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  1. Refs missing blatant holding on the Giants offensive line.
  2. Terrible officiating so far. Bad spots and that holding call was awful.
  3. Washington put a good amount of draft stock in the d-line. I'd say it's paying off.
  4. Steve Smith is so terrible, but I think they're scared to fire him. 😄
  5. If he can't get something going with Parker, Fuller and Gesicki this season...let's just say it doesn't look good.
  6. Doesn't that suck? Right off the hands of Snead on 3rd down.
  7. I hope the Rams get their asses kicked for not using Michel, Woods and Kupp, who I have in my Draft Kings lineup. 😠
  8. Allen certainly can't be tossing the ball 51 times per game.
  9. This loss isn't at all surprising. Pittsburgh is a good team. Not sure how some of you thought they weren't.
  10. Pittsburgh will always be formidable with Tomlin and Ben.
  11. I appreciate honesty because Bills fans would definitely become insufferable. 😄
  12. How about Brady saying "no" to Leftwich's play call.
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