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  1. Dorsey needs to remember that we can run the rock in the red zone. Motor can play and he does well when he gets into a flow. Stop going away from him.
  2. Turning the ball over in the red zone will cause a team to struggle. It costs points and makes games closer than they otherwise might be. Do that across multiple weeks what do we have? Dogfight games. That’s just basic principles of football. He needs to stop turning the ball over in the red zone. Period. Yet, He’s still the guy I want leading the team. He’s a dog and he’ll get it together eventually. Both thoughts can co-exist.
  3. If our boy Allen stops giving the ball and points away, and with it, games, that would help everyone including himself.
  4. There was no stated return date from the team. Conjecture and comparison doesn’t create a fact. He’ll be back when the team deems him ready. Why would anyone want him back if he wasn’t? The same mofo’s whining about him not being active would be wanting him cut if he didn’t play well.
  5. Same D he’s run from the beginning of his and McD’s tenure. The same D McD ran in Carolina. It’s not fear; they believe in a 4 man rush with a rotation of D lineman. You don’t have to like it but it is a defensive principal they believe in.
  6. McD has nothing to do with 17 being careless with the rock. 2 games he’s cost them with bad decisions and poor execution. Why does anyone think that couldn’t happen with a different coach?
  7. Bills offense isn’t missing any starters. Jackson got an INT, offense did nothing with it. Offense fumbled inside Vikings territory. 2 INT’s in the end zone. Fumble a damn snap on the goal line after D holds on 4th down. D played well enough to win. Game shouldn’t have been close. But the offense keeps giving the ball and the points away. And the OC doesn’t seem to know when to call a running play.
  8. That tram is bananas. Get near the top and look back everything below looks like a painting. It’s unreal.
  9. D played well enough to win. 17 gotta stop giving the ball away. You can’t reason with them. He can’t catch a cold lately. I hope he gets it together because if not he might need to have a seat. And where in the world is Knox?
  10. It only “works” if 17 gives the ball away. Keep giving away points other teams can hang around.
  11. I knew if I checked this thread some joker would be blaming Edmunds. LoL. The train that’s never late.
  12. They’ll be fine as long as 17 stops giving the ball away. I believe he’ll get it together. December is huge for them. 3-4 division games.
  13. If I found a time machine, Hendrix, in concert, would be my first stop.
  14. If they traded for him his contract would most likely be re-worked.
  15. Bills 37 Packers 16 Packers have excellent DBs and a good defense but the Bills have too many options in the pass game. Defense will have Rodgers running for his life. I expect Jordan Love and Case Keenum under center early in the 4th quarter.
  16. Yep. They probably will get that super bowl too. Seems like the Titans wanted something that is more of an entertainment venue. Bills wanted a football stadium. Tailgating culture in Buffalo handles what the outdoor decks at the Titans venue is trying to create. Win-win for both.
  17. How so? Why would Buffalo need a deck when deck activities are being done in the parking lots already? there will be plenty of green space at the new stadium too if the Bills rep is to be believed. Tennessee is building an entertainment venue. Bills are building a football stadium just as they said they would.
  18. From what I’ve seen on Twitter a lot of Titans fans prefer the Bills stadium. It seems the condo/Starbucks look of the Titans new joint isn’t sitting well. A lot are also unhappy with it having a fixed roof.
  19. I don’t mind Bulldog, but how they can’t find a newsreader who can actually read copy between segments, without stumbling over it - every time - I’ll never understand.
  20. Rivers never made it to the Super Bowl.
  21. Bills 37 Ravens 20 I think the Bills come back strong this week. Get some turnovers and cash em in.
  22. If he’s injury prone, with a limited sample size, why do you think he could fetch a lot of money on the open market? Bills are in win now mode. See Von Miller. It’s not desperate, it’s putting all chips in. Beane won’t do it just to do it. If he could get Barkley at the right price he would consider it if there’s an injury necessity. As it stands, the running game issues are offensive line related, not RB related (at least this past Sunday). So I doubt we see Beane trade for Barkley.
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