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  1. Gurley's ability isn't in question. His availability, however, is. Goff is a very good QB, but falls in line with about 85% of the QBs in the league, in that he needs to be aided by a strong running game. There are currently maybe 4 QBs in the league who can carry a team (Wilson, Mahomes, Rodgers, Watson?)
  2. Two very late 1st round picks for a top 3 DB, to a team that is in "win now" mode. Not a bad trade at all. But the Rams are perennial Super Bowl contenders.
  3. Demaryius Thomas, Jameison Crowder, Robbie Anderson and LeVeon Bell. The Jets have a lot of talent on the offensive side of the ball for Darnold to work with.
  4. If the Phins are smart, they'll use all of those high round picks and build around Rosen.
  5. One thing is for certain, D.K. isn't the bust that many on here labeled him as (I haven't forgotten). He's actually as advertised and is only going to get better, barring injury. It was a mistake then and still is now.
  6. I live in the D.C. area. Snyder can't sell Brian Daboll to this fanbase. No way it'll be him.
  7. "Baker is just a sober Johnny Manziel." Ah, where to begin? He started off by criticizing his former coach, then injected himself into a teammate's contract/trade demands and currently has a tiff going on with Rex Ryan. Baker doesn't have the mental makeup of a successful QB. To top it off, he struggles to make reads fron the pocket. Steve Young is 100% right when he speaks about Mayfield. Less bravado and focus on your craft. The QB position is hard enough by itself, why add more stress to the position? Idiot. Kyler is adjusting fine, from what I can tell. His play has been solid for a first year guy.
  8. Let's see if the Browns can settle down and make a game of this.
  9. And the Skins will ruin yet another QB. Doesn't matter who the coach is with Dan Snyder as the owner and Bruce Allen as the GM.
  10. Aside from the 1 Int, Josh played well today. We have a pretty good football team. Just need to limit the mistakes. Also, I hope Duke blossoms as the season rolls on. He has the potential to be the final piece to the skill positions.
  11. Funny because if he stinks up the joint, you can bet your bottom dollar that the concussion will be used as an excuse by many here.
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