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  1. yeo its nowhere land for football at this point. PR and ownership did an awful job with it. once he quits football what is he going to do for cash?? should we take up a collection?
  2. The Bills made another horrendous mistake.So add it to the list. 20 yrs with no playoffs is a difficult achievement.Lets revel in the mechanics of it.
  3. these penalties make nfl games unstable
  4. ...bit steep considering KC offense....... but def SF favorites
  5. chiefs had an easy playoff road, SF -3
  6. SF,BALT,KC the best teams in football. 2 out of 3 in the SB not bad.
  7. bills still have the record for most rushing yds 14 game season
  8. hey its not our fault tannehill and Tenny Turned into pumpkins
  9. not worth it.....but if the cap room is there and it doesnt mess up other signings... yep not a great yr....not even good...C+..B- if feeling very generous
  10. tenny needs to get a 1st on second and one...or else this game is nearly over
  11. there were a lot of stupid moves that kept the bills out of the playoffs for 20 yrs.
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