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  1. match made in heaven 350 LBs of talent and craziness
  2. I can see Allen being very at home in the NH..It seems his style. Frees him up. Again....its gonna be all about his passing.Can the subtleties AND accuracy be taught? I give it a 50/50 shot...-I mean in his ability to become a good NFL QB....Which is way better than the 0% shot of everyone we have had in there post Flutie.(yes i include the wooden statue with the great arm)
  3. I used to see him at his hamburger stand/'restaurant on Main St between Bennet High School and St Marys School for the deaf.I lived less than a mile away. The big man(he had to be 6'6") always had a big smile for his customers.
  4. Kyle was a slightly less talented Joe Klecko. And for you kids out there..That's a serious compliment.
  5. nobody in the game right now is at the bruce smith level.....so its possible but doubtful.
  6. played one SB at 238 LBs
  7. Jack was really a very good QB.Accurate passer with a decent arm.And he was tough and smart. I loved those games down at war memorial as a young kid.....Parked at a Jefferson avenue business. I remember that dirt walkway around the field that you could cruise DURING the bloody game.There was a rickety little fence separating that walkway from the players benches. Toward the latter years of WM..around 1970 I believe...Vince Lombardi came in with his Washington Redskins for a preseason game. I remember going down to the dirt track and standing within a few feet of Lombardi--who was relaxed and not in game mode since it was preseason.Of course I was in awe--being maybe 12 yrs old.-That Redskin team he had was very quickly becoming good and I am convinced he would have repeated his dynasty building had he not died so soon after from cancer. Jack came to our school one time to give a talk on civics.this was early 70s so he may have already been congressman Kemp.
  8. 1.Most of the season depends on the improvement of Josh Allen. We aren't going anywhere without that. 2.McDermott is an amazing leader of men ..but his talent as a football coach is unproven and debatable. Not saying he is a lousy coach but its up in the air re how good he is.
  9. looks good. qb also looks like a superior passer to anything the bills have had in ages.
  10. If Josh Allen significantly improves . If not we are gonna be lost in the 6-10 to 9-7 zone no matter how great our D is .
  11. well thats a pretty low bar..... did he ever give back the money he stole from various (small)kids thru intimidation?
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