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  1. Chicken Boo

    RIP Dwight Clark

    Me either. He's at peace now. Godspeed, Dwight Clark.
  2. Chicken Boo

    Shady on verge of cementing HoF status?

    I agree the criteria needs to be more strict, but that's not the way it works, now is it? By the time he retires, he'll have the numbers to get in.
  3. Lies! Blatant lies. Your supreme leader would be proud.
  4. Me? I don't, but an athlete has a lot to lose when they're intentions are hijacked and turned against them.
  5. That's what bothers me the most. I hate blatant hypocrisy and phony bs and I have less and less tolerance for it the older I get.
  6. And then be accused of hating policemen and women and advocating police killings? Sounds like a great idea.
  7. The NFL could have avoided this had they not been greedy, accepting money from the D.O.D. to show their "patriotism".
  8. Likely because they're more worried about where THEY grew up.
  9. By way of injury, is the only chance this happens.
  10. Chicken Boo

    Thurman Thomas - 1991 NFL mvp

    This is amazing! He was so !@#$ing good!
  11. Barrier? No. A baby gate, perhaps. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/L/LuckAn00/gamelog/?opp_id=nwe He sucks against NE, particularly when it counts the most.
  12. Luck was complicit in killing his own career by re-signing with that dreadful organization. He would have gotten paid anywhere. He CHOSE to stay in Indy.
  13. Chicken Boo

    Mayfield vs Allen (madden simulation)

    Can't get past the #7, hulking frame and linebacker facemask. Fail, whoever made this.