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  1. Phillip has a future on TV. He's a natural. MNF in 5 years.
  2. Good call on the TD catch as well. Often, too much is made of ball movement during a catch. He had possession the entire time.
  3. Did Ryan Reynolds really just plug his gin company during a halftime show?
  4. Marty Schottenheimer > Bill Cowher. Yeah, I said it!
  5. Chicken Boo

    Vikings Fire OC John DeFilippo

    Cousins is a bit like Romo that way. Not world beaters, but very dangerous when they have a consistent running game. DeFilippo was a problem. It's not all Kirk.
  6. Chicken Boo

    David Carr: Vikings Made a Mistake Paying Cousins $84M

    Since when has that mattered? Stafford, Ryan, Flacco, Cousins. None are worth $30 mill per season.
  7. Chicken Boo

    Tonight’s game thread Seahawks Vikings

    3 things. 1) Kirk is not a QB that is going to carry a team to a Super Bowl victory. He needs to be able to lean on the run game. 2) DePhilippo has to get more creative with the play selection. The Vikings have been very vanilla on offense. 3) Minnesota is lacking in the speed department. They have very good skill position players, but no one that takes the top off of a defense, per se.
  8. No. Many of you prefer to ONLY focus on the good while ignoring the bad, pretending it doesn't exist and attacking those that point it out. I'm rooting for Allen, but I have no problems bringing attention to facets of his game that need improvement. I am not and will not be a blind homer.
  9. Chicken Boo

    Raiders Fire GM Reggie McKenzie

    Just like he did Tampa Bay. Gruden has always been overrated!
  10. If you can't see the happy feet, slow eyes and hit or miss accuracy then I don't know what to tell you. Josh Allen is what everyone thought he was coming out of Wyoming. Why the shock and awe when it gets pointed out? Yes, he's a rookie and has less than ideal talen around him. That doesn't make him above criticism. Some of it is on him!
  11. Chicken Boo

    Bills defense is overrated.

    Nonsense. I was told they were the #1 defense in the league.
  12. Chicken Boo

    Target the Offensive line in 2019

    Either would work behind a solid line. I was hoping for Kenyon Drake or Jordan Howard, but they're not up until 2020.
  13. So when he has a good game, it's the "greatness of Allen", but when he has a bad game it's everyone else's fault. Gotcha.