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  1. I like chaos's top 7...all excellent coaches
  2. Jauron woulda made the other team play worse
  3. problem with a guy who has just learned to be accurate...he can forget again
  4. at this point they are clearly superior to us.Go Fitzy
  5. he and sammy watkins--they can play 3 games/yr between them
  6. yep its like 10 yds per play for the chiefs...only thing stopping them is their own penalties
  7. So now the Bills have a good QB and good receivers..and avg RBs and a bad o line and a poor defense.is this the Bills new 5 yr plan?
  8. now watch our hot knife thru butter defense...1 minute..90 yds--no problem
  9. only in buffalo can you completely screw up a defense in one season
  10. the Bills curse isnt over. we finally get a QB and then they throw away our very good defense.....Cant stand success?
  11. we are the same team as last yr. but now the d stinks and vice versa w the O...altho we need a big tough RB
  12. nahh we need a couple of fat guys for run stopping and pressure up the middle
  13. he didnt trip and fall during a handoff that last series?
  14. bills never make it easy.they need to get better organized out there(coaching) and Josh is spectacular but man he still has a lot to learn.
  15. bojo needs to go..anyone on this chat coulda had a better result
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