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  1. One can say the same thing about pre-season stats...
  2. Inconsistent is true, but not the narrative. Read some of these posts over the past several months. And if Jones is as bad as those people say why would anyone trade for him? And If he's got enough value to trade him, why not keep him?
  3. Yep, and who is in the starting lineup with them? Hmmm? Like I said, decent. And I never said they couldn't do better. But the narrative that Jones does nothing right, ever, is asinine.
  4. Yes, decent. He hasn't been what you want from that high of a pick, but he's decent. You know who agrees with me so far? The organization. So, all you armchair GMs enjoy yourselves. 🤷🏾‍♂️
  5. Knox had a QB in college who had three future NFL WR's to throw to before he thought of throwing to Knox. Sweeney did not.
  6. You have seen Duke, in the NFL-against NFL competition, make one catch like that. That's the reason they should keep him over Zay? Where was all the reports of him doing that consistently in practice during camp? I recall report saying he wasn't standing out at all. I'm not saying they can't do better than Zay. I'm saying folks see Duke make one catch and all of a sudden he should be kept. No. Do better than Zay, by drafting better or making a trade for a better WR.
  7. Who are you saying that catches the ball regularly? Duke? All of 3 passes you've seen him catch over two pre-season games? And before that game all the beat writers didn't even mention him in the competition for the last receiver spot? Come on now. Zay ain't great, but he's decent. Folks on here acting like the dude hasn't done anything. Not true.
  8. Yeah, you're crazy. I understand folks feeling like Zay is underwhelming when considering his draft position, but he's a decent player who has made plays in games that count. Duke has three catches in two pre-season games. And where has he been the rest of camp? Don't be a victim of regency bias. I'd keep McKenzie over Duke. McKenzie has made plays in games that count and he's made plays in the pre-season games and in camp consistently too. Bills don't need a tall WR. They need good WR's whatever size it comes in.
  9. 💯💯💯 overraction is a message board credo.
  10. No. ICB never said anything about a trade, and he never mentioned any names. He did say there was something going on with the Bills, but nothing specific. The Twitter-verse took that and turned it into a Clowney trade. Then the twitter-verse who post on message boards kept that same thought pattern going during their posts. Then folks who don't like ICB took shots at him for this, that and the other. In fairness, in this case, ICB didn't mention Clowney or Trent Williams or any other player.
  11. True. You don't have to have an elite offensive line to win a lot of games. BUT I'll take one if we can get it. Elite offensive lines are the reason the Buffalo Bills don't have a Super Bowl trophy at OBD. You get an elite o-line, if a team doesn't turn the ball over, they win.
  12. Listening to some folks on the board Zay is the worst WR ever. So why would any other team trade for him?
  13. They will be better than Falcons or Bucs, but it will be a competitive division.
  14. I hear you. I would state that in Jim Brown's day people said the same thing about his chosen means of protest that people today said about Kap's and other players.
  15. That is Jim Brown's opinion. I respect his opinion. But like so many others who fell into that particular line of thinking, the protest was against issues happening that did not reflect the ideals the flag is supposed to represent. And "the way to protest" will always truly mean "don't protest." Because no matter how one chooses to do so, there will always be someone who says, "Not that way." How about things that are protested being addressed in some meaningful way so there is no need for people to do it? There was no violence in the protest. No words spoken during the protest. No flag burned during the protest. The man took a knee. Half the stadium is in the beer line during the anthem. Folks just didn't want to deal with the what was being protested.
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