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  1. This is the one. Right here. As Steinbeck writes, "This is the thing to bomb."
  2. Funny you should mention it, as, technically, a group of Patriots is known as a scum.
  3. DO they, though? We definitely didn't draft John Brown and Cole Beasley going into Allen's pivotal 2nd year. Those two probably helped #17 take a big step forward, yeah? And then the following year, I'm pretty sure they didn't draft Stefon Diggs (even though he did COST draft capital to acquire). His acquisition seems to have been maybe the MOST instrumental roster development move, of course after trading up to draft Josh Allen. Pairing those two has been an unprecedented boon for the Bills offense and for the organization's culture overall. So while not every veteran offensive acquisition has been a home run, especially in years one and two of the new regime, they've knocked PLENTY out of the park where/when it's mattered.
  4. That is an EXCELLENT highlight reel for a late round draft pick in his first NFL action. It's really fun to watch the way some dudes, like Spector, instinctually read, react, and attack. For the standard bearer, check out Mike Singletary's best cut-ups. The way he strafed behind the line and then pounced. The beautiful, predatory dance.
  5. Sure seems like it's becoming more common, or at least more sought after, for offensive "skill position players" to be kind of "positionless" with their skill sets and usage. TEs who run WR routes. WRs who take handoffs. RBs who spilt out wide. QBs who are short-yardage FBs. Both sides of the ball have seen more ambiguity with respect to clearly defined player positions and roles. I'm sure there's plenty of room for WRs to play both inside and outside, to motion around the formation, etc. I'd like to see more and more of this from the Bills, with the unique and well-rounded talents they have in the room.
  6. I'd cut Crowder from this list. OR I could be convinced to cut Kumerow, if they're keeping Taiwan Jones. (NO WAY they should keep both Jones and Kumerow. Which is a separate issue from WR depth.) Crowder doesn't offer much value beyond backing up McKenzie in the slot. Other guys at the bottom of the WR depth chart add more value to the roster.
  7. He gets ahead of himself all the time on broadcasts. He's a really sharp and funny dude in person, even if a bit of a dry, witty prick when holding court (which is not exactly a criticism in my eyes), but with a microphone he gets lost. Must be the professional need to fill the air with words. I'll bet his at-home, on-the-couch commentary is MUCH more engaging.
  8. Hodgins was absolutely playing special teams today. The one Colts kick return that had some success (going right to left) towards the near sideline was a cut inside Hodgins (who technically kept contain on the play, so I'm wondering if the 2nd layer pursuit was the issue). I don't know if he plays punt teams, though. Probably just kickoffs. Maybe someone else knows for sure?
  9. On one hand, Vrabel's temperament can't be all wrong, seeing as his team consistently overachieves for 17 games each season. Then again, their criminal mishandling of A.J. Brown's entire career to date tugs us in a slightly different direction, especially in light of playoff results. I'm reminded of hard-ass defensive-minded HCs who did a poor job of supporting their young QBs...Mike Singletary and Brian Flores, for example. Lots of benchings and public criticisms. Maybe Jeff Fisher (benching Jared Goff) compared with Sean McVay (making him an effective pre-snap marionette). Giving your young QB some ***** slack seems really effing important these days.
  10. This is the thing right here. It's a problem, potentially. But maybe it's a good problem to have?
  11. The preseason Play from Allen's rookie year that keeps getting mentioned was a back shoulder-ish two-seamer to Ray-Ray McCloud that kind of improbably forced itself into his arms as he slid between defenders.
  12. Agree. The Bills don't need to keep TWO more dedicated gunners when they've also got Siran Neal newly inked up. I know Neal sees the field on defense, but isn't he considered a lock at one of the gunner spots? If so, there's not much to justify keeping two more guys for the job who aren't likely see the field at their respective positions (except as injury backups). So I think it's time one of these two get waived (I prefer to vote off Jones, personally), UNLESS maybe Kumerow suddenly factors into their plans at WR?
  13. Obviously I agree. Benford seems to be on the McBeane trajectory (under-the-radar 3rd day pick who just thrives in this culture). But I like to try to understand opposing arguments.
  14. This looks like a 100% chance of keeping 6 CBs. How could they cut one of those 6 in favor of some fringe STs guy? With Tre still rehabbing? No way. I GUESS Benford could be cut but does he survive waivers to come back on the PS? Probably depends on preseason performance. And I'll bet the Bills aren't willing to risk losing him.
  15. You appear to be avoiding a lot of salient context just to present this semantic point. The NFL would be challenging the severity of the punishment based on the decision rendered. He has already been found to be in violation of the code of conduct on several grounds. You're intentionally conflating judgment with sentencing. I'll bet you're smart enough to know that.
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