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  1. Not impossible for Beane to trade back into the 1st and grab Metcalf as well. As for Oliver, I can't complain with that selection.
  2. Oh yes, the easiest schedule. About as credible as power rankings.
  3. Some of the same people that want a ***** tight end @9 are balking at DK. Comedy.
  4. If it were 4 seasons ago, I'd be worried.
  5. He's a top 3 QB in the league and has very little around him. The Hawks are a 3-4 win team without Russell.
  6. Beane is smarter than that. Hockensen over Montez Sweat? 😄 ok.
  7. Bottom line, you don't pass on that kind of talent, particularly when you have a young gun like Allen.
  8. 10 of 12 playoff teams from this past season had a bonafide #1 wideout. If the Bills decide go into the season with the current lineup, I don't want to hear a peep on this board about receivers "not being able to get open". I will become intolerable.
  9. What is that they say about successful and unsuccessful franchises? "...from the top down..." I like the way this organization is trending.
  10. Prime for Prime, I'll take Gronkowski over all of them. His violent nature cut his career short, but I've never seen anything like him. Kelce is just as lethal, but less physical, which will allow him to enjoy a longer career.
  11. Yes sir! I feel like I was robbed of seeing Farve to Moss in 2007. (Thanks, Ted Thompson, you idiot!) Allen to DK would be a nice consulation prize, being that they would be playing for my favorite team. Sparks, I tell ya!
  12. Nothing personal. It's just a crazy comparison. There was no Gronk before Gronk and I don't think we'll see anything like him any time soon.
  13. Where do you guys get this stuff? Gronkowski level, my ass!
  14. I was wrong. I'm glad the Bills didn't go after him and I'm glad he wasn't interested. Gruden and Mayock are going to regret this decision.
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