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The 2023 - ??? Edmunds Report


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Just now, T master said:

He had some good production while he was here he was learning the first season so i wouldn't say it was a wasted draft pick & he was a intricate part of a top 5 defense every season he was here . 


But opinions differ as we all know and although i would agree i don't feel he was all that & a bag of chips or what they thought he would be he wasn't a terrible player while in a Bills uni ! 


Nah he was ok, but certainly overdrafted in retrospect.  You could set your watch by how he consistently picked the wrong lane

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I live in the Chicago area. I've been telling friends who were happy about signing Edmunds to talk to me a few weeks into the season, once they understand.


He did have 16 tackles this week. I didn't watch the game so I can only guess that most were after a significant gain, who knows...

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He is a decent player and will have a long career in the NFL. I don't think he was a waste. He had a couple of strong years in Buffalo.


I wish him the best and I'm not sure why some fans view him with such distaste.

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3 minutes ago, HOUSE said:

He is not a wasted draft pick, played pretty well than his free agency offer was not worth matching.

See ya-

It’s not clear he performed up to the level of draft picks plural used to acquire him in the draft.  When a GM a makes a play to move up in the draft it is a pretty clear i indication he is getting the guy he wants, and I think fans hold those picks to a higher standard.  But while he was here he played a pivotal role to get us to the divisional round of the playoffs 

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it was 100% right to let him walk, bernard looks like a good pick so far this season (so far, i am not sold he's our long term answer), but he was far from a bad or wasted pick.


5 years starting at MLB on a top D is way over expectation for even a 1st round pick.  he's just simply not as good of a football player as he is of an athlete.

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He was great for us. I wish we could have kept him, but 100% get the decision, and I'm glad it looks like Bernard is going to work out.  


I don't think Bernard will be as good against the run as Edmunds was, but he has a great skillset nonetheless.  It doesn't feel like a big dropoff right now, which was the offseason fear.


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18 minutes ago, Joe Ferguson said:

Cannot believe how many years were wasted on this guy. Another wasted draft pick on defense.  He sure is helping the Bears defense. 😄


Not sure the reason he is still being brought up for at this point, but not that my statement on him  means much of anything either...


But I will say I've kinda "zero-ed" in on just him the bits and pieces I've been able to see of the Bears on Redzone etc, and don't know how much different things may be a factor, but he hasn't looked good.

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21 minutes ago, thenorthremembers said:

Can you believe he is only 25 years old!  Lots of room to grow.....


Decent player, not an impact player.   Milano was the obvious choice to keep.

Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah. Every single year since he was drafted. At some point people will just realize he is who he is and it’s not going to change. 


fwiw he’s not terrible. But definitely not worth what he’s making. Was t worth a day one draft pick either. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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