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  1. I would love for the 2020 beasley to come back. That guy doesn't exist any more. He's oft injured and slower than he used to be.
  2. You & me both, brother. I got a cancer called chordoma so rare only 300 people get it in the US a year. Not genetic. Just unlucky. I have wicked, nasty scars on my ass you wouldn't believe. Unlucky. My ass modeling career is over. I got side effects from radiation that only 4% of people who get my kind of radiation get. Unlucky. I never win anything in games of chance or luck. I run a fantasy football league (which as we all know is more luck than skill) and it took me 19 years to win it. Unlucky. I bring bad weather on most trips I take. I've been to the Grand Canyon but have never seen it. Freak snow storm - whiteout - couldn't see the canyon despite standing on the edge of it. Went to Cabo San Lucas and rode ATVs. It rained. I asked the guide how often it rains. He said 3 or 4 times a year. Golf trips - RAIN. Golf trip in Orlando, Fla - Frost delays and cold. Yeah, I'm the king of bad luck. Bad luck is a thing.
  3. Try to say "fumble luck" five times fast. I can't. At least not in mixed company.
  4. Exactly. The Bills really miss the 2019 and 2020 Beasley. That person doesn’t exist any more. Crowder wouldn’t have been at his level, but since he’s hurt there’s nobody to step in. Excited to see what Hines will provide when he’s up to speed.
  5. He’s a rookie. A 5th round rookie. This is one of those posts where someone is fishing for negativity. Annoying.
  6. which is exactly why Beane sucks and McDermott sucks. They obviously rely on an amazing QB too much and Beane doesn’t have a pro-bowl qb as backup. Clearly a bad GM. Nor do they have a pro-bowl edge rusher to back up Miller, nor can they scheme around injuries so McDermott obviously sucks. All bad GM and bad coaching. It sucks mcdermott can’t scheme around the heat in Miami, and didn’t have enough staff t give every player an iv between possessions. Fire them both. Now. Do you watch the games? Even the most ignorant of fans can see his elbow is an issue.
  7. Are you suggesting he's not? He's effing awesome, and that throw to Diggs, despite gutting it out with an injury proves it. Any other answer than "Josh is awesome and I ask forgiveness for anything I've ever said even remotely negative about him" is what fools think. Repent.
  8. Anyone who doesn't like Allen, doesn't appreciate him, or disses him in any way can go to hell. You aren't real Bills fans, and likely ate lead paint chips as a child.
  9. I think they miss the beasley of 2019 and maybe 2020. The beasley of 2021 was in quite the decline, and he himself realized it when he retired from the Bucs after a few weeks. But to your point, I think they do miss his ability to find a spot in a zone and be a reliable outlet for Josh. I think Crowder would have been OK eventually. But they certainly miss a reliable slot WR, and McKenzie is not filling that role.
  10. They came back. It makes sense because injured players can get treatment in Buffalo and their superior facility vs. trying to deal with it in Detroit, where they won't have access to those things.
  11. Questioning is great. The answer is you are wrong.
  12. Well, the bills beat KC in KC. So what is your point, that KC didn’t really lose? Beane is a fantastic GM. To think otherwise is foolish.
  13. I guess Andy reid sucks, too. Great logic. Unreal how people will use useless trivia and facts to try to prove a point. Just shows a lack of critical thinking. You qualify.
  14. Yeah, man. Let’s pick up a wr! One that will learn the playbook in a day! Float some names, bro! Who ya got, mephisto?
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