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  1. shanny should have been put in jail for risking rg3s knees in that playoff game. never seen anything like it. he coulda lost the leg with one bad hit.
  2. one where Josh Allen makes good decisions on the field and where his passes have accuracy and touch most of the time. Its a planet where a crappy completely non-contending team is turned into a contender with one solid off season of FA signings,.
  3. Tcali

    Carolina Panthers Lineman KO’d in Street Fight, Video

    fake news. he fell backward over a curb
  4. the entire season depends on Allen's play. We have a 'good' defense and our offensive weaponry has improved and our STs should be better. Which leaves us with Josh.Come on Josh..its up to you.
  5. Tcali

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to sign with Miami

    oh BS---he had to wind way up to throw a hugely arched pass 50 yards if he got lucky and caught a wind gust...you are plain wrong.BOMBS---the only bombs coming from fitzy would have nothing to do with throwing a football.
  6. Tcali

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to sign with Miami

    if you hate Fitz there is something wrong with 'you'. i always root for him
  7. because half the plays he was zero factor. his pressures were few. he was just an above avg DE with a superstar contract. thats why the criticism.
  8. Tcali

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to sign with Miami

    Fitzys fast starts show just how bad the coaching in this league is. It takes half a season for the D coordinators to figure out that he cant throw a ball farther than the avg 13 yr old jr league qb.Then All of a sudden the field becomes much shorter...and the interceptions start climbing.
  9. Tcali

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to sign with Miami

    wild guess....dolphins start out 5-1 end up 6-10
  10. I like the fact that he seems grounded/honest in his assessment of Allen. Allen has a lot of work to do . He could be a good QB.We shall see.The whole franchise depends on it.
  11. Allen still needs to prove he can consistently hit players in stride on longer and shorter passes and not get his players killed with his inaccurate passes across the middle. Most other things about him are fine esp the great athleticism and winning attitude. Learning how to pass with finesse is something that should be learned in junior leagues. I think many Bills fans are way too sure about Allen at this point.Just being realistic...yet hopeful. we have been thru this(denial of weaknesses) with every QB since kelly w the exception of Flutie..who was already 36 yrs old when we picked him up.
  12. Tcali

    RB Frank Gore (Dolphins) to the Bills

    Gore is a for sure.McCoy is right on the margin. he has more left in the tank than mccoy