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  1. Reads like Twitter after a loss. The toxicity spikes.
  2. Was hoping this would be a poll. Was gonna vote no.
  3. Lots of posters in this thread just assuming the Jets passing offense will be excellent as is. Why is the Jets offense so scary to many? Who is behind G. Wilson (especially at the start of the season) to provide high end secondary WR options? I get that they present some explosiveness in the rushing game. But passing? Not much danger there imho. They will be a REALLY tough out for the Bills again in 2024, I'll bet, but I don't see a dynamic array of receiving weapons beyond Wilson and Hall. Williams is still recovering, isn't he? And behind that, who is there? The rookie, Corley, right? Who else? They're stronger than the Bills at the very top of their WR room, for sure, which matters, for sure...but their depth is similar to or worse than Buffalo's (unless I'm just overlooking some glaringly obvious complimentary WR outside an injured Williams and a rookie Corley).
  4. The main question that is still unanswered for me, at least, is: IS Aiyuk that "star weapon (who) creates space for everyone else"? I don't necessarily trust his ability to fully translate and thrive in a different system, away from Shanny (and that STACKED offensive depth chart). Definitely don't trust it enough to justify the two-pronged price he'll cost (both trade and cap). That's my main objection. So really I'm not satisfied that Aiyuk is a sure enough bet on the field to justify his trade value and long term salary cap impact. Pretty much everyone else DOES think Aiyuk's expensive juice is worth the squeeze (sorry)?
  5. Never said they were obligated. Said I disagree with the practice of buying ST with intent to resell majority of them for profit. And by disagree, that doesn't mean I think they don't have the right to do so, just that I think it's crappy and contributes to inflation. Just one guy's opinion.
  6. Utica is better than Syracuse with respect to food and culture. Both cities are admittedly depressed. But one has a more diverse range of cultures and cuisines that call it home, so there is at least some reason to visit outside of fairs or festivals. Most of the Italian restaurants in Utica, staffed by Bosnian and Ukrainian refugees, are worth the visit.
  7. Hey, you do you. If my criticism seems not to apply, or unreasonable, then disregard and/or criticize me in turn. I have plenty of faults. I understand the myriad reasons why season ticket holders would resell tickets. It's perfectly legal. But buying them with the intent to resell the majority of them for profit is kind of a poopy thing to do. Sounds like that might not be you anyways.
  8. Exactly. Go to the games as a fan, or eat the risk of treating them as commodities when demand tanks.
  9. Solid bit of perspective here. Thank you. However, when buyers claim season tickets with the intent of reselling the majority of them, it contributes greatly to ticket inflation. That's a GREAT point, to be honest. I have no intention to sell, as I bought my house to live in it, but 100% agree that reselling houses as an investment strategy is a major contributor to supply scarcity and price inflation. Take advantage of the systems in place as it is your right. But I can judge those systems and your complicity in the consequences. As for the Bills, Pegula is finally getting to milk the market with taxpayer funding and taxpayers paying exponentially increased ticket prices.
  10. Not if longevity and consistency weigh heavily, as they appear to with Marino's criteria. Smith was not the same reliable, steadying presence that Kelso was IIRC. I was youngish at the time, though. I remember Smith being flashier, both good and bad. Kinda like Nate Odoms in that way. (Smith was more of a SS though, wasn't he? Very different position from Kelso's FS back then.)
  11. TBH I'm not at all a fan of reselling for profit. That's part of how consumers get squeezed as well. You have the right to do it, but I think it's a crappy thing to do. Moving on.
  12. Corporate sports entertainment. Proper service/hospitality aren't cost effective when you boil it all down. More demand than supply means they can squeeze the consumer.
  13. Of course that is where Kincaid and Samuel and Coleman and MVS (and others) would ideally come into play... No one is expecting Shakir to suddenly line up on the boundary, across from Sauce Gardner, every play, like some alpha-X target and have the passing offense run through him. But when he does line up and draw coverage, then there are built-in concepts and progressions designed to take advantage of other quadrants of the field.
  14. What in heck is extending plays "with his arm?" Plays are extended with his LEGS, innit? I mean, having a big arm allows for extended plays to be explosive, I suppose.
  15. Would be super helpful to know what kind of production we've seen out of them previously to have some kind of statistical frame of reference. Seems like an attainable number, but now I have to google a couple things and like, do work. Thanks.
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