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  1. Really? Chiefs missing 2 starting offensive lineman. How about those benefits? Comes down execution as it always does. Enjoy the rest of this ass whuppin’ our front 7 is taking.
  2. I disagree. No team can control who plays for an opponent. Teams can control their execution related to their game plan for those opponents. Every week in the NFL teams with supposedly "less" talent win games experts don't think they should win. Execute more consistently, on a play-by-play basis, than the other team and win.
  3. A stronger Buffalo equals a stronger Buffalo. The Bills success or failure is based on what they do not the opponents roster.
  4. Allen is hungry and he has a strong work ethic. He can be coached and developed because he is open to it and seeks out any possible way he can improve. Not every dude has that type of drive and it’s not necessarily replicable. True. Russell Wilson also has an “ it” factor that was overlooked because of his height. If he were 6’1 or above I’m convinced he’d have been a top 10 pick. The league definitely learned their lesson from Wilson.
  5. He won’t matter much, just like Motor didn’t, if the offensive line doesn’t start moving dudes.
  6. Same. Not for a competitive loss. But an azz whuppin like Tuesday night? I tune out the TV.
  7. 🤣🤣🤣 when the defense does well some folks on this board give McD the credit like Frazier doesn’t exist. When the defense does poorly it’s all Frazier’s fault. 🙄 They both hold responsibility. Frazier is running the show. McD is involved in his ways I’m sure. Frazier is the D coordinator because they have similar views on defense. They want pressure from the front four. They will send pressure but don’t seem to prefer it. Current issue is the defensive line hasn’t been getting enough pressure and the players they need to be difference makers are not playing at that level. LBs are struggling too. That’s putting pressure on the DBs. Domino effect.
  8. They need to try Phillips in the slot. Johnson looks cooked. I don’t know why, but he can’t cover a bed with a blanket this season. He has to sit.
  9. Nah, the O-line was out there getting slapped up. Nowhere for Motor to run. They looked soft on both sides of the rock, mentally and physically. I turned that mess off. YUCK.
  10. Very possible. I assumed their must be off-field issues with his game preparation. Then I just see the article posted here. Lack of preparation is unacceptable for any player, especially QB. I will say, though, that a new environment might fix that issue: 1. Washington has issues swirling around it for years under Snyder. Might not be the best environment for him. 2. Haskins would not be playing at home, where his family and friends might be a distraction for him.
  11. Most saw him get beat a couple times, 1 for a TD and the other led to the big PI call. I believe it was on the same drive. I didn’t notice him struggle beyond those two plays.
  12. Yep. I don’t believe Allen is the answer as a starter and he’ll show that again. Haskins should be asking for a trade out of there. He’s going nowhere with that organization.
  13. This is some craziness right here. But it tells me a couple things. 1. Rivera must have issues with Haskin’s off-field preparation. 2. Rivera didn’t draft him so he has no qualms about replacing him going forward.
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