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  1. If he does, that most likely means that Beane re-structured or extended someone on the roster. Poyer? Edmunds? Dawkins?
  2. He’s not the owner or the GM. He can suggest a lot of players but the GM and, it seems in those 2 places, bad ownership can say no. Or players can choose to go elsewhere. Or coaches didn’t do a good job developing players acquired. The guy has experience, knows how the league works and is in a better organization with an owner who will spend money and an elite GM-HC combo. Relax.
  3. How often did opposing QB’s throw his way? That plays a large part in stats as well. Safeties are more ballhawks than CB’s. If my CB is a ballhawk he’s getting a lot of opportunities because he’s getting targeted. Trevon Diggs is a ballhawk, but he gets targeted and beat a lot too. Tre White wouldn’t be called a ballhawk, but QB’s don’t try him like they try other CB’s. Stats are relative.
  4. Why all the bitterness toward the man? Unfortunately, he couldn’t keep up the internal drive necessary to reach his full potential on the football field. He moved on a long time ago. Some Bills fans should do the same. I wish him well in life, and look forward to the Bills 2022 season.
  5. The Bills beat the brakes off the Patriots the last two times they played them and the Pats don’t appear to have gotten better. I think the Dolphins take the Pats place with the Bills in prime time. They have talent on both sides of the rock.
  6. I don’t think this is a fair question regarding rookies selected where they were. Rousseau did some good things. Basham is a second round pass rusher. That alone tells you he needs development in technique and is a good, but not elite athlete. The greatest pass rushers in NFL history usually have elite physical traits. So, I don’t know what you expected from him as a rookie.
  7. It only takes one team and the Bills were that team. It doesn’t matter that others (draft pundits/fans) never mentioned Bernard. That’s the reality. It doesn’t make everything fine and dandy nor is the sky falling because Beane selected him. The Bills need depth - players who can fit a role, for now, w/ potential to do more later. Bernard fits that profile. We’ll see if he’s successful.
  8. His name was mentioned in the draft war room at OBD. Nobody else matters.
  9. I think this list is about star power not actual running and jumping.
  10. He was right, but who he thought the Bills were targeting might have been off. That said, McDuffie is a good football player and definitely a process type of player. I wouldn’t have been surprised if the Bills grabbed him.
  11. They aren’t dealing with adversity too well. Being in that desert gon be a hard lesson for those jokers. 😏
  12. Hall or Skyy Moore are my guesses. And he’ll have to move up to do it.
  13. Preach... Tomorrow I’m just here for the meltdown after Beane trades up in round 2. 🤷🏾‍♂️
  14. Hill is a Safety though 🤔. So, what’s your plan B complaint talking point?
  15. Yep. And for those who are more worried about picks than players, tomorrow will likely bring more heartburn. I see a trade up coming in round 2. Hall or Moore is my guess.
  16. The analysis I’ve heard is that he’s not great at tackling due to issues with technique; not that he’s not willing to do it. There’s a difference. Technique issues are correctable. You think McDermott is signing off on drafting a DB who doesn’t like to tackle? For real?
  17. Key word is think. No reason to risk losing their guy over a 4th round pick that will have a hard time making this roster. Forget the picks and focus on how the player fits the scheme/culture. If you’re tied to keeping every pick I have feeling you won’t be happy tomorrow either.
  18. Or a team that might have traded into Dallas’ slot.
  19. A trade down might not be available. Who is the other team needing to come up for?
  20. McDuffie is going to be good. He’s a football player. I can see Beane/McD liking him a whole lot.
  21. The brick would have been good for a downtown location. But being out In Orchard Park, I think different materials will win out.
  22. You’re kidding until you really want to do all of that. 🤣 Once my wife finds out how much tickets are she will suddenly find all these hotel deals where we can go up the central coast for the weekend and it’ll be cheaper than those tickets. Or she’ll say I should just go by myself.
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