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  1. It’s pro sports. It’s business. Some might be priced out of season tickets, unfortunately. This is the main reason PSE proposed the stadium type/location that they did. To keep costs as low as possible while sill raising them. Put a roof on that added cost will show up in the PSL rates and ticket/parking costs.
  2. Stadium shows are few and far between. You’re talking the top 1% of musical acts that can fill a stadium. There might be 15 or so acts across genres and generations. And not all of those acts tour regularly enough to count on booking them as part of a plan to use the stadium for more than football. it’s a stadium that will be meant for football, with the odd concert and alternative programming thrown in. No, it doesn’t make sense to spend billions on a stadium, but it’s happening and is the cost of doing business with pro sports. Stop trying to make it make sense and enjoy the fact that your team will be in its city of origin for future generations.
  3. Not just you. This is my first time on since the game. Don’t have time for the doom and gloom. The loss is bad enough. Don’t need the lack of reason that comes right after a loss.
  4. It seems they just try to fill up time, which is understandable, but here’s the thing: if there’s no Bills/Sabres news what about other teams or other sports? People taking time to listen to a sports radio show probably like sports, in general, and would prefer a discussion around various teams/sports if paired with the right guests, instead of various “drafts” of films and foods, etc.
  5. He doesn’t seem interested in the actual game. He seems more enthusiastic about things that are ancillary to the game. I just lose interest. I like Bulldog when he’s by himself or with a different co-host.
  6. I agree with you. People are sleeping on the Steelers. Hard core defense and excellent skill position players. The game will come down to the Bills D-line, front 7 v Steelers O-line. I think the Bills front will win that battle. But Steelers will make their share of plays.
  7. I don’t know. Newspapers are dying, but MLJ and Fairburn work for digital platforms which is the present and future of journalism and seemingly everything else. Keeping careers alive in that environment would mean diversification in skills, not necessarily market. And you see both on podcasts, MLJ doing TV spots, etc. covering other sports will be the next thing to add to their portfolio. Fairburn went home. Being from Cali, MLJ was probably looking to get away from winter.
  8. I’m sure the fact both are already very familiar with the AFC East had something to do with their new assignments.
  9. Milwaukee is 3-4 hours away. If Milwaukee counts for Green Bay, Toronto should count for the Bills. Now that it looks like the Bills will be good for a while it’s time to market heavy in Toronto if they haven’t been. Winning creates fans and corporate interest. Milwaukee is over 500,000 people in the city itself. When I visited it was scary how much many parts of the city reminded me of Buffalo.
  10. I think Singletary will play very well, but I doubt he gets 1G. They just don’t choose to run that often. If it happens it will be because of the defense. Offense will score points. If the defense doesn’t give points back to the other team and the opposing team stays blown out, McD and Daboll will definitely grind out the clock at that point. But Miss and Gilliam would probably get most of that work.
  11. Getting a team to play to its potential is easier when you have your players available to play. The horse gets beaten to death because the wrong player or more being unavailable bc of vaxx status, for the wrong game, could cost them. Next man up is a truism, but the first man up was first up for a reason. They can still win, but it does make it harder. Not as hard against the Texans’ of the world, but what if the Bills had an outbreak before the KC or Tennessee games and both those teams came in at full-strength? Much more difficult task.
  12. The Bills lost to offensive line led teams. QBs rode the wave.
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