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  1. I agree they looked better when worn with the contrast, but the uniforms were too busy in general. Too many colors, too many stripes. I hope they burn the designs. The current uni's can stay. They look like the Bills again. These teams need to stop changing to try to sell more jerseys. If you have a classic Uniform keep it and run. Use 3rd jerseys to appeal to the gamers or the people who need a new Uniform just because it's new.
  2. Poor little fella. If he only knew how far back that statement could go for Bills fans. LoL
  3. No one ever accused Newton of not working hard. His teammates seem to love him. When healthy he is better than most other QBs. No brainer if you have a Tannehill type of QB. Having a big personality or a prickly personality doesn't negate the talent. He does a lot of good on and off the field. We aren't talking about a guy who gets in trouble with the law, so I don't know why it would be a question if all a team had was a bridge QB.
  4. In your scenario, Beane damn sure would pursue him if he had any common sense.
  5. In all honesty Gilmore got shook, and then Smoke also beat the safety, so it was a two- fer. That said, Gilmore is damn good and he was good with the Bills too. Diggs route running is next level though. I look forward to that battle.
  6. True. But, then again, that element has always been here. Social media/technology gives the duncery more immediacy.
  7. You can listen to Dr. Fauci or Dr. Birx at the daily Presidential briefings or many other doctors/scientists. Eventually it will pass. That's not the question. The question is when. If people stay at home the effects might lessen. If the impact lessens perhaps the time length of the virus shortens. It's simple unless you make it difficult.
  8. Exactly. Maryland had years of freakish QB injuries. One season a converted LB returned to QB when the 3rd or 4th string QB got injured. And Diggs still made plays. Jeudy or Lamb or Ruggs might be better. The odds are they won't be. Diggs is a top 10-ish WR in the NFL and has yet to be the #1 guy on his team. He impacts all levels of the field and is proven in the NFL. And he's just hitting his prime years. Forget what Beane might have gotten in the draft. We got a stud for basically a 1 and 4 (the 5th and 6th were from a surplus of picks in each round). Just watch Diggs and appreciate.
  9. They would fit into the future. And if drafted, you could assume Beane/McD are not as enamored with Neal as some fans. I like Neal personally, but I'm in with whatever Beane decides to do. He's earned my confidence.
  10. Of course it will pass eventually. The question is when and what health ramifications there are between now and a vaccine or a treatment option that lessens the chances of illness and/or death for those impacted. The projections are potential worst case scenarios. Even if those don't occur, what is happening is bad in and of itself and precautions should be taken that includes, at this point, social distancing and stay at home measures. That's not hard to understand. Even Trump has gone from "hoax" to a more dire outlook. Why is that? I guess he's taken to watching mainstream media, huh? πŸ™„
  11. Not taking away optimism. I don't have that power. I was responding to a specific comment. I'm also listening to what the doctors are saying. This will not end in a month or so if you listen to them because there are different curves in different states. Why? Because we had no uniformity of response. Some states governors gave stay at home directives others did not. Equipment in the hospitals is lacking as well which is causing healthcare providers to get sick. States aren't on the same timeline. Here in California our peak is thought to be in mid-May, 6 weeks from now. In New York it is the end of April. But those are just peak levels. There will still be cases after the peak. Social distancing seems to be having a good effect. I have no doubt it will stop the worst case scenarios from occurring in individual states. However, the lesser case scenarios, at this point, are still not good and will take time to dissipate. That's if you listen to the doctors. Maybe tonight they have other thoughts/projections. Either way keep your head up.
  12. The media reports what the medical experts are saying. Stop it. The info is changing daily as more discoveries are made.
  13. If one has multiple offers they don't have to jump at any one offer. Beane did what he had to do and the Bills are better for it. Sanders also wound up with a great result.
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