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  1. Chargers should consider trading for Rosen. He can probably be had for a 2nd or 3rd rounder. He's a Cali boy, still only 22. The table is set for him in LA with talent-a-plenty and a very good offensive mind, in Anthony Lynn.
  2. Shenault is light years ahead of where Cordarrelle Patterson was! That's a very poor comparison. They have completely different builds and Patterson's red flags were apparent to anyone who was paying attention. He was very raw and the furthest thing from a natural hands catcher. If Laviska played for a big time program, he'd be drawing Julio Jones/T.O. comparisons.
  3. There's a couple of San Francisco haters I'd love to tag in this post.
  4. Nobody has had more success with as many QBs as has Reid or Shanahan.
  5. I believe he and Schottenheimer are Hall of Fame coaches. Reid's successes with 2 different franchises all while getting the very best out of every QB that he has had, puts him in for me. Andy Reid is the single greatest developer of QB talent that the NFL has ever seen. Ironically he will be going up against #2 greatest developer of QBs, Kyle Shanahan, in a week.
  6. I feel that Perriman has found a home and fits Bruce Arians' scheme. I do not believe that he can replicate that success just anywhere.
  7. Just wait until Shenault blows up the combine...
  8. Kurt Warner 2x first team all pro, 2x passing TDs leader, 2x passing rating leader, led 2 different franchises to the Super Bowl, QB'd the greatest offense the league had ever seen, won a Super Bowl, was Super Bowl MVP, has 2 league MVPs and was the highest rated passer in league history when he retired. Definitely a Hall of Famer.
  9. The rule changes have inflated statistics over the years. Eli was never considered one of the very best QBs in the league. He was never all pro, never led the league in any stat but interceptions and was 117-117 (.500) as a starter. The Super Bowl wins are the only reason he gets in and even then, he was aided by stellar defenses. First ballot entries should be reserved for the absolute best of the best. Eli was never close to that. If he does get in 1st ballot, it's pure politics.
  10. Keeping an eye on Collin Johnson out of TX. 6'6" 220.
  11. No they don't. The Bills defensive line doesn't create that kind of pressure consistently and their o-line certainly isn't as good. We'd also need 2 more above average RBs to be able to replicate what the Niners do. Jimmy G is also a better passer than Allen. Take the NO game, for example. I do not believe that Allen can go blow for blow like that with Drew Brees. Don't let San Fran fool you. They can put up points slinging the ball around as well.
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