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  1. No. Why even think about using someone who is clearly in a crisis? And I mean the word "using" in the sense that all we are thinking about his how he can help us win football games. Health is more important. Fresh air? What is this, 1875?
  2. He's a rookie going into his 4th game, so time is clearly running out! Total bust!
  3. It is his second year. Relax. So many people look for a negative angle all the time, and it is really stupid.
  4. JimBob Cooter should be #1 based on his name alone.
  5. Good lord. The Bills are completely committed to Diggs salary-wise, and trading him would put tons of dead cap on the Bills for two years. This is pure speculation and total bullcrapola.
  6. I agree that McD is a good coach, but it is really not cool to attack fellow Bills fans like that, even if they are wrong. Not cool, man. You should apologize.
  7. todd

    2023 Concerts

    Two great bands! I've never seen Franz Ferdinand. Saw Pixies a number of times over the years and they are always awesome.
  8. I don't know. I think I need to create a bigger sample size. 🙂
  9. So many! Public courses I like are Greystone. I used to like Shadow Pines before it closed. Genesee Valley is nostalgic for me because that's where I learned to play, so I'll play there any time. When I was growing up you could buy a season pass for $5 and then play $1 for greens fees as many times as you wanted to play. I like many of the holes at Durand. Bristol Harbour was very enjoyable. My guilty pleasure is Reservoir Creek in Naples. Such an odd layout but really fun! I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting, and others I've heard good things about but haven't played yet.
  10. Oooh! Good information I did not know. Thank you!
  11. Losing a pet is brutal. We lost both of our dogs in 2019. One was our choice. She was old and it was time. Our younger one got sick with cancer and died very quickly at the age of 7 or so. That was brutal. 4 years later and we still miss them both, but now we laugh when we think of them rather than get sad. It gets better. I'm sorry for you losing your cat.
  12. todd

    2023 Concerts

    I would love to see Frampton. Love Chicago, hate peter cetera. Regarding the guitar, Terry Kath was unreal. He actually had some amazing solos, so I kinda disagree with the whole guitar solo thing. After Kath died the guitar solos kinda subsided. Being a guitar player myself, I LOVE guitar based music with horns. The later Chicago stuff when Cetera started doing those stupid ballads can go to hell, as far as I'm concerned. Give me old-school Chicago! Terry Kath was an unreal guitar player. Jimi Hendrix though he was the best player around. Love Chicago with Kath.
  13. todd

