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  1. In my opinion, neither are Hall of Fame worthy. The Hall is supposed to be reserved for greatness.
  2. Had a great career! IF he were to get in the Hall, he has a VERY long wait. See Art Monk and Andre Reed, 2 surefire Hall of Famers.
  3. How embarrassing for NY. I think it's a very good fit. Sam has a lot of talent to work with in Carolina.
  4. Cool. That means the Bills are really interested in Javonte Williams.
  5. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The key word is "desperate".
  6. It has less to do with Breida and more to do with McDermott and Daboll's belief in Moss/Singletary.
  7. Oh please. He'll probably be a healthy scratch for 85% of the games. 🙄
  8. He has an imposing frame. I really like this signing.
  9. He's 22 and doesn't get it and by the time he does, it's going to be too late. Enjoy your 9-5, bud. You're pissing away a golden ticket.
  10. Worth every damn penny when he's healthy. I hope his career doesn't die there. I hate seeing great WRs wasted by poor QB play.
  11. Arguably the best backup in football, behind Fitz and maybe Mariota.
  12. When Rudolph is actually used and getting targets, he produces.
  13. He'll put any current DB on skates with his route running ability. This is the same guy who got behind the KC defense 2 years ago, only Jimmy G couldn't put the ball on him. He may not be the fastest, but he's plenty fast enough.
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