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  1. Maybe not drunk, fat, and stupid jumping on tables. But hell yes, I’m proud of how much fun we have as bills fans, and how fun it is not to take ourselves too seriously.
  2. No, I do t find the Pinto Ron tailgate gross in any way. I support the changes made for this year 100%, but in a normal year no. Fun, not gross.
  3. Let’s not forget these guys are essentially boys. Love seeing them have fun. Not sure that would happen on other teams.
  4. Pretty sure Nick's is still there and going strong. Mmmmm, plate!
  5. The number of unvaxxed in the WR room is a competitive disadvantage. From a rational standpoint, you need to be able to field a competitive team. It isn't about what you believe, it is about risk. And winning. Given that Beasley, Mackenzie and Davis aren't faxed, you lose 2 maybe three of your top WRs for multiple weeks if someone makes a mistake. Man, that's not a risk I would want to take as a leader.
  6. I think what makes Buffalo at a competitive disadvantage is who may not be vaccinated. Beasley and Davis are two of our top 4 WRs. We all saw what our DL was like last year with Star. And Milano and AJ are two key LBs. Oy. If it was special teams players, we'd be having a different discussion ... if at all.
  7. agreed. If it’s a rotator cuff tear requiring surgery he’s out for the season.
  8. Happy to hear his kid is safe! Love to see how he smiles when he talks about him.
  9. I'm sure he gets paid very well for his work. This is Palmer's gig, so I don't think gifts are involved. It is likely a consulting contract with Jordan's company.
  10. Jake Kumrow probably won't make this team. Why would the Packers trade for a guy that will be cut?
  11. I've started a GoFundMe fundraiser and an online petition to do so. Please join the movement!
  12. Hope he's wrong, or this could impact the Bills for years: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/07/04/fmia-guest-michael-holley-on-andrew-berry-and-the-forward-looking-browns-5-draft-hits-misses/
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