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  1. right on the money.. in fact going back further the very best athletes were the RBs.Guys like Tyrod would have been an excellent RB instead of a barely mediocre QB. Michael Vick would have been a legendary RB.
  2. the sabres were the quality franchise.....what a shame that after 40 years of being an upper tier nhl franchise its come down to this for the past decade
  3. if you are a pushup guy ..or even if not--you have to be impressed with the band and the balance component.Without the stability it puts tremendous pressure on the whole upper and lower body.
  4. the guy averages 5 yards per carry...couldnt hurt
  5. sabres players are grossly overrated exc for eichel How do you draft a guy into the N H L who cant do a pullup?
  6. a RB and a DE...our D worked hard and played hard last yr but they spent whole games without getting much of a rush
  7. Fitz is ancient This group is very close to the group the Bills had in 74 Ahmad Rashad,JD Hill,Bobby Chandler,Wallace Francis
  8. i dont know about that. i just think we need more weight on the d line(in addition to a passrusher) We lost 2 good fat guys last yr.Thats why we were only barely avg on D .
  9. The main thing in all of this is that Watson gets to a team that will maximize his talents.He will bring joy to the community and happiness to the citizens thru a good playoff run. All this goodwill in the community will be like carbon credits to offset any slight mistakes he made along the way. We are all human.
  10. not sure i believe the 4.33..but he must be fast
  11. David Bowie's 'Golden Years' should be playing in the background
  12. we cant get to the next level without upgrades in our D.We were fortunate to get past Indy last yr. And BALT was a toss up..Then we got completely outclassed by KC. So many people acting like the Bills will just waltz to the championship game again.
  13. By Far.....Followed by DT(Star?) ....then LB TE and RB
  14. now lets get a passrusher, fat Star to come back, a TE who can actually catch without fumbling around with the ball,a RB who can plow thru the line
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