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  1. Unbelievably egregious missed call both on the field, and then again on the challenge. Truly baffling.
  2. No one mentioning his bicep-flex (and point to his own bicep) during the Tre White dust-up? One of the douchier things I've seen on a field.
  3. My own strain of BBFS was exclusively passed down along the maternal line. Toss in a Sicilian-Catholic gift for fatalism and martyrdom, and you've got some serious Sunday Suffering.
  4. Wait...am I allowed to NOT "take" the results if I don't like them?
  5. Smart: thick book like that can protect against impact. 'bout all it's good for AM I RIGHT!?
  6. Who. The. Eff. Cares. Superbowl halftime shows are for people who lack...everything.
  7. One mustn't deny the potential for the Bills offense to be shut down by New England. Allen still has some stinkers in him at this stage of his career, and the 2019 Patriots defense might be Belichick's best overall since his Giants days. I expect at least a quarter or two in which the Bills cannot move the ball or get out of their own way. Can they adjust to what the Pats are doing? Can the defense keep the Pats close enough while the offense struggles? Difficult to predict the Bills offense performing better against the Patriots than they have against three inferior opponents (with respect to points, primarily). Would be delighted to be proven very wrong.
  8. I sure do hope Daboll has been sandbagging and trying not to put too much on film...because his playcalling definitely gets dumb with 3rd quarter leads.
  9. Not sure if Allen is ready to go spread against Belichick, which means diagnosing the various pressure packages and quickly finding his hots. I expect New England to send delayed blitzes and some zone blitzes, and to often mix in no-blitzes where the d-linemen simply hold their lanes and read the QB. They want Allen holding the ball and getting nervous; trying to read downfield traffic as the D closes in. Gilmore will follow around Smoke Brown, while their LBs and safeties will try to hammer Beasley at every opportunity. We've seen it before. Can the Bills break out of that design? Can they make the Patriots back off?
  10. Probably, but I genuinely felt good about that game going in. We'd already bottomed out, and had shown signs of steadying the ship. And we caught Minnesota dealing with the sudden Everson Griffen situation. It just seemed like an upset in the making. Not sure the Bengals are similarly poised to catch the Bills off guard this week. But then again, Dalton kind of owns us.
  11. Since the first trade this offseason, I've been thinking (and saying to friends) that AB no longer has the will to play professional football. He's been publicly BEGGING to be released or suspended or otherwise shelved. Felt at first like a diva NFL vet circumventing training camp. Feels now more like a misogynistic thirty-something millionaire head case finally coming unglued.
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