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  1. Why were folks criticizing the Falcons new unis? They look great!
  2. @That's No Moon They missed big time on Chandler Jones. Other than that, Hoodie has done a good job of replacing players in his system.
  3. Ouch! It's bad enough when I see guys lose that mill on the final play of a game.
  4. Geno is one of those great players that hardly gets talked about. I hope he gets dealt to a contender. You don't watch Seahawks games too much, huh?
  5. This was an entire thread on here about how Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray had been "figured out" by the league. Right. Kyler had very little to do with it....🤨
  6. Where's all of the Kyler Murray naysayers on here?
  7. It's just a dose of reality. The Jets suck! The Bills defense did what they should have done today. I'll be impressed if they can keep it going over these next few weeks.
  8. It was clean, you just can't hit a player that hard in today's league. I get it. The game is too fast these days.
  9. Thats what happens when you only use a player 1 way.
  10. We used to be the best RB drafting team in the league.
  11. 1) Kyler Murray 2) Joe Burrow Is what I voted. Looking back at the list, I'd be ok with any of them, outside of Mayfield.
  12. Dak's not the problem. The offense produces. (even though they should be running it through Zeke)
  13. Haven't the faintest idea why we don't get Mckenzie the ball in space. I'm sure he's capable of more than end arounds.
  14. Marvin led his team to 5 consecutive playoff appearances (7 total) and 4 division titles. Sean has a ways to go.
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