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Washington Commanders may have to change their name again

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1 hour ago, Draconator said:

When the stadium sponsor threatens to pull the stadium sponsorship over your team's name, you do stupid things.

They should’ve just let ‘em pull it and not had a sponsor name on the stadium. Don’t need the $$ anyway. 

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They should take a name out of their history:

  • Last team to integrate under pressure from Kennedy Admiration
    • "We’ll start signing Negroes when the Harlem Globetrotters start signing whites."

      • George P. Marshall

    • He capitalized on segregation building a network of TV stations in the south.

    • Interior Stewart Udall forced issue saying new stadium on public land might not be available.

  • Took money out of proceeds to raise money for war widows and orphans (Fight for Old DC: George Preston Marshall, the Integration of the Washington Redskins, and the Rise of a New NFL)
  • Front office sexually harasser staff
  • Only team to charge admission for practices which allowed opposition teams to send scouts and cameras.


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For what its worth, I have cousins who are half Oglala Lakota (Sioux).  My uncle married a "full blood" registered tribe member.

They didnt stay up nights worrying about the name Redskins, but they didnt like it.

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6 hours ago, Dr. Who said:

I'm one of those who does not think the name is derogatory. It was a classic logo. No one names a team after a group that is not embraced as valuable. Why do that? But if it is too volatile an issue, going back to Washington Football Team isn't a bad fall back. I started to like it once I got used to it.


Have you ever been told what "Redskin" refers to?


I'll wait...

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Come up with something you can actually use as a logo on the side of the helmet & not just a letter...


What even is a "Commander?" Are they all just 53 people of the same military rank? Lame! It's so boring they basically just kept the WFT logo. At least when Washington's other team had to change their name, they got creative with it & went with "Wizards" 😆

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5 hours ago, JakeFrommStateFarm said:

I always thought instead of naming themselves the commanders they should have named themselves the commandos.


Like what we have to do Monday morning if we don't do any laundry sunday

That was the name of DC’s Arena League team back in the day

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I was also a fan of the Football Team name.  Felt old school and subversively unique.

5 hours ago, Thrivefourfive said:

Washington Rough Riders 


There's already a professional football team called that.  There's been two, at once...

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