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  1. Or people can declare they're simple minded. L.A. Has a bunch of them throwing tantrums about being asked to where a mask.
  2. Hospital systems in parts of Texas and Arizona are near capacity and running low on ICU beds. People getting the virus can lead to some getting seriously ill, which can lead to hospital stays or ICU stays specifically; if units are full or overflowing, staff is spread thin, which can lead to increased fatalities for patients and hospital personnel. Things can get bad very quickly. Of course, if precautions are taken by people, things don't have to get bad at all. That was the whole point of hand washing, social distancing and mask wearing in the first place. To slow the need for potential hospital stays.
  3. Because those people simply do not care. If they can't see it they can't believe it. Or it's a "liberal" thing. It's such a simple request and people are out here throwing fits. If we get into another shutdown because of the spread then what?
  4. Prescott is younger than Dalton and still can grow. He's better than Tyrod too. No QB is "worth" what Prescott will get, but that's business in the NFL. Next QB up gets paid. Mahomes will get paid more and on and on.
  5. They can pay all of them. But it will start to show on the defensive side of the ball and overall team depth. I'm not sure they can trade Prescott and get the value they would most likely want. And they don't have a better option waiting in the wings. Dalton has proven to only get a team to a certain level. Paying Cooper and Elliott is a waste if they don't sign Prescott back. They won't be bad enough to get a perceived top QB in the draft. Jerry effed this one up.
  6. Exactly. I know hockey has fans all over the world, but in America it is a niche sport. The money will never be the same as the NFL or NBA. Probably MLB too, although that league is doing its best to marginalize itself. MLS might be as popular as the NHL.
  7. Cook deserves his money, but the Bills shouldn't be paying it. They have too many contracts coming up. Tre, Dawkins, Milano, Edmunds and hopefully Allen. And they have one good RB in Singletary and a potentially good one in Moss.
  8. Might as well leave now and save yourself the angst.
  9. Addison has been better player all around. Now he is older. But I think Beane and McD think they will get more for the same money. I liked Shaq though. I thought Murphy was 7 by himself. But no, Clowney wouldn't want to come anywhere for 7 million. But at this late date he might not get much more if he wants to be on a winning team. The playoff teams have spent money already or have players in-house they need to pay.
  10. Agreed. But, they could always let Murphy go, Smith and probably another couple guys without killing depth. Roster seems to be in great shape.
  11. Killing in the Name. Raising consciousness/challenging authority is by its very nature political. Many have been killed for doing just that.
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