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  1. Aaron Donald is the most dominant player I've ever seen. That said, he has 1 foot out the door. I guess it could be worth it for a contender who wants him on a year or 2 rental and is willing to mortgage the future a bit for a chance at a Lombardi, I just don't see it here.
  2. He's better than anything we currently have, but it's bad timing with the cap situation.
  3. I'd put them over the Steelers, but yeah it's a tough division. I thought about the Lions as well. I like what they're building.
  4. If he's smart, he'll gamble a bit and sign with Cleveland. They seem like a happy medium. A playoff caliber team with the potential for a SB run. Who the hell would sign for 8 or 9 million when you can sign for 15 or more!
  5. Sort of. Brady went through a divorce and really started looking his age as the season went on. More circumstance than curse, but still.
  6. Aside from it being the Browns, I'd consider it if I were him. Cleveland would be loaded on offense.
  7. It's more about the teams he's interested in going to. They don't have the cap room.
  8. It only took them 5 seasons to catch on to what everyone else already knew?
  9. I think Singletary was a panic pick. I'm sure they had David Montgomery rated higher. Just missed out on him.
  10. The Bills and Chiefs are #31 & #32 in cap room. The Jets are still #1 and Cincinnati, who doesn't need him, is #13 according to Spotrac.
  11. The point you're not getting is that it is offensive and the name was changed because of it. How many Natives would it take to satisfy you? All of them?
  12. I've been in the danger zone for 14 years.
  13. Having to endure the Ted Thompson years, wasting Aaron Rodgers career. I won't hold it against the guy.
  14. My belief is that Daboll and McDaniels would do better with this roster than McDermott, being that they are offense-minded coaches who have done well with much less at the QB position. For the other coaches I've listed, I take an "all things equal" approach on top of what they've accomplished thus far.
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