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NFL Top 100


Who makes the NFL Top 100?   

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  1. 1. Who makes the NFL Top 100?

    • Josh Allen
    • Stefon Diggs
    • Gabe Davis
    • Dawson Knox
    • Dion Dawkins
    • Mitch Morse
    • Ed Oliver
    • Tremaine Edmunds
    • Matt Milano
    • Tre White
    • Jordan Poyer
    • Micah Hyde
    • Other

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5 minutes ago, Big Blitz said:

If the vote was after the playoffs and not Thanksgiving he might be number 1.


Remember as the thread below says - we were 7-6 at Thanksgiving.  



No reason to be bent out of shape. 

I didn’t no that , then that does make sense we’re Allen came in at. 

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11 minutes ago, 97bills said:

I didn’t no that , then that does make sense we’re Allen came in at. 



Per @Doc Brown post 




“All players are given the opportunity to vote through ballots we send to all 32 teams around Thanksgiving,” NFL Network spokesman Alex Riethmiller told PFT via email.  “For convenience sake, we try to time it with Pro Bowl balloting, so they can do them together.  In addition to ballots collected that way, we also give ballots to many of the players that we interview for our shows.  This year, in total, we received 481 votes.”



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2 hours ago, UKBillFan said:

Maybe average is harsh but down from the 2020 high in the regular season. Percentage passes completed down 6%, passing yards down by over 100, interceptions up by five. Of course, we then went into the post season where, as you say, the greatest back to back play off stretch in league history. If he takes the play off form into the upcoming regular season he’ll be shooting up the top 100 chart.

So he’ll be 12 next year ?

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I could care less about this ridiculous 100 list. Or some stupid power ranking. Or a worthless Madden rating. Non of this factors into anything.  Go out and beat who's in front of you. For what it's worth:

Brady & Rodgers will retire after this year.  Kelce and Mahomes won't be the same without Hill. Ramsey might be one of the most over hyped dbs in the league. 

    All that matters is true fans of the NFL realize how good QB1 is.  Nothing to see here.

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Given the time of the voting, this makes sense. It wasn't until after the Tampa Bay game that Allen really went nuclear and started dominating, and then took it to another level in the playoffs.


Everyone saw it. If the vote happened in February he would have been higher. Potentially top 5.


He will be a man on a mission this year and take the league by storm. I feel it and I think a lot of other people feel it too, including many who aren't even Bills fans.

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It’s a player popularity contest.  We know it’s silly, but the vote happened at thanksgiving.  What I don’t understand is why they don’t conduct the vote the last week of the season.  I say that as all the players are still in their buildings, and the day after the season, the non playoff teams take off.  It would make it harder to conduct the vote.


Talk about ironic, he’s 13. 13 seconds, yadayada.

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23 minutes ago, dollars 2 donuts said:

You guys are blowing my mind as I was today years old when I find out they do the 2022 voting part way through the 2021 season.


In a hysterical tone, but yet maintaining my dignity…WTH?!


Exactly.  If the voting happens during the '21 season, why wait until the start of the '22 season to release the results?  Don't answer that, I know the reason, but it's still stupid.


It's funny, I don't remember NFLN having to clarify in the past when the voting took place.  It's obvious they know how ridiculous JA's ranking (and McCorkle being in the top 100) looks.


Trevon being the highest-ranked Diggs and JC Jackson being ranked higher than his father are another couple of glaring examples.

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9 hours ago, Forlorn hope said:

When Josh Allen wins the super bowl keyshawn Johnson will say he's not impressed because buffalo is a stacked team. Pff will say he's 12th in accuracy over 30 yards or some nonsense 

He can continue to say whatever that blowhard wants to when Allen is winning superbowls.  :)


5 minutes ago, YoloinOhio said:


at least one guy gets it... 

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11 hours ago, Buffalo_Stampede said:

Can’t really argue with the top 10. Maybe take out Kelce and add Allen.

Any list that doesn’t have Mahomes and Allen in the top 3 should be immediately discarded. Mahomes at 8 is almost as ridiculous as Allen at 13.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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