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  1. Donte Whitner - Because he was slected over Haloti Ngata for some ungodly reason. Dick Jauron - Hated the hire and man did he live up to my expectation. Bland and unimaginative as it gets. Jordan Mills - Why? Just why was he a starter on this team for as long as he was? Checkwards - Seemed like a good enough guy, but good lord - throw the damn ball! Him getting replaced by Fitz in Jacksonville was a joyous day.
  2. I don't get this line of thinking. Josh's contract is manageable this year because he signed at an earlier time than the current crop of QB contract lotto winners. Wait until you see his next deal.
  3. This is a classic case of stats not telling the entire story. Lest we forget that 27 point comeback victory in the playoffs vs the Chargers.
  4. *I give him a B as long as this current WR corps performs. If Keon is a bust, then it's a B-. I understand your view point, but yes, when you have Josh Allen, winning is a little easier. I fault him for not surrounding Josh with more talent on offense, which seems like a no-brainer. We're going into season 7, again, hoping that Josh can Superman us to a Super Bowl. It's inexcusable. Wins are nice, but what has it resulted in aside from early playoff exits? Beane is creeping into Ted Thompson territory, wasting a generational talent at QB.
  5. Agreed, but he's bordering on a B- if this receiver group doesn't pan out.
  6. I chuckled. The reading into the few words spoken by Hurts is a massive reach. I really don't get what's so bad here. They poked and prodded, trying to get a response out of Jalen and he gave them nothing. I question any coach that favors their 3rd down RB over their star in key situations. I mean seriously, what is Sirianni's infatuation with Kenneth Gainwell?
  7. He's at the point in his career now where he needs a stout supporting cast, which he has in Jersey. He doesn't have to carry them. They can lean on Breece.
  8. Woody made the right choice. At least with Rodgers there's a chance at a Super Bowl.
  9. It's weird how they just can't bring themselves to criticize the guy. He has an average salary of $43 mill per year. He'll live.
  10. In no particular order. OJ Thurman Henry Jackson McCoy So no. Not yet, anyways.
  11. My brother and 3 of his friends went to Brazil in the late 2000s and had the time of their lives.
  12. To be fair, after that 72 yard passing performance from Tyrod, I was up for them trying just about anything at that point.
  13. I always thought Diggs was hurt in some way and that was part of the reason for the drop off in his play. I also remember the reactions I got for stating prior to the season that CeeDee Lamb was better than him. I bet a lot of those posters see things my way now.
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