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  1. i can see how someone could lose it if they were viciously and relentlessly harrassed. i blame the fat slob incognito.
  2. very heavy burdens. i know a girl who was pregnant with twins and lost them . prayers to his family
  3. they still kick the bills arss
  4. Tcali

    How long to close the competitive gap?

    Its a bitter pill to swallow. the cold and stark realization that the buffalo Bills will be mediocre until the end of time.
  5. Tcali

    How long to close the competitive gap?

    so true. the bills are in eternal rebuildland. eternal mediocrity. new generations of optimists who turn bitter and cynical over time.
  6. Tcali

    How long to close the competitive gap?

    its gonna be at least 20 yrs. i recommend a new hobby for people around here. we havent had a serious team here since 1999
  7. Tcali

    Divisional round, Eagles at Saints, 4:40 pm on FOX

    i like NO cuz it is a smaller city like Buiff
  8. true--but SD was gonna lose this game no matter what because they are stupid and Rivers is a choker---a talented one--but a choker...has been his whole career
  9. oh dont underestimate the powers of darkness
  10. we were saying that 10 yrs ago
  11. Belichek beat us that game--lets face it
  12. CB-- I am inbetween San Fran and Sacramento. We have about 8 months of summer here. But if you are gonna do the CA/Buff thing its probably best that you go southern CA where you get 10 months of summer--so you can get out of buff in jan feb march and have real nice weather in CA. Maybe outside of San Diego....???
  13. yes they are. and the rest of the league is by and large dumb with a few exceptions(steelers,ravens) NE has the dumb Bills,Jets and Dolphins in their division so they dont have to expend m,uch energy in the regular seeason and are fresh for the playoffs.