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  1. My church is in Inglewood, 2-3 miles west of Sofi. I might park around there for free and Uber.
  2. If Beane traded up to #7 with a deal that included Edmunds, no way he’s doing it to draft a LB. Kyle Hamilton, Ahmad Gardner or Derek Stingley would be my guess, with Hamilton being my best guess. Hamilton’s a freak and a chess piece for whichever defense he plays on.
  3. Don’t assume wins. How many said that about Jacksonville last year? Lions play hard. If Bills play their best they win. But we’ve seen they aren’t beyond a bad loss.
  4. He’s not holding out. Yet. These OTA’s are voluntary.
  5. I say 5 prime time games. @ Rams @ Bengals Packers Dolphins Thanksgiving (But not the Lions. I predict the Bills host the Thanksgiving night game) Patriots or Vikings
  6. Maybe, maybe not. You assume Hochul wasn’t telling the truth and those other government officials were. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. The intel she divulged probably came from the Pegula’s reps and is that game of chicken one you would have wanted her to play? I wouldn’t. As opposed to folks jumping on this deal ask why Buffalo and the other parts of the state continue to trail behind downstate decade after decade. Hasn’t been a new football stadium in 50 years. So where have all those tax dollars for more important things gone? Under Democratic and Republican leadership at that. Just a rhetorical question. The Bills are going to be where they belong going forward. Good for Bills fans. This is one instance where I don’t particularly care how it happened
  7. Play as needed until they earn more time. Crowder only got a 1 year deal. McKenzie is basically on a 1 year deal too. Davis will be up for an extension or hit Free Agency After 2023. Need young, cheap talent at the position that can be impactful.
  8. They already have Marquez Stevenson for development. They could use a guy who can play now, pedigree-wise.
  9. True. But she only mentioned San Diego. There seems to have been other places as well. Pegula’s would definitely be fronting all the money for a California stadium. Public money for new stadiums isn’t a thing out here.
  10. Of course. Not surprising at all. The deal they struck was definitely lopsided against the state of NY, but either they anted up or the Bills could leave. With no guarantee that money would be used on “more important things.”
  11. Does not matter what Brennan was expected or not expected to do. That’s the point. Someone just passed away, tragically. Leave it at that. No reason to bring up anything else. There’s plenty of time to talk about the rest down the line if need be.
  12. His tweet about Colt Brennan’s passing only included info about Brennan being a great college player - no mention of his many “struggles.” So, Schefter is, apparently, capable of better when it suits him.
  13. Complete renderings in 4-6 months is what was reported.
  14. Laugh if you want it’s true. Are you an NBA fan?
  15. Nah. The NBA has been doing interesting off-seasons for years now.
  16. Truth. Although, if Beane can’t meet the desired price he might choose to trade him before this season starts.
  17. Not necessarily. Metcalf is proven. I’d rather have him too since he’s a vet (albeit young) who can help Wilson progress. A rookie at 10 needs Wilson to help him and might take time to adjust even as talented as he will be.
  18. The Bills might only be looking to move up 5-10spots. I don’t see them trying to get into the top 10.
  19. Most people have little knowledge of all of the items their taxes help pay for nor the exact figures from their taxes that are funneled to any specific item in a state/federal budget. Taxes are paid by all of us for things we might never use. I get the principal of not using public money to fund billionaires. But in the specific case of this Bills Stadium how much of ones taxes do they think is going toward its construction over the next 4 years? Probably not that much if it’s broken down.
  20. Maybe Dotson could fall into the top few picks of round 2, but he wouldn’t last anywhere near will the Bills pick in round 2. That said he’s going in the first.
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