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  1. Patrick Mahomes is great. The Bills decided to pass the same as 9 other teams bc there were the usual draft questions surrounding him. I like the Bills team as it exists and they are ascending. 20/20 hindsight is worthless. And the Bills were in the same playoff tournament Mahomes participated in. Jokers that keep bringing up Mahomes talk like the Bills are 2-14 and getting worse. They aren't. They're getting better. So, there's that.
  2. KC at Bills will be Sunday night. Mahomes v. Allen and Bills Mafia. (The atmosphere of night games in Buffalo is 🔥🔥🔥. Loud and wild and that presents well on TV.) Also both teams are proven playoff caliber, and one might even be the Super Bowl champs. That all could be too much for theleague/networks to resist. Imagine that game next September. Bills at 49ers on Monday Night. Same young QB dynamic, same playoff team dynamics, again one a possible Super Bowl champ. Bills at Jets/Jets at Bills on Monday night. The location could go either way. I think the past sensitivity of the Bills organization to home Night games was a Mr. Wilson thing. I don't think the Pegulas necessarily have that same issue. And truthfully, as the Bills win more games and have players become more recognized, they will be scheduled for night games and many of those will be at home. The atmosphere is too good. i could see Bills/Patriots being in that December Saturday slot again if Brady is back, there's my 3 cents.
  3. That's fair. I think he can be the main guy and THE guy. Would like to see him get that opportunity. He makes plays. Your point about the optimum carries is interesting though and I wonder if that ties into the work going on in their new facility.
  4. Daboll gets on my nerves because I believe he tries to get too cute at times and abandons his best playmaker (Singletary). That said, he does good things too. He doesn't block, throw or catch. The lack of consistency with those necessities kill good play calls too. I'd rather Daboll back than Allen have to learn a new system going into year three; He's better set up for success with Daboll back.
  5. Because some have to find something to complain about. Wait for that Kickoff or Punt Return fumble in a big game and they'll be the first ones on the board crying about that too.
  6. Until there's a new host on Meet the Press, Wildin' Out is better.
  7. Joe B. Is there every day. You think he might know who is who on the team and what roles they play. Maybe he is a vocal leader for the defensive linemen or for the defense, as oppossed to the entire team?
  8. 24 million a season?? You mean 4 years/24 million total? That's too low for Henry, but makes more sense than 24 million per season. Hell, Tre is going to get 16-17 per year at a more important position.
  9. Interesting, I don't see that. I see an alpha guy who has great physical gifts and, because of that combination, believes he can always make something happen. I don't think nerves are a major issue with him; I think discernment is his biggest issue.
  10. I'm still trying understand how a "blind" side block happens to a player who is looking in the fAce of the man blocking him.
  11. Definitely over the top, as was Mr. Coleman's idiocy. The lesson for Mr. Coleman is that sometimes one should watch their words. Mr. Hickman obviously had time to call his bluff as over the top as getting on a plane was. The next person might not announce their travel plans.
  12. All the other teams know that too. That's where the bidding wars start.
  13. That's not necessarily true. He did miss a block against the Texans. But he's made some good blocks too. Go watch that Dallas game again. And I'm not in on that physics argument. Where that LB would be coming from on a blitz, and from a standing start at that, shouldn't put Singletary at a disadvantage big enough to make him a liability; if his technique is solid.
  14. Slater crossed my mind today as a player they would bring in. Character, leadership and results. But N.E. and him might want to stay together.
  15. He could be both. An article in the Waco Tribune-Herald stated he is a Nazarene Minister.
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