. Coaching.
  11. That is not a lot of points for this offense and none of those 4 teams are even in the top 15 scoring defenses in the NFL. Packers #16. Ravens #20. Dolphins#22. Chiefs #23. That is where they rank in scoring defenses .
  12. Good. 1) Running game looks better. 2) Bills are 6-1 and 3-0 at home. 3) Bills are pretty healthy. Bad. 1) 27. 24. 23. 19. That is all the Bills have scored in 4 of their last 5 games. Troubling. 2) The Bills looked unfocused with all the trash talking before and during the game. 3) The run defense looked like last year's run defense.
  13. Unless they don't win the Lombardi. Then he is the failed architect of a team that can't win the big games.
  14. Agreed. The Jets won't score, but our offense has pretty mediocre the past 5 games, with the exception of the Steelers Game. They are just not scoring points.
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