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  1. You know what you have to do. Stop shaving. For months. Do it.
  2. I am nonplussed by this bearded trailblazer's miserable performance yesterday. Helps people, like your partner (no offense), perpetuate stale stereotypes about facial hair...
  3. Whoa whoa whoa...since when is a beard unprofessional? That's some outdated thinking right there. The ref and his crew were definitely awful, but I must take umbrage at the prescriptive and close-minded beard theory of professionalism. Dragging a razor across one's face does not have any bearing on diligence and integrity. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
  4. Damn you for this. I was blissfully ignorant, half-drunken, and then bam! Suddenly I'm reflecting upon mortality and perspective and humanizing others, and I've got something in my eyes. Jerk move, Hapless.
  5. Yeah, the original math had both Garoppolo and Kittle definitely out for our game next week. No reason to expect otherwise, that I've seen.
  6. So the trade for Diggs was an agreed-upon necessity? That sure does seem to undercut its brilliance and utility, no? Plenty of pundits criticized the bold move, and still others dismissed it. It's almost like phrasing it that way you did above was a lame way to undersell Beane's aggressive and effective trade. (A truly franchise-altering move.) But you wouldn't have a long, recorded history of underselling Buffalo's wins while overplaying its losses, would you?
  7. There he is. Nice work here. You've waivered at times, showing some unlikely glimpses of hope. But this is vintage you. And to be completely honest, it is comforting to see.
  8. Another line of thinking is that the Ravens are unable to practice and would be playing without significant on-field contributors, so the Steelers have gained unexpected advantages in this pivotal divisional matchup.
  9. What kind of a weirdo waits until he is well-informed before making controversial proclamations with 100% certainty?
  10. Is the bolded potentially a thing? I know NOTHING about sickle-cell trait, other than it being more common in African Americans, and hearing the potential issues with altitude as reported in regards to a certain Steelers safety traveling back from Denver a few years ago...Chris Hope? Maybe that's not the guy. Chris Something, I think.
  11. Only benefit I can see to losing yet another job to pandemic restrictions is that I get to watch Saturday football games. Tough tradeoff, though.
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