    2023 Concerts

    I'm a guitar player and admittedly a big music snob. My opinions usually offend people, so I apologize in advance. Weezer at CMAC. Pat Metheney at the Rochester Jazz Fest. Tears for Fears at CMAC. Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra probably at CMAC. That's it so far. I want to catch Death Cab for Cutie somewhere. So much damn country music (god I hate modern country, but respect the musicians) around these days the bands I actually like aren't coming around locally as much.
  14. Ravenwood is a decent design, but I hate the greens. The grass they used is really strange. And a couple holes are really dumb. Ravenwood is the reason I joined a private course. Was playing there one day with some buddies and the front 9 took two hours and 45 minutes. That's stupid. We got to the 10th hole and there were 3 foursomes waiting to tee off. We were headed for a six-hour round. We walked off the course into the pro shop and said we were quitting because it was so slow. They asked if we wanted a raincheck. Hell no! Joined Mendon the next day. Now I can tee off with my buddies at 7:30, walk 18 holes with my buddies in 3 1/2 hours, have a few beers and be home by noon. Golf is a walking sport, and anything over 4 hours is not acceptable. If you are riding a cart and can't finish in 4 hours, you are playing too slow. Or the course has too many people on it. A few courses in Rochester feel that the longer you are on the course, the more you spend on beer and food. Eagle Vale is another like that. I'll never play that dog track again. Bristol Harbor was a part of a divorce dispute, according to what I've heard. I've driven by there a bunch of times and while it isn't open, they are still maintaining it at a subsistence level. Greens and fairways are mowed enough to keep it from becoming unrecoverable. All the buildings have been torn down, though. Really sad, because the lake views and location is fantastic.
  15. I like Peak N Peak, but I'm not sure it is considered tournament worthy. It is definitely Todd worthy, though! I like it. Picturesque. Oh, Oak Hill is special for sure. It is just that Rochester has so damn many great private golf courses that the competition is fierce. I hear CCR is even more expensive than Oak Hill to join. Back in the day, each course had a specific clientele. Oak was for WASPs. CCR was for Catholics. Irondequoit (god i love that course) was for Jewish folks. Things, unfortunately, were pretty segregated in the early 1900s when they were all built.
  16. I've played Craig Burn, but not east aurora. And Oak Hill East & West. East is the course that the championship is played on. East is an amazing course. Craig Burn is great, but frankly it doesn't hold up to Oak Hill East. It's on another level. And it isn't a tricked-up course with small landing areas and stupid greens. It is genuinely a well-designed course where the difficulty is more subtle. Every part of your game must be good to put up a good score. For example: 1. Subtle undulations in the fairway that make some shots more difficult than they look. Sometimes you'll have a mildly downhill lie that make holding the green more difficult than you'd expect. 2. The rough is thick and unyielding. Even during non-tournament play. Think you are going to hit a 7-iron out of the rough and reach the green? Don't be stupid. Hit a pitching wedge or you might not get out. 3. The greens are pristine, but if you think you can read the subtle breaks you are dumb. Fantastic course that rewards good putters. 4. Not a ton of trees any more, but if you are off the fairway, the lie is so difficult you are pitching out. 5. The sand is incredible. I'm a good sand player, but the level of precision you need out of that sand is unreal. 5. Donald Ross loved false fronts and optical illusions on the green. There's a common phrase among Rochester golfers: "Damn you Donald Ross!" 6. The course maintenance is like nothing I've ever seen. I remember driving in one day (I was playing the West Course - another Ross design that is wonderful) and remember seeing about 4 workers plucking small pebbles out of a sand trap (on the east course). The maintenance budget must be spectacular. The course is perfect. I don't do many things well, but I'm an OK golfer. When I played Oak Hill East the last time, I think I was a 6 handicap. I didn't break 90, and I felt good about how I played that day! Normally I'd be pissed not breaking 90. Regarding why there aren't tournaments in Buffalo - I don't know. I will say that Rochester and Buffalo grew up as very different cities. Rochester was a more white collar city, and therefore the golf courses are made to appeal to a different audience. Donald Ross courses in Rochester: 1. Monroe Golf Club (pittsford, same as Oak Hill), 2&3. Oak Hill East & West, 4. Irondequoit CC (right next to Oak Hill and my second favorite course in the city), 5. Brook Lea, 6. Country Club of Rochester (Brighton, very close to Oak Hill). To prove my point, that's 6 Donald Ross courses in a 10 mile radius, and 5 within a stone's throw. Add to that the Robert Trent Jones courses: 1. Midvale Country Club - his first design and it is pretty cool. I've played there a lot, 2. Bristol Harbor (temporarily closed, and stupidly adulterated over the years) but the back 9 was just fantastic, Durand Eastman (a cool muni course that has also been stupidly adulterated). Three Robert Trent Jones courses. And then there's Locust Hill, long time LPGA tournament held there. I've played Locust many times, and it is not my favorite because the par 5s are short and easy. But still, a well-regarded course. Plus there are other great courses in Rochester. My home course - Mendon Golf Club - has been host to multiple US Open qualifiers. And it doesn't rank up there with the others I mentioned, but still a fantastic course. Sodus (Jones used to be head pro there!) and Stafford to name a few. Greystone is a tremendous public course. Ridgemont is pretty good despite the infuriatingly small greens. I guess what I'm saying is that Rochester is a better golfing city than Buffalo. Different population, different priorities, different history. If I'm right, Buffalo has one Ross course and one Jones course. That's a far cry from Rochester's golf history. But other than golf, Rochester's professional sporting history doesn't compare to Buffalo. Not even close. Rochester has golf & soccer. Buffalo has everything else! Obviously, I'm a total golf nut. I'll be at the PGA Championship on Friday and maybe Sunday decked out in my Bills golf gear. I fully expect to see Josh, Eric Wood, Steve Tasker and probably others as spectators. Rumor is Josh is a member at Oak Hill. GO BILLS!
  17. I can't imagine the pain she went through. Bone cancer is incredibly painful, and the treatments are difficult. Trust me. Fierce is right. Glad she developed a friendship with Elam.
  18. Started here in 2001, although I think I was involved in a previous generation of this site. I remember seeing SDS and other on the old USENET groups many years ago. Since 2001: Got married to the best girl in the world. Still married. On my 5th job, and career is going great. Introduced my parents and my (the future) wife's parents at a Bills game. Where else? Had two dogs, RIP to Sophie and Hudson Watched my wife as she started running and then ran 45+ marathons, ultramarathons and triathlons. She kicks ass. Watched my wife have a stroke due to a torn vertebral artery after a triathlon. She's fine now, that was 12 years ago. Recovery was tough. Got a rare form of cancer called chordoma in 2020. Had a 10 hour surgery to remove my tailbone and 1/2 of my sacrum. Then two months of radiation in Boston summer of 2020. That kicked my ass. Out of work for 5 months. Recovered, and then had to go out of work again for two months after having severe side effects from radiation. Got a great job at Paychex, and I love it! Kicked cancer's ass. Recovered enough to play golf and worked on my game and now a single-digit handicap, despite having half my ass removed. So I'm a half-assed golfer! Started building electric guitars & basses, and found a new passion. Started recording original songs for an upcoming EP. They are mediocre, but I have fun. All along, loved being here and rooting for my Bills through all the changes life throws at you.
  19. Out come the Beane haters who will do anything in their power to rag on him.
  20. Can't bring myself to listen to that poopface.
  21. LOL! Yeah, because you can only do one thing at a time.
  22. True. My ignore list is getting bigger, and it certainly makes staying up to date and the camaraderie we all share better. There's no way I'm going to let a negative moron steal my joy. Makes me wonder why you would keep doing something if it doesn't make you happy? I used to be grumpier and pissed off about the Bills sometimes, and I made a conscious decision to not let that crap overtake me. Your own happiness is more important than a football team.
  23. I enjoy the ride every day! Life is too short and unpredictable to surround yourself with bitching and negativity over a sport. A game.
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