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  1. MC Hammer is a great performer/entertainer. Would not put him on any best rapper list. Not even a hypothetical one... But your point is taken.
  2. Old school domes are not built anymore. A Fixed or retractable roof will add a lot of cost onto a construction job that will already cost an exorbitant amount. And for what? The idea that there will be so many more events in the stadium? That’s debatable. The maintenance of that roof will cost a lot too. And that cost along with the cost of construction will be added to ticket and parking prices. Many clamoring for a roof will be priced out of watching a game under it. Is a roof worth it in that case? I’d bet a more aesthetically pleasing version of Heinz field i
  3. 👀 Substantially better career and discography wins. With all due respect to the new school.
  4. It is what it is. If Wade is on the roster he beat out Breida and Williams.
  5. Taiwan Jones is a special teams stalwart. He’s not going anywhere. If Wade makes the team he beat out Breida, Antonio Williams and others. Jones isn’t here to play RB outside of an emergency.
  6. I have no value to add. I just wanted to say I had a post in the thread that won’t die. It’s like a message board horror flick.
  7. Personal choice that can impact another person’s health. Seeing as that’s the case, it seems reasonable to ask people to get vaccinated. Of course, people can choose not to. That is their right. But others will respond with decisions based on that choice that the unvaccinated might not like. Same way one can say whatever they want to, but there might be consequences depending on the context involved. In short, one probably won’t be able to have it all. No vaccination may come with no - or lessened - access to live events for those people. They have to own their ch
  8. Tickets are always available on the secondary markets. Gonna be marked up this year though.
  9. I’d rather double down on stocking weapons for Josh Allen than keep a fringe DE if we’re talking back of roster depth. We have 4 young DE’s and two vets. I’d rather McKenzie than Darryl Johnson seeing as Epenesa, Rousseau and Basham are supposed to be the impact players for the future. But we shall see what McD and Beane choose to do.
  10. Are McKenzie and Stevenson better players at their position than the extra D-lineman or LB you want them to keep? If so, keep McKenzie and Stevenson.
  11. People make travel plans around the specifics of the schedule. Easy to do when teams play once a week for the most part. Hoops and baseball have so many games you can catch a game at any point. No real need to plan ahead.
  12. He’s better than you and some on this board want to believe. He definitely has another level there to be reached if he can, I agree with that, but the narrative on the board regarding him is shaky. Beane and McDermott like him. 🤷🏾‍♂️
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