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  1. The DMV has a lot of money and population. I suspect in these valuations some factors are weighted heavier than others just like a credit report. While team performance is factored in, market size and corporate involvement is probably weighted more heavily into the overall number. When they get a new stadium they will climb even higher. Now the Packers valuation surprises me.
  2. It’s a damn shame. A team with the history of the Pirates being held hostage by garbage ownership. The Orioles too. If someone told me when I was kid these two organizations would turn out this bad for this long I would have laughed in their face. No way, not those two teams.
  3. If Singletary’s production is easily replaceable why hasn’t he been replaced? No other RB has beaten him out and they’ve had opportunities.
  4. 3 years between $12-15 million total, $7-8 million guaranteed, with an out before year 3. Singletary is a good player, good teammate. Unless he has a significant spike in numbers he won’t be an exorbitant contract no matter where he would go. No reason for the Bills not to keep him. Even RB’s should be able to earn their 2nd contract from the team who drafted them. Not all RB situations are the same. The above type of numbers wouldn’t stop the Bills re-signing Oliver or Knox.
  5. He usually provides a link to the articles. My guess is he was getting a vacation in before camp started.
  6. Definitely. But if Allen continues playing as he has, that deal will be re-worked at some point and his money will be back at/near the top of the league.
  7. I get where you’re coming from. The prices are insane. I bought my ticket last month, cost me about $700. 11 rows up in the end zone. My wife outright refused to go. I think she’s some type of sorceress because it took me a loooong time to press that purchase button. I kept hearing her voice in my mind saying all the pragmatic things she has said over the years when I want to spend too much money. Only the Bills could break her spell. But it was close. Thing is she encouraged me to go by myself. So now I feel like I’ve been trained somehow.🤔🤔
  8. Duuuuuude, can we get a better title? I thought YOU went on to the upper room. 😳
  9. She was prominent on college football games. NFL games she wasn’t with the top few broadcast teams.
  10. Babe Ruth was dominant against the players he was allowed to play with/against. From what I’ve read Willie Mays might be the most dominant as an all around baseball player: hitting for average, hitting for power, fielding, base running, etc. and he did it at a time when his competition wasn’t filtered. Jerry Rice is my answer. He was a machine.
  11. Expectations are good things. The Bills ARE good with a lot of talent. The Super Bowl teams got a lot of hype too and won a lot of games and big games at the same time. Choose happiness.
  12. No reason to take offense. If that’s his story that’s his story. Makes sense. Most people have 2nd thoughts about things much less impactful in their lives. His story has no bearing on anything relevant. When the whistle blows Miller will give everything he’s got to help get these wins; as he always has, as he knows everyone expects.
  13. RFK is being torn down. Daniel Snyder is the real impediment. If he went away things would change on the stadium front. He is not liked.
  14. The KC game been over. The result will always be the result - no matter who you blame. No matter who you think is lying about whatever. The Bills are legit Super Bowl favorites. They win it all - 13 seconds doesn’t matter; wide right doesn’t matter.; Music City Miracle doesn’t matter. Why lament over a past that will never change when you can put your energy behind a future that can change everything?
  15. Exactly. Snyder is so despised I don’t know how he goes out in public safely. The day his ownership ends, I would bet the RFK site and other options will be back on the table. DC loves that team like no other, but Snyder, his minions and all their BS has pulled the organization into the gutter. Most don’t want to be bothered with him (fans, politicos, etc.)
  16. A lot. It’s a profession for the players/coaches. The more interested parties the more monetary potential. Also, in Von’s case, growing up in that area it would probably have been a dream to play for the Cowboys. He will do his best for the Buffalo Bills.
  17. Jamison Crowder is a veteran WR. He’s good too. However, the Bills have reached the point where it’s time to let Davis play. It’s year three for him and he’s flashed great potential since his rookie season. This year he will be unleashed on the league.
  18. Gabriel Davis has the goods. He just needs the reps. He’ll get them now that Beasley and Sanders have moved on. The great thing about him is he seems to excel in money games. He saved the Bills in that Colts playoff game his rookie season.
  19. Attraction is relative. She’s beautiful to you - from a distance. Maybe she stopped being as attractive to Cutler as she was in the beginning. Maybe she was boring. Maybe the other woman was sexier, more sensual. Looks can be manufactured. Looks can fade. Sexy is an energy a person has or they don’t; can’t fake it and it’s not contingent upon appearances. Having sex and having a sexual experience are two different things. Maybe this other woman provided him an experience.
  20. Sounds like trouble to me (eventually). But if they’re swingers I guess that would be an exception.
  21. As an aside, Kristen Cavalieri is just another woman. Cutler’s been there and done that. That said, it doesn’t matter what she looks like he still shouldn’t be two-timing. People choose to get married; people can also choose not to and stay free to cater to their desires. And that guy isn’t his friend. A true friend ain’t banging’ his friend’s wife under any circumstances.
  22. Loved Gigi’s, but rarely went. A lot of food in there I could get at either of my grandparents houses.
  23. Yep. People giving each other rides to the store was routine. A lot of elderly people. Many of the very people who were killed. Out of all the things I’m disgusted by with this crime, the fact that joker killed elders...
  24. My Mother grew up in Cold Springs and says similar about what it was. Outside of Doris Records, I don’t recall any of that when I was coming up. Leader Drugs on the corner of East Ferry and Jefferson, the Jeff-Ferry Deli, Scottie’s and Tony’s Red Hots. And the Churche’s chicken that was around for a minute. Supermarket shopping would be at the Central Park Plaza Belles or Tops.
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