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Diggs traded to Texans for picks

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2 minutes ago, Chicken Boo said:

For the record, I like the move.  Enough is enough. 


Has this new era of WRs shown you all nothing?   Do you relaize the kind of numbers a Garrett Wilson or Chris Olave would be putting up with Josh Allen at QB?  


I'm a Brandon Beane fan.   He gets it. 

That’s a fair point. Think it hurts because he’s been so productive and integral to the success we’ve had with Josh.


However, those guys are also playing on bad teams where they’ve been forced to pass. A lot. Not taking anything away from their talent but numbers have definitely been padded. 

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3 minutes ago, Mango said:


Sorry, that was sarcasm. Diggs was definitely always tradable. And not just tradable, advantageous for the receiving team. Diggs contract going forward for Houston is  middle of the pack for WR1 across the league and there is next to zero cap implication for them to move on from him at any point because of the restructure. And the delta for the Bills is $3M this year. That is it. Now they have some more cap freedom going forward. 

Not to be a blowhard or specifically kick you in the shins, but this was explained over and over and over again by a lot of posters.

if you want to take the time and explain this in detail, and if it’s correct, we can pin it to the top of the board and close it.


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FWIW, our starting WRs are currently Shakir, Samuel, and Shorter.  


If we don't use our 1st-rounder on a WR now ...  SMFH  



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7 minutes ago, PauleeeWalnuts said:

I’m not sure about capital. They got a 2025 second, gave up a 6th this year and a 5th next year to move him. Feels like Beane got beat up on this one 


It wasn't working here.   31 years old in November and in decline with a huge cap number.  


A hard move, but a necessary one.  Both parties should benefit.

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We can argue whether or not it's a good decision, but it is freaking wild. 


Fun offseason now. Two WRs early? Another Trade incoming? Just nutty.


Thanks Diggs for everything. 

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Just now, Mango said:

Gregg over at Cover 1 must be in shambles. 

He parrotted all year that Diggs was a must or likely restructure this year. 


A lot of people on here and in the Bills content creation sphere just refused to accept what everybody else could see with their own eyes.

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1 minute ago, HappyDays said:

Honestly I hope Josh uses this as motivation. Go out there and prove Diggs isn't essential to your success. Shove it in his face.

Well he might actually have to put in some work in the off season to do that.  So I’m guessing nah.

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15 minutes ago, Ethan in Cleveland said:

I hate this so much.  Best WR in franchise history. 

Pegula and Beane choose the loser head coach over the star WR that called out his bull#### OC.

God I hate this. 

Beane had better find a great replacement 


Again, Andre Reed would like to say hi.  

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This should be a telltale sign they are drafting a WR early. Maybe even 2.


We are talking about the Bills though, so that could also mean DE.

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I still stand by his tweets being severely over re-acted to.


If he talks poo on the way out, then eff him. 

Seeing the compensation, I wonder if Houston ate the contract or if we are going to pay him 22 million to play elsewhere.


Without knowing the details (both of the deal and what was going on behind the scenes), I don’t love this. 

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Wow was not expecting that….. i feel a huge trade up at the draft is going to happen. Trade this year’s 1st round pick and 2nd Round pick also next years Houstons 2nd Round pick to trade up for Nabers???? Id be very happy if that happens 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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