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  1. He looked slow and old when he bounced around in 2019. What the heck will 2 extra years and a million extra hits (not hits) add to his skill-set??
  2. I definitely despise Jets fans more. At the Stadium, they're the most obnoxious, aggressive douchebags. They deserve decades of lousy QB play.
  3. I wonder if negative peer pressure has any influence. BTW, the other 5 reasons are Crowd Noise, Offensive Line, Pass rush, the Chiefs, and JA17's health.
  4. So far we've only been offered to return the last pre-season game, and the home opener. Fingers crossed we can get out for the WFT game.
  5. I sure hope the people in my stinkin' seats do just that. Stupid closed border.... Great story BTW. If he gets the sacks, he will have a forever home.
  6. There were so many space fillers in the draft. Shame Beane didn't grab one late. Though it would have made our D-line that much more crowded.
  7. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/R/ReicFr00.htm 9 solid years.
  8. Most of the fans I know are "average": they know around half the starters, they attend a few games a year (some even have season tickets), and they follow the coaching and GM hires. I would say the majority of us on this forum are not average. We have, as some described, "the Sickness". I would say we're all pretty pleased that there really is no cure: one Super Bowl victory will only make us hungry for another.
  9. Pre-draft scouting report: https://www.si.com/college/florida/football/nfl-draft-gators-cj-henderson-scouting-report-2020 Wonder what it would take to get him....
  10. Don't give up on Dane yet. Remember, the aforementioned Josh Norman, who had very similar combine numbers to Dane, in his sophomore season was the 3rd corner for the 2013 Panthers before messing up on a key play later in that season and getting benched by Rivera till the next training camp. It wasn't until his 3rd season that things really started to click. If Dane continues to do his homework and bust his tail in practice, absorbing everything he can from one of the best in the biz in White, he may pan out yet.
  11. Is Jimmy G the starting QB for the 49ers? I would've placed them below the Rams, at least.
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