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  1. True. I often forget how good this defense is. Always a plus. Hyde being out hurts.
  2. It's rainy and cold here. Not sure what the wind will be doing, but if the Bills passing game is altered in any way by the elements...what else do they have?
  3. Props to Taylor for sticking with the run. It'll pay off in the 4th quarter.
  4. Out for the game and they better hope this isn't 2nd impact syndrome.
  5. Mike Holmgren is the last coach who could make a toss work consistently.
  6. I respectfully disagree with your friend. I would say it's more, 911s drive so well that people overestimate their ability and end up pushing too far. Had the pleasure of driving a 991.2 GTS. I couldn't imagine a better sports car. It was as close to perfect as could be.
  7. "A cut above" is being nice. Motor will NEVER be a 1300 yard, 91 reception back.
  8. I was for it in the off-season and I'm still for it now. He's a threat to score any time he touches the ball and he does everything. A true 3-down, all purpose back. Healthy Saquon is the best back in football. Yeah I said it!
  9. Healthy Saquon is the best back in football. He can do everything and he's as explosive as it gets.
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