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  1. The officials were way too involved in the game. If the Bills weren't the team playing I would have turned to a different game because the constant flags are unwatchable. There were a lot of tacky-tack calls against both teams. It's a football game. People will get touched. That said, the Bills let an easily winnable game slip through their fingers because of a lame offensive output. They lacked energy and execution. That's not on Dorsey. That's on players on the field.
  2. There were times he was in the receivers pocket too, and Jackson was the one getting cooked. He actually did a lot of good things last season. He was definitely uneven today. We'll see if next week brings more consistency. He has to play in order to find out. One game samples mean nothing, whether he played good, bad or meh. Re-visit what Elam is or isn't in a few weeks. Emotional posts after a loss like that isn't doing anyone any justice.
  3. We haven’t used that logo in several years. Bucknell might still be using it.
  4. Different monetary values from 2016 to 2023. Building in Minnesota isn’t building in New York. It’s a different design. It’s a beautiful building. Better is yet to be determined.
  5. Keep them available in the store. Folks will still buy them because some folks will buy anything different or new. But the team doesn’t have to wear them for sales to keep going. The red combo needs to be put away, especially if they are blocking better uni combinations. I actually dig their current unis but the throwbacks look better. Often less is more. Those unis pop.
  6. The Bills drafted him, he has starting experience and he’s a young player who can still improve. If he’s able to mentally continue getting past what happened I don’t see him getting beat out by by players who couldn’t beat him out before. He’s not physically unhealthy.
  7. Elam did some good things when he played last season. I think they have two good, young CB’s. Benford playing safety in college definitely shows up in how he attacks the run.
  8. We’ll see which one of us is right soon enough. 🤷🏾‍♂️
  9. Alabama was a while ago. He overcame that adversity, kept working and did well at Oklahoma. He’s better now than when he came into the league. I don’t dock players fr having talent around them. Allen has Diggs and he’s better after having Diggs than he was before Diggs. Mahomes and Burrow have as much talent playing with them. We’ll see if Hurts continues to improve and stay consistent but he passes the eye test.
  10. If relatively healthy, The Bills will be in the playoffs and making a run for the Lombardi. Their roster is no less talented than it’s been the past few seasons. They might not win the same number of regular season games but they will be good and it will be obvious.
  11. Fair enough. But does your profession come with the same physical risks? I agree he’s not likely to get what his talent level and impact deserves. Realistically, Barkley is already a rich young man so this comes down to principle. How far is he willing to go for principle? Me? I don’t show up until November. I’m not letting the Giants use me up and underpay me. I’d accrue my season in the final six weeks and then maneuver my way out of there. If II have to be underpaid it won’t be from that organization.
  12. His profession is full of it then. But that’s not a surprise coming from that league. BS is often their operating procedure.
  13. Jalen Hurts is the goods. He’s a dawg and impacts games with his arms, legs and leadership. I’m not surprised either. He has the attitude and work ethic of a winner, even in college when he worked his way through adversity.
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