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  1. You are forgetting a number of facts. One - there is a flu vaccine. Even a semi-effective flu vaccine provides *some* protection to those infected.Two - the flu is less contagious and less fatal. This is a fact. More people have died of Covid in three months than the flu in a year. Three - Covid can overwhelm hospital ICU departments. The flu does not. Three - there are a few treatments for the flu, like Tamiflu. Four - there is a general herd immunity for the flu. Most smart people get a flu shot. That doesn't exist for covid. The idea of comparing covid to the flu is just false equivalency. It's kind of stupid. I certainly hope you consider others in difficult situations when you make your decision not to wear a mask, and the impact your selfishness might have on others.
  2. Selfishness and ignorance will get people killed.
  3. Shutting stuff down is a good thing. Selfish people don't wear masks, don't social distance, and behave in ways that could cause the virus to spread. If people weren't so selfish and were reliably careful and responsible, opening up would be a no-brainer. But all it takes is one jerk without a mask or who makes selfish choices and then acts in a way that exposes someone else while they are asymptomatic. Screw you if you do that. You never know what someone else is dealing with. Cancer, radiation treatment, essential medications that cause your immune system to be compromised. But no, "I wanna go to a football game, so screw everyone else's needs! I wanna go to a bar and have fun because *I'M* the most important person on earth!" Selfish and stupid behavior that could KILL someone like me. And then there are the fools who deny how nasty this virus is. It spreads virulently, much quicker and worse than a cold or flu. It's bad, folks. Yes, many people do fine with it, but many otherwise healthy people don't. I've seen it. I was in the hospital for essential surgery for two weeks in May. It was bad. Caregivers being quarantined, people they know getting sick, morale low because of furloughed co-workers. All of this could be prevented if people behaved appropriately and avoided crowds, wore masks, and stayed away from people. Shut it all down, as far as I'm concerned.
  4. I'm actually amazed King wrote *anything* regarding the Buffalo Bills. He has a huge blind spot when it comes to them. Too small-market for the hot-take King. He used to be good, now he's lazy.
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