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  1. Yep. That kid is excellent. Wouldn’t worry about him ever getting the dropsies.
  2. Frazier is in charge, yes. It’s also true that he and McD believe in the same defensive principles which is part of the reason Frazier is the DC; that and his HC experience, which was valuable for McD. Firing Frazier would be like firing himself. That’s why it’s not a real conversation for fans to engage in. It’s just a fever dream. A real convo to have is how can they adjust their principles with the talent on hand or who can they add, and how, to help the defense? A wholesale change of defensive scheme would probably necessitate changes in personnel and that ain’t happening in one off-season. On a whole that could seriously set the team back even further. I get why people are pissed; I am too. But if you’re on watch for a coordinator firing you most likely will be watching for at least another year.
  3. Terrible players don’t get paychecks in professional leagues. He’s not as good as the best QBs, no. But he’s good enough physically and mentally to keep getting opportunities and earning a better living than most people. I love it. Good for him.
  4. Ask this question in May. We’ll have a better indication once we see what happens in free agency and the draft. And Beane saying no Von Miller type signings doesn’t mean there won’t be a signing of significance.
  5. If Frazier goes the defense won’t. This is like the dome/no dome conversation. McDermott hired a like minded coach to run the scheme. Would McDermott change his defensive principles and change to a different scheme? If so, are the players in place to run that scheme? Change might make people feel better but doing it could set the team back too.
  6. Bills/Chiefs has been on prime time often. Is it still a pull? Especially seeing as how the Bengals are their main rival now. Bills/Bengals I don’t know if networks or league want to run back a prime time game in Cincinnati. Fresh, bad memories for everyone.
  7. 5 in prime time: Dallas - SNF @ Miami - MNF Jets - TNF (Thanksgiving) @ Chargers - SNF Giants - MNF
  8. Have to get better up front. Have to. Beane should focus on the O-line first. So many resources already spent on the D-line.
  9. He was in the locker room when McDermott addressed the team, per McDermott. I’m more concerned how both lines looked during the actual game. And the lack of a consistent second WR. As long as Diggs doesn’t let his frustration cause him to get arrested for something he’ll be fine.
  10. Bengals have a better team wherever the game would be played. Both lines getting beaten up had nothing to do with weather. But folks gotta search for reasons, especially when the loss is still fresh.
  11. The offensive line needs to be revamped with major resources and possibly position switches. They also badly need another playmaker on the outside to get the double-teams off Diggs. I think doing that will see Beane have to let a few significant guys walk because Allen’s new cap hit starts next season.
  12. It was. Both produce at a high level and both are home for different reasons that have absolutely zero to do with them.
  13. Both lines got their asses whupped. Game over. Not winning anything when that happens whomever happens to be the QB. I look forward to later this week when folks start posting reasonable takes about what Beane needs to do this off-season.
  14. So what? He’s not from Buffalo. He’s born, raised, went to college and played professionally in Pennsylvania. Of course he didn’t want to go anywhere. Showing up to work is exactly all he needed to do. He played hard, played hurt and produced over time. He was a professional. What you’re talking about doesn’t matter at all.
  15. Moulds would be at the top if he had Josh Allen. Lord have mercy, they would dominate even more than Allen and Diggs. Moulds should have been a nationally known name based on his talent. I think he will be on the wall eventually. Not bad but he could’ve been HOF with consistent QB play.
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