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  1. Same as most weeks. They aren't getting the job done consistently enough. When the RBs can peel off some runs the o line winds up getting them tackled for loss several other times and one would think the RBs aren't doing good if one only looked at the stats.
  2. Why are people getting so annoyed by who leads the charge? Thousands have play d for the organization. Most weren't Hall of Famers or All Pro's. They still put in their time and contributed. I think it's a good thing they choose all different types of former players. Not like the crowd screaming is controlled by who is waving the flag anyway.
  3. purple haze

    Bills sign DE Mike Love and CB Denzel Rice off of PS

    It must be because Bodine was booty too.
  4. They should get another CB, but Wallace is holding up well. 2019 #2 CB might already be playing at the #2 CB spot.
  5. Because they didn't pay them what they wanted. NFL is business. Pay and they stay or will show up to your city to play. There are only so many jobs and so many cities available to work in. Each team has a salary cap and that will also limit the available opportunities based on where individual teams stand with it. $$$>Winning>City. Folks are way overthinking this thing. If Allen plays well down the stretch, and the Bills play well as a team, Beane will be fine come FA time.
  6. purple haze

    Make or Break Game for Shady

    I keep hearing this type of sentiment from some sports writers. The funny thing is it usually follows criticisms about the offensive line deficiencies and how the Bills need to start finding replacements for the unit. It's almost as if that criticism has nothing to do with Shady's struggles at all.🤔
  7. purple haze

    Nick O'Leary Signs a 1-Year Extension with Miami

    O'Leary was okay, but no great loss. I can see why the Bills let him walk. Thomas is a horrible blocker. They need to just use him as a WR. In fact, the Bills don't have a TE on the roster who is a great blocker. Clay is just okay. Croom is more WR too. The Bills can do better at that position in general.
  8. purple haze

    Is Vander Eshe to Edmunds the same as Juju to Zay

    Edmunds is playing okay, and flashes potential. LVE is flashing more consistently. Both of those things are occurring THIS season. Doesn't mean LVE will be better next season or over a career. Or, both might be great players for the next decade which I would love to see as a football fan. Bottom line is Edmunds was the LB that Beane and McD wanted. They traded what they traded to get the player they wanted for whatever their reasons. It is apparent this regime believes in perceived quality over quantity and will utilize draft capital to that end. So be it. Edmunds was a young player at VaTech in terms of experience, so being in the NFL is an even bigger jump for him than it is for more seasoned collegiate players. The fact that he is able to call a professional defense, flash his physical abilities and correct mistakes he's making from half to half, in-game, at 20 years old, should be enough to tell folks the Bills are in good shape with him. Everything doesn't need to happen right away. Health permitting, by the time Edmunds is 22-23, more experienced in professional schemes, and maxed out in his physical development he will be thunder and lightning on that field; and probably a chess piece they move to multiple positions throughout a game, depending on matchups and situations, even though MLB will be his base position. PATIENCE...
  9. purple haze

    Game Balls vs. the Jags

    That is the very definition of his running style since he came into the league? 🤷🏾‍♂️
  10. purple haze

    Ramsey eats crow

    He acknowledged that pass during the interview.
  11. They Jags deny the rumors. If true, it could be an issue with Marrone (where have we heard that before?). I think the interviewer asked him what he thought of the various QBs and he gave his opinion. He wasn't out volunteering his thoughts. He used harsh language, but it was just his opinion. Doesn't make him right. And again, he can help a team be better to a degree. If Josh Allen is who te Bills need him to be he can't wait for next Sunday. Bet you they put Foster out there and go deep on the first offensive play. Especially if Ramsey is on him. Tre is great. Ramsey is too. Different personalities but not results. They both dominate.
  12. He would be welcome because he's one of the best in the league at his position and can help them win games. And many on this board says the same about Allen. Why does it matter that an actual pro who plays against these QBs or watches film of QBs says it? Allen has to earn respect from other players with his play. From dudes on his team to the rest of the league.
  13. Ramsey's on-field performance is top notch. 31 other teams would be foolish not to check w/ the Jags about his availability. Beane should definitely be on the phone too. Ramsey's opinions are harmless. His play talks louder. He's even publicly supported Blake Bortles; something a good teammate does. The issue is he will rightly be expecting to get paid top dollar. Tre White, if he remains on his current trajectory will too. Don't know if financially the Bills would be wise to tie up that much coin in one position, or giving up the assets that might be required to "rent" Ramsey's talents for two years. But from a football perspective he's a no brainer. So what he doesn't think much of "x" QB or he could play hockey? He can definitely play football. That's all he would be needed for.
  14. purple haze

    2019 Draft Big Board

    I'm with you. If Bills took him I'm cool with it.
  15. purple haze

    Big Ben Texted Bell Before Deadline-NO ANSWER

    It could be that talking to them might weaken his resolve so he just keeps his distance. That said, he's not obligated to respond for whatever his reasons. Just because someone knocks on your door Doesn't mean you have to answer it.