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  1. I don't like it if WFT loses. I don't want them feeling cornered just yet next week.
  2. This analysis is objective, comprehensive, and clear-eyed (which is a lot like objective). Sober and salient.
  3. But by then one or both of the starting safeties are long gone, and therefore likely cheaper; this could in turn reallocate/redistribute cap space in myriad ways, including re-signing a 3rd or 4th-year drafted CB2 to a big deal. The complication is that CB1 White's deal runs through the 2025 season, which would be a 2022 draftee's 4th season...wherein we face a confluence. Good problem to have.
  4. Not many people seem to be talking about the disadvantage of the opposing defense KNOWING it's a pass (for the most part) on most plays, based on formation. The offensive linemen are really up against it when a talented pass rush can consistently tee off on the snap count and attack with impunity. I believe Daboll needs to help his guys out by being less predictable on a play-to-play basis.
  5. Stay away until Wednesday, typically. Once we're tangibly on to the next opponent, it's worthwhile to get back at it.
  6. I love satire @Steelz! Got a lotta fish on the line, too. I refuse to believe the overtly misused homophones and overall bravado is in earnest. Then again...
  7. The BACK 7 So many issues with this post. I mean, seriously? First: the BACK 7 is our weakness?! That is actually the first time I've heard anyone, anywhere, put forth that argument. I thought it was universally agreed upon by NFL observers that the 2021 Bills had deficiencies UP FRONT? The secondary and LBs ain't at all perfect, but they have been the strength of this defense according to most commentators. Second: if that WAS the case in the games you list (that the LBs and DBs were the primary weakness), could you actually help the rest of NFL observers who don't initially agree with your hot take by providing examples or rationale of any kind? Nope? Just telling us to do our own research and use our eyes? Third: you're using LAST season's back 7 performances in regular season and playoff games as evidence that THIS season's unit won't cut it, but...then you apparently think "The front four are a positive" based on what? Preseason games from this year? That's some weak sauce.
  8. So have I successfully reserved a G spot? (hehe, but seriously.) If not, life goes on. But I'm not sure if I'm in or not... Thanks.
  9. Great read. Thanks for posting. McDermott's relentless approach to self-improvement (that Carol Dweckian growth mindset he preaches) may be his most important quality as his tenure evolves and coaches and players come and go. He is dedicated not to a certain defensive philosophy, for example, but to improving his defensive philosophy each season. Admittedly, that's not the best written example (which is an opportunity for me to grow and state my point more effectively in the future).
  10. Please elaborate? And speak slowly and clearly...
  11. Well then isn't it nice to have some elite EDGE length on the right (Rousseau) and the left (Epenesa).
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