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[Fish Forum]: The Bills Are Overrated & They Will Be Exposed on Sunday


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6 minutes ago, L Ron Burgundy said:

We lost to the Jets with Zach Wilson.   They may be right.  We'll see Sunday. 


The last three games against the Jets the Bills offense has been well below average. That really wasn't a surprise. Expect a well below average offensive output again when we play the Jets later this season at home.


The last three games against the Dolphins the Bills offense has moved the ball with ease. 


Last three games against the Dolphins: Record 2-1

Game 1: 500 yards 31 first downs 19 points 1 Turnover

Game 2: 450 yards 29 first downs 32 points 1 Turnover

Game 3: 425 yards 25 first downs 34 points 3 Turnovers


Last three games against the Jets: Record 1-2

Game 1: 320 yards 19 first downs 17 points 2 Turnovers

Game 2: 232 yards 14 first downs 20 points 0 Turnovers

Game 3: 315 yards 19 first downs 16 points 4 Turnovers


It's been a night and day difference in offensive output going against the Dolphins defense vs. the Jets defense. 


7 minutes ago, BuffaloBillyG said:

Fin Heaven.


You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Except for maybe ChiefPlanet.


Haha! I was going to say Chiefs Planet is the absolute worst of humanity. 

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29 minutes ago, Matt_In_NH said:

Says so right here




I give this thread on finheaven 2 fins down


I like how the very next post following the OP is totally realistic and pretty much what a normal fan of either team would agree with. This should be a one score game for either side. 

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23 minutes ago, TheBeaneBandit said:

Not if I expose myself first. Wait......😄😄😄


So you were the one throwing the dildos at Brady then?  



22 minutes ago, Einstein said:

We really need to win this game.


I can’t take listening to the Dolphins ball washing (everywhere) much longer.


Not to mention being 0-2 in the division and 1-2 conference ...



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Fish fans are hungry to beat us at  home in WNY. Their hopes of glory and jealousy blind them and hence silly smack talk posts ensue.  The Bills are overrated they say. That's weak hombre , back that up. sooo LAME 


I remember that september debacle in Miami in the heat. I want payback


Weather won't decide this game tomorrow . I will take our 12th man in bringing oppressive NOISE to the stadium though



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25 minutes ago, HOUSE said:

Why isn't this website in Spanish, nobody can read


The last time I was in South Beach I had to point at every menu. You know what the best thing about Miami is? It’s so close to the United States!   

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Here’s the thing… who knows maybe they will be right.


But they talk a lot of smack for losing what, 9 out of the last 10 games against the bills?

And last time I checked the bills are the reigning 3x division champs.


We shall see what happens

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