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  1. Does anyone else think it's POSSIBLE that McDermott's understanding of what it takes to field an effective, modern NFL defense: speed, instincts, and undersized playmaking... ...is actually a VERY convincing argument for building a heavy, mauling o-line and a run-first, play-action offense that exploits the intrinsic weaknesses of such a defense? Is it possible he's building a modern defense AND simultaneously fielding a (less-modern) offense designed to beat it?
  2. Adam Gase is not an effective leader. He is too ego-driven. Too self-interested. Strong leaders maintain integrity and accountability even during (or ESPECIALLY during) challenging or dysfunctional moments. Gase is too busy politicking and saving face. His draft behavior was petty and pathetic. And the Jets organization just fully endorsed that brand of tantrum. Now I expect Gase to unsympathetically demand more integrity and accountability from his roster than he is willing to exhibit himself. Recipe for discord, if you ask me.
  3. These mega-threads present challenges for me as i am often late to the party (two full-time jobs), attempting nonetheless to read through them diligently and chronologically, then sniping at posters like yourself who make silly missteps with their native (I presume) language. I think i was an entire day late with my post. That IS unforgivable, isn't it?
  4. You're right. It means before "Modanna." Also, a hint (spelling of Madonna aside): you're literally, semantically wrong. "Pre-" as a prefix does mean "previous to; before."
  5. Tossing you a like for following this semantic stream to its source.
  6. Zay WAS complete shite his rookie season. No doubt. Discombobulated is the word that comes to mind. But he has shown flashes now of actual playmaking ability. Like he could be an excellent #3 or #4 option, which is what he could/should be this year.
  7. I've learned to trust Joe B's QB observations. He was always more critical on our QBs than others, and he has thus turned out to be right (EJ comes to mind most prominently). Here he is not nearly as kind to Jackson as Parrino and Brown. And I trust it.
  8. I strongly disagree with the OP. The Bills want to be able to pass more effectively, no doubt. It's difficult to do it much worse. But I really think their ideal approach is a steady running game that sets up play action passing, at least for this year. Their linemen are big maulers, and they've invested some money and now a pick into the RB stable. I'm not sure what leads one to believe that the passing game is their chosen identity. That doesn't really jibe with what I've seen from this coach, and this off-season. Eventually they'd love for Allen to become an elite passer, sure. Eventually.
  9. That's a great post. Numbers can really eff up narratives. Like mine. (Sort of.) It's also possible to look at your grid there and interpret that to mean Zay Jones isn't the steaming pile of dung many want him to be because McD traded up for him or some other such unfair preconception. I like them both, for the record. Two solid contributors who are NOT #1s but can both be productive cogs in an offensive machine.
  10. A HEALTHY John Brown IS actually a solid #2 on a good team; look at this numbers last year before the QB switch, and in his second season. Healthy stretches with average (above average for a 2015 Carson Palmer) QBs and he put up solid numbers. Bruce Arians has compared him to Marvin Harrison, for what it's worth. But he had difficulty staying healthy in Zona, and then last year his production was interrupted by the Lamar Jackson show.
  11. Couldn't happen to a better team/coach. Eff the Jags and Saint Doug.
  12. Second mention of David Tyree in this thread, and I'm only on page four. Do better, Bills fans.
  13. But he's not a TE. TEs have to line up in-line at least on occasion, and have blocking duties against o-linemen and LBs. He's a big WR. What you're talking about is a big WR. No offense, but being the most productive receiver in a league does sort of imply something like domination. Semantics might suggest a different word, but your argument isn't helped by last year's stats. Your argument IS helped by his college stats, however.
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