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  1. purple haze

    LeSean McCoy

    A QB running on a broken passing play is NOT the same thing as a RB during a running play. There are open lanes because of pass rushers on a passing play. How many of Allen's yards came on a planned run? The offensive line was horrid. It's why all of the RBs didn't do much consistently, and why Allen had as many running yards as he did.
  2. No. Two different issues. They pay him to keep the inner workings of the league silent. He still does his social activism. He's given away a grip of his money already.
  3. purple haze

    Bills sign C Spencer Long to 3 year deal

    I hear you. I'm just saying that It seems some people get upset just to get upset. If FA was under way and Paradis or Morse and Williams, etc. were available, and Long was the first signing I can see folks being upset. But being upset because Beane signed a guy, at a position of need, who came available In the middle of February? I say good. It tells me Beane is awake. The fact that Long jumped so quickly on what amounts to a prove it deal tells me he's bought into Beane and McD, and their vision for the organization; that's also a good thing.
  4. purple haze

    Bills sign C Spencer Long to 3 year deal

    Vlad and Bodine were starters in previous stints whether folks think highly of them or not. And they were signed while the Bills had cap constraints. They were affordable veterans, with starting experience. Free agency has not begun yet. Long was suddenly available. He has versatility and a lot of starting experience, whether folks think highly of him or not. He takes up peanuts against the cap. The Bills need depth/competition up and down the line. Free agency has not begun yet. This has been a message... If this were a real emergency please wait until March to get upset about a signing or lack thereof when free agency actually begins. This has been a message...
  5. As a Yankees fan, I agree. 😉🤷🏾‍♂️
  6. purple haze

    Bills Schedule Updates

    SNF, no. MNF? I'd bet on it. Josh Allen is raw, but an exciting player at the most important position on the field and for marketing purposes. That will get the Bills on by itself. Pair that with their defensive ranking and thT would be enough. I think FA adds on offense could also help.
  7. purple haze

    My Hypothetical Julio Jones Trade....Yes or No?

    If it's for a QB they will.
  8. purple haze

    Brandon Beane letter to Season Ticket Holders

    Taron Johnson - Rd. 4 Matt Milano - Rd. 5 Wyatt Teller - Rd. 5 Robert Foster - UDFA Levi Wallace - UDFA Players with potential can be found anywhere if the right scouts are in-house and the right person is picking them, and the right coaches are developing them.
  9. As he should. Quality over quantity, although both would be nice.
  10. He's in great position to speak on HIS experience. He was there. He's not saying anything people on this board didn't see and mention over two years, and none of us were verifiably on the team or working in the organization.
  11. Forget all that. 99 percent of players are not from the region. Wherever they're going, ultimately, has to do with money. I don't care why they show up as long as they do what they're paid to do. Like any other job with any other person walking the earth.
  12. purple haze

    Jim Kelly wants to sit down with Josh Allen...

    What is wrong with Kelly, a Hall of Famer, sharing insight with a young man who is trying to navigate what he has already done successfully? Where I'm from we call that Mentorship. Same as Bruce Smith mentoring Miles Garrett, or other people who are experienced in various industries taking less experienced people under their wing.
  13. purple haze

    Was Mark Kelso the Best FS in Bills History?

    Tony Greene or Steve Freeman or Jairus Byrd.
  14. If they win it will be packed. If they aren't good, empty. Which is why I see the Rams crashing eventually because they will always have to chase the quickest fix possible to keep trying to win now. It's already started: Talib Suh Cooks Woods Peters Trades and Free Agents. That cap will catch up to them. It's strategy usually ends badly at some point.
  15. purple haze

    OT Rule needs to change!

    Nah. The Chiefs lost because their defensive scheme sucked, and they couldn't execute when it mattered. The Chiefs lost because their LBs are not good enough in any phase. The Chiefs lost because their offense was M.I.A. In the first half. What they need to be given is a DE who doesn't line up in the damn neutral zone and wipe out a game clinching INT (I know his POP WARNER coach taught him and the other kids how to line up correctly his first year playing football). So what the Patriots won the coin toss? That's a coin toss, not game play. Chiefs had every opportunity to not lose that game. If you want something to change hope the rules are changed to give the defense an opportunity to play football too.