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But can you do Derrick Henry push ups?


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2 hours ago, Bob Chandler's Hands said:

Josh Norman can attest to Henry's upper body strength and balance. 

And bouncing off him as if shot with a giant elastic band

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if you are a pushup guy ..or even if not--you have to be impressed with the band and the balance component.Without the stability it puts tremendous pressure on the whole upper and lower body.

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11 hours ago, The Governor said:

It’s very easy to pull something. I’m surprised they let him do it at all. His feet aren’t stable and the bar isn’t stable. There really isn’t any advantage doing that way either. A gymnast would probably yell at him.


11 hours ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


Agree on the creates instability


Not at all questioning you, but wondering if you could explain in more detail why you see what he's doing as very very dangerous?

This man nailed it. Dare I say it, it’s easier to tear something as well, not just pull.. Lots of stress on the tendons and ligaments. 

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11 hours ago, Saint Doug said:

No doubt that while going down there’s instability, especially while going down, which takes energy on Henry’s part to counteract. But he’s getting assistance going upwards. You can see the band contracting during his upstroke. That’s giving him assistance. This is high school physics. In fact, I bet he’s expending more energy down down than up, despite the show chains. 


Not to be pedantic about it, but it is actually just the opposite.  Doing a push up is forcing you to extend your arms.  It would be easier if the band was stretching and expanding on the up stroke.  If that were the case, when he straightens his arms that would mean he is not lifting his entire weight because some of his extension would be made easier by pushing the band down.  


It is a center of mass thing.  It is a similar principle to how kicking makes it easier to do pull ups.

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14 hours ago, Saint Doug said:

I would be more impressed if he wasn’t using the elastic band. Looks like it is providing some amount of energy to his upwards motion.


This is about core and balance more than strength. Stiff bar would make this exercise alot easier. 

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