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  1. Context is everything. Those might be great numbers depending on the offense and how the ball is spread around. 100 catches and 1500 yards are great numbers, but no guarantee they will lead to a team winning a chip. Who is the Pats 1500 yard, 100 catch receiver? What im saying is that there are many ways to win, and one way does not fit all. Too many seem concerned with stats. Be concerned with wins. F the rest.
  2. Open and shut? How do you know? Not many know the story of what happened in totality. Hold your horses. Plenty of time to let him go if need be. But there might not be a need. We shall see.
  3. Simple advice is often times the best advice. Tre White is already a professional football player. He's already had success. He already knows techniques, etc. Mindset can take players to the next level. Prime spoke of mindset. Read between the lines. "Product knowledge" takes time. It's not acquired quickly. What has to be sacrificed in order to study opponents in-depth or offensive coordinators? What has to be sacrificed in order to maintain physical ability. Like film study, maximizing one's physique takes focus. If you're plate is always empty you're always working.
  4. I disagree with this line of thinking. Duper and Clayton were good WR's as you state. They ran the routes and had to get open. Marino was able to put the ball where it needed to be consistently, but he wasn't working with stumble bums out there.
  5. I'm praying for her too. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ‘†πŸΎ And may may rest easy. No more struggle, only peace.
  6. Yeah, he can pass block too, but I believe it is primarily about getting the run game on track. He's basically another OT. I don't get why people complain. How quickly they forget RBs hit in the backfield regularly and the QB running for his life regularly, and how bad the TE's where at blocking in general. It wasn't just O-linemen.
  7. He's there to block. To me, this is about the run game. It also tells me DiMarco might not be on the roster come September.
  8. The UDFA actually plays and has been playing the TE position. Fisher is trying to move to TE. If the guy who actually plays TE showed the coaches something it's a no brainer. He's young and doesn't have to learn the basics of the position.
  9. Andre Roberts isn't really taking a spot from a WR though. He's there for special teams, like Taiwan Jones was there for special teams. But the league mandates that everyone has to have a position. It's not like if Andre Roberts was gone they would keep a different WR necessarily. The Bills will probably keep 6 "WR's". In reality they are keeping 5 like most teams do. Roberts is a ST's guy. That 5th WR will also probably play special teams.
  10. Ben Williams says hello...
  11. They should extend Hughes before this season. Two more years with a good portion of gauranteed money involved. I believe he gets nine million a year now, shouldn't be much more than that. But he is still very effective.
  12. True. I thought they might give up picks for picks next year since I believe they only have 6 right now.
  13. They have four picks for now. I wouldn't be surprised if the Bills only pick one more player in this draft.
  14. You say he's going to be a star. We know Butler has great physical gifts. And he's still not drafted. Doesn't that make you wonder what happened that no one knows about yet? He's not falling for no reason.
  15. They must think Singletary is a better player than Williams so it doesn't matter he could've been had a round later. They got their guy where they wanted to get him. Shady and Gore are free agents in 2020. Why is it so shocking they would draft a RB?? It makes total sense if, as Beane has said, he is working to build the team for the present and the future. a RB who hasn't missed a college game, doesn't fumble and is very elusive. Sounds good to me. Why do you think it won't be Dimarco who goes?
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