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  1. Want instant publicity? Say something negative about Buffalo or the Bills. Ignore him, and all the other troll bastards.
  2. Maybe none of the 5th round choices are any better than any of the the 6th round choices. You get to the lower half of the 5th through the 7th and they are all pretty much the same, right?
  3. Made the AFC Championship game last year. Found our franchise QB. Hit on a number of other important picks, FA pickups, and trades. Has shown they know when to let someone walk - Lawson, etc. Yeah, it would be silly to bet against them.
  4. That's a lot of picks (I know equivalent to a 2nd) for a tackle who will want an expensive contract. Not having all those picks is going to come back to bite them, as those are valuable, low-dollar draft picks who help build a franchise. Brown is cheap now, but with all their other high-dollar players, how are they going to pay him? What if he walks next year? That's a ton for a guy they might not have under contract but for one year.
  5. Maybe a good incentive would be that you don't need to wear masks on the sideline if you are vaccinated. It is outside, although you are within 6 feet of people. And selfishly, it drives me crazy seeing people who can't properly wear a mask. I know it is the OCD in me, so forgive me!
  6. A strong 1 tech that commands double teams is key to a good pass rush. We don’t really have that other than Star. We have plenty of 3 tech, but we aren’t good enough at 1. We need to get one, somehow.
  7. After Star, we're extremely weak at a 1 technique DT. I'm hoping we can find one. The way we rotate, there needs to be good depth behind Star. We saw what happened last year when he wasn't there. The D wasn't as good, and we had trouble getting to the QB. So that's what I'm hoping for somewhere in the remaining offseason.
  8. Well that’s a really good point. Beane is a straight shooter.
  9. could be, but I think Beane sees the value in spreading the cap hit out. Allows him to get paid, but also allows flexibility for the future. We’ve seen so many teams hamstrung from competing by the QB’s contract. One of the reasons the Cheatriots were able to compete for so long is because Brady kept his hit low.
  10. Pretty clear to me this is for Josh Allen.
  11. The NFL is very careful to audit the solvency of ownership frequently. I can’t imagine they have no money. Something is fishy.
  12. Proud of him. It takes balls and humility to admit that.
  13. Pump the brakes there, cowboy. Look, I LOVE Coach McDermott. I love his leadership style. I love how he cares for his team. I love the way he does things. Don't get me wrong. But Marv got the team to 4 straight bowls, 3 after losing the previous. It's really quite amazing when you think about it. McD has a ways to go before he's at that level. That's an historic level. McD has been to one AFC Championship game. If McD wins ONE SB, he will be royalty in Buffalo, and he'd deserve it. He will have taken a perennial loser and in a few years won a SB. Let's wait to see. I'm
  14. Morons. I hope they never get to go to a Bills game again. Idiots.
  15. You love that some drunk fans threw beer on a kid? I think that sucks. That’s classless and shouldn’t happen. This guy is right. That’s disgusting and ignorant. That’s not my experience with our fan base, but it should never happen.
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