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  1. sf best team in league right now. not even close
  2. ....niners look like the best team in the league right now
  3. i will have to look up factory of sadness..... 4) good jewish delis
  4. this performance is a very sad one i can just imagine the sports shows in cleveland tomorrow,. gonna be ugly.
  5. duke was excellent last yr--strange how he didnt make the real team right away.weird.
  6. bojo did punt well generally yesterday. he needs to stop the touchbacks .
  7. he has a good arm but have never seen him throw farther than 60 yds--which a good high schooler can do.
  8. The problem at this point is JA. He is also the solution because he certainly shows flashes of being good. Waay too many pointless qtrs when gifted with good field position.
  9. Im a JA fan.....cuz i see the great potential and i think the kid is a winner. But man he needs to develope a killer instinct and the game still needs to slow way down for him. we could be 2-3 right now.Lets run the ball more.
  10. 64,65, 88,98 were very strong. This D still needs to prove they are in that league
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