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  1. True. But he needs to help them out too. He missed a couple open throws deep. Two way street.
  2. He's not an issue for the Bills. He's not the reason Duke isn't dressing either. This reasoning is misplaced.
  3. Actually, he makes good points sometimes like anyone else. He didn't say Tasker should be one of the 100. He Inferred that Tasker should be on the list of Special Teamers being considered. Seeing as Tasker is considered one of the best Special Teams players ever, and they are including Special Teams players on the 100, sounds reasonable to me.
  4. Michael Irvin said he should be on the list of ST's players being considered. There's one. 🤷🏾‍♂️
  5. Bills 27 Ravens 20 i see the Bills offense continuing to be able to score. I see the D making a couple field turning plays. I'm going with a 7 point game, but, in realty, I'm feeling that the Bills will win by more. Everyone is rightfully giving the Ravens offense respect, but the Ravens are due for an off day and the Bills are just starting to get hot. That's a combo for a comfortable win.
  6. LoL. In Flutie's defense, to make it as a 5'9 QB in the pro's, one would need a healthy ego to survive all the naysayers on the way there. He wasn't just battling physical obstacles, but the obstacle of perception which often times is harder than the physical to overcome.
  7. Clem, I am so sorry for loss. My prayers are up for you and your loved one's, that you find peace, and joy, even as you grieve.
  8. I have the same thought 16 times per season.
  9. Those types of players at any position are players who, in general, wind up being Hall-of-Famers or Wall-of-Famers. Shaq is a good contributor to have on the team if the money is commensurate with that type of status. I think it's possible they keep him. He can take Murphy's money.
  10. Shaq was trending up last season and he's carried that into this season. He's always played hard in games. His first couple years were about his work habits off the field. He seems to have turned that around starting last off season.
  11. Foster has already snuck behind defenses this season. Josh has missed him. If he gets his deep ball together watch out.
  12. Could be a second place. Even if it were a primary place you don't know what money he has or doesn't have and why.
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