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  1. You again don't know because the ,( alleged tapes) have not been released
  2. It's honestly pathetic and weird if you think Howard was better than Sweeney this preseason
  3. Wrong again. Witnesses said arazia was not in the house. Including friends and aquiantences of Jane doe.
  4. Where is the studies? Show everyone the truth
  5. Because he wasn't 100% last year and is a physical tough blocker Howard can't move and is not as physical
  6. We won't get a true idea about injuries until Monday. Usually the 1st practice is a maintenance day if you're banged up
  7. It's still very much possible she was obviously being very flirty, drinking and hours after arazia left she was raped. I remember at a bar years ago this girl was drunk and acting very much the same. A couple guys lost control and basically started groping her ridiculously and she screamed for them stop. If she was in private with them I 100% believe they would've raped her. There was a very similar movie in 80s with Jodi foster in it that portrayed a similar context
  8. Nobody is demanding we know. Wanting to know, demanding. Two different things I agree and understand this perspective 100%
  9. Can you imagine losing multiple family members and friends and not being able to talk about it. Can you imagine losing your job and livelihood, businesses destroyed. Can you imagine violating a multitude of civil rights, privacy rights, being ostracized from people. But knowing all this, the anger people feel, we still respect the Knox family and their rights. If only that same approach was given the past two years... In some respect I'm glad it happened because it revealed to me a lot about people and their true character
  10. Why do you keep bringing up the issue of privacy as if people disagree or don't understand the the issues with revealing what happened. Everyone knows. It's why I and others respect the right to privacy and other rights. I and others kept our principles and valued those rights. The irony here is the same people who are talking about privacy rights, didn't respect them earlier. They went where the wind blew You should applaud any decision they make regarding their privacy. Not what you want
  11. Everything comes to an end. It's imo as hard as it is to admit the greatest dynasty in sports history for a myriad of reasons. Patriots fans are having a hard time coming back to reality. Like the hilarious comparison between Jones and Brady... It's like dude Mac may be a decent QB, but you're never going back to what you had. It's like Celtic fans thinking they could replace bird after he retired right away. It's insane to think like that
  12. Not getting into it fully here because of the platform rules. I already got a strike bringing up politics in the wrong forum.
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