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  1. Godspeed and condolences to the friends and family of all involved. Happened about 15-20 minutes from me. Infiniti drivers (car at fault) in this area are a different breed.
  2. Common sense. It infuriates me how so many organizations in all facets of life fail to prepare for the worst. It's lunacy.
  3. Has a kicker ever regained their "form" once they've lost it?
  4. Keon Coleman. I hope he's more Dez Bryant than N'Keal Harry.
  5. I'm seriously stunned. That game doesn't stand out to me at all. I had to go watch the highlights on NFL.com
  6. I'm seriously drawing a blank. When was this and who did we play? This is weird. I'm drawing a blank.
  7. McDermott has been to a Conference Championship game? The Bills were the odds on favorite to win the Super Bowl in 2022. You could make the argument that he has underachieved the past 2 seasons. McDermott is good coach, but so are these other guys.
  8. I don't know if everything has to match, but the purple helmets and gold mask are too much.
  9. Dan Campbell has turned the Lions around and had them in the NFC Championship game just last year. Matt Lafluer lost his future Hall of Fame QB and WR, still had his team in the playoffs. The Packers are good and one of the best young teams in football. DeMeco Ryans had a rookie QB and look at how well they've done. They've since only added more talent to the roster. Stefanski with Flacco and no Chubb had his team in the playoffs. I'm not ranking them right here at the moment, but how do you think any of these guys would have fared with this current Bills roster or McDermott with theirs? It's not an unreasonable ranking.
  10. Kincaid will eclipse 100 receptions by himself. I think Knox can manage 11.
  11. Hey, they put on a good show at Aqua.
  12. Hard to say, but I dont think they'd be better. The philosophy on offense would change. The coaches wouldn't be leaning on Cousins like they do with Allen currently. They'd still be a playoff caliber team though. What about the game in November of 2022, where Cousins led the Vikings to a victory in OT? He had no problem finding a blanketed Justin Jefferson on 4th and 18.
  13. ...and out the back of your skull. They stiffed you on the gif.
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