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  1. No need to apologize. You raise good points. I just think Beane, based on his comments, is ready to make a strong move at that position. His assessment of the TE position was spot on. We will see soon enough what he prioritizes. It’s going to be fascinating to see.
  2. Williams was an All Pro before his injury. He ain’t Jordan Phillips.
  3. That’s not really addressing the position. They have cheap, young, developing vets now in Knox and Sweeney. They need a guy they can count on. That SB window is open now. To me, you prioritize resources to areas that will support your franchise QB: O-line and TE. The cap should be going back up in 2022, so structure contracts with that in mind.
  4. For a 6th or a 7th, why? The odds of a late round pick making the current Bills roster are long. Ertz would be better, over the next few seasons, i.e. their Super Bowl window, than what the Bills would draft with those picks. When Beane spoke of the TE position it’s obvious he is looking for an upgrade there. Ertz is an upgrade. Not saying Beane will trade for him, but a new TE is coming and that TE won’t be just a guy. They will be proven (Ertz, Kyle Rudolph, Jared Cook) or a young guy with big upside (Jonnu Smih, Hunter Henry, David Njoku). I believe Beane prioritizes this
  5. They don’t. But their offensive line did when it came to run blocking consistently.
  6. Yep. Athletically he could. Doesn’t mean it’s his best position, but he does have the athleticism to play in space. Question is can he read and react to the keys he’d have to diagnose from that spot on the field? It’s different than what he’d have to diagnose at MLB.
  7. Matakevich is a MLB. That position doesn’t have an opening. And he’s not playing the Will.
  8. Like I said, the competition he will get is the type of competition he should be able to beat out. It wouldn’t be a player who is obviously, hands down better.
  9. I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers up for you and your loved ones.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
  10. I agree. That said, he wasn’t a 2nd round pick. If the Bills don’t bring back Mongo that might be a strong reflection on Boettger. As for Ford, unless he is just butt naked incompetent during camp/pre-season, he will be in the starting lineup.
  11. They’ll get him competition but the type he should be able beat out. I think they like Ford a lot More than some of The Mafia does. I hear you. Decisions decisions. I’d rather they keep Daryl Williams. Whatever they do the line must improve in the run game. The OL cannot be allowed hold the team back this coming season.
  12. Or Morse is out, Mongo moves to Center and Jackson and Ford play OG with Boettger the swing IOL.
  13. Why do you think he won’t cost in the same ballpark as Milano? If they don’t want to pay Milano I can’t see Van Noy either. I think Beane will pay a FA this year but not at LB. I think they’ve chosen to gamble on Edmunds being worth the big second contract as opposed to giving it to Milano during a reduced salary cap. I can see Beane spending, within reason, on DL, OL or offensive playmaker with speed (see Curtis Samuel).
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