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  1. The Bills won 31-10, right? Against the world champs, across the country away game. I think we're doing OK with this decision.
  2. I think they will miss Beasley, but he was starting to get injured all the time. There's gotta be a reason he's not signed yet. His ability to distract? I don't know. I disagree with his opinions vehemently, but he was a great Bill and he will be missed.
  3. Surgery is way different today than it once was. I've got a 3 inch scar where mine used to be. I was in the hospital for 2 days, then had to be careful for a few weeks. These days it is laparoscopic, and people are up and about and back to normal in a few days. No big deal.
  4. Here’s the deal: Your opinion of Beane is flawed by any measure. It’s a borderline trolling crusade. Fact is, Beane is the architect of a roster that is extremely successful. Period. Any dumbass “what if he didn’t draft Allen” scenario is stupid, because he did and has surrounded him with talent on both sides of the ball. Along with that, he has partnered with other parts of the organization to make sure players are developed and successful. This is just excellent leadership. It is irrefutable.
  5. Safety, qb, wr, DL, LB. Why stop at two?
  6. Was JÂy RÛßeÒ involved? Been a long time since he Rosened the board.
  7. You should not post unverified reports of someone's death. Pretty sick, man. Really gross of you to do that.
  8. Exactly. As soon as they started advertising it, you just know its a ploy to get the last suckers on the Ponzi scheme plane before people sell and tank it. I feel bad for the fools who bought in after seeing those ads. That should have been a red flag. Blockchain technology is interesting and holds lots of potential, but it really not ready for primetime at all, nor is the crypto associated with it a stable ore reliable investment. To me crypto investment is just like gambling. Don't "invest" more than you can afford to lose in crypto. But maybe you will get lucky. And really, luck is all that is involved at this point.
  9. Defense: Lawrence Taylor Offense: Jim Brown
  10. It probably isn’t right for us to speculate. It could be so many different things. Hopefully she’s progressing well, no matter what it is.
  11. Their methodology is inherently flawed. From a quantitative standpoint, they leave out strength of schedule, weather, etc. From a qualitative standpoint, they don't address this at all. Leadership and motivational qualities, how they treat players, etc. This is the problem with PFF. They try to break everything down into quantitative items, and certain things absolutely cannot be measured that way. But hey, they try. The PFF results are absolute crap much of the time for this reason.
  12. It is called mentoring and succession planning. Every good organization does it. The organizations that don’t do it are usually headed by transient staffs and fear for their own livelihood, let alone planning for future coaches in the organization. Succession planning and mentoring are the sign of a successful and stable organization.
  13. Yeah, not possible. No way he’s a 5. My lowest was 7, and even now, 6 years and a back surgery later, I’m still better.
  14. Josh needs to work on his swing. He has a little reverse pivot, and doesn’t extend enough the way a tall guy should. That said, I’m glad he has other priorities. aaron Rogers has the best swing by far. screw Tom Brady
  15. London Fletcher did the same thing.
  16. There’s lots of people on this thread who have decided Beane sucks, and will do anything to rationalize it. No matter how foolish they sound.
  17. I'd like to see him tackle a few Tahou's garbage plates. My record is two. Let's just say it was years ago and I had a medically enhanced appetite. But two. I bet josh could do three.
  18. Come on man, is that really the right thing to say? It should be fresh dog poop and not dried up.
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