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  1. These rankings show an addition of two above average linemen. We now have three instead of one. According to these rankings. That's improvement. And maybe someone else develops under new coaching, with better linemates? Not an unreasonable projection...
  2. Richard Noggin

    TDN Mock Draft Machine; My mock draft

    That's what she said.
  3. Richard Noggin

    Tyree Jackson is at the combine trying to take WR’s out

    I miss Steve Smith's touchdown celebrations. The canoe bit was a classic.
  4. Richard Noggin

    New Coaches Hired - QB, WR

    I am happy with Dorsey as the QB coach, but...you DO realize Culley was a high-level college QB, right? His NFL coaching experience was primarily at the WR position, but his personal experience as a player was as a QB, so... Why are people so uninformed?
  5. Scary, intense, and mostly illegal. But, I'm in...
  6. Richard Noggin

    WR Prospect talk

    Looks like we need to do a supplemental Wife Draft for Jim Halpert. I'm a Pam guy all the way, but I understand the contrarian love for Karen.
  7. Richard Noggin

    2019 Mock Drafts and top prospects

    This is who YOU'D pick, right? Rather than who you think the BILLS will pick? Because recent history shows a mid-to-late round leaning towards underappreciated and/or smaller school guys. You're rocking all major school/conference prospects here. Also, you see Fant's athleticism far outweighing the quiet criticisms about his effort/grit, yes?
  8. Richard Noggin

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

    Hopefully some posters will actually read the Charlotte Observer profile. Give us great insight on how this guy is wired, and what players can expect. Sounds good to me. The Carolina griping is just lazy (and/or funny, depending on who the Bills bring in).
  9. Richard Noggin

    Kyle Williams Mic’d Up vs Miami

    I'm not crying you're crying
  10. Richard Noggin

    OT Jonah Williams in the first

    Moot versus mute. Easy mistake. And frankly, I don't think oline is a group you "fix" in FA. I think you draft and sign guys (but mostly draft) continuously until your cupboards overfloweth. Once you have a QB to build around, you can't eff around with patchwork olines (like Seattle did for a couple years, for example.)
  11. Richard Noggin

    Shaq Lawson 5th year option on the table

    I wouldn't be excited about that, either, if it were true. Except that it's not. Lawson is under contract next year, and the Bills have the option of picking up his 5th year option for the season after that. (I don't know if they will exercise this option. But, let's agree on the facts first.)
  12. Richard Noggin

    Brandon Beane press conference 12/31

    Oh, Richie has most definitely been heard from since the whole paycut freakout. There's this: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/police-docs-richie-incognito-seemed-to-think-he-worked-for-nsa-attacked-man-at-gym/. And then there's this: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/police-report-richie-incognito-wanted-to-cut-off-his-dead-fathers-head-at-funeral-home/. You're just being obtuse for fun, yeah?
  13. Richard Noggin

    Zay Jones: The numbers show that he is a #2.

    It was illuminating watching JuJu in Pitt today, with no #1 WR attracting defensive attention away from him. He's a talented player, but the big numbers in football are often a result of so many factors beyond the individual player's ability... Remember when Pearless Price put up monstrous numbers, for example? Why was that? And why was it not duplicated in Atlanta after he was moved? (Serious eye issues notwithstanding.) It's difficult to analyze offensive production in a vacuum. Football is the ultimate team sport.
  14. Richard Noggin

    Mic'd Up: Josh Allen vs. the Lions

    Wasn't Brees still the starter during Rivers' rookie season? That WOULD be off-putting for a bench guy to run his mouth...
  15. Richard Noggin

    Brady playing hurt? Partially torn MCL?

    Sounds like a plan. What was the approach on MNF earlier this year? I remember (granted, I wasn't the most sober fan there) the D being fairly aggressive, and fairly effective in keeping the Pats offense off-balance for "much" of the game. Definitely not "enough" of the game, of course. Because: With that offense the Bills were fielding, I mean, you knew the Pats would get enough cracks at it to break through eventually. Difficult to blame the defensive gameplan or execution.