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Hackett fired in Denver


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Never understood how he became a Head Coach.


He came to Buffalo from Syracuse under Marrone and ran a dreadfully boring offense.


Followed Marrone to Jacksonville and did the same thing.

Hung around Aaron Rodgers and rehabbed his image. 


And we have since learned that the Bills got hood-winked by Marrone’s agent and their 5-day “no stone unturned” search in Arizona led by Russ Brandon. 


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Hackett is only a very small part of their issues. Broncos are toast going forward. I wouldn’t touch that job with a 100000 foot pole. 

A washed up Russ with CTE and the worst co tract in the NFL. No first round picks, and an estimated $15M in cap space. 

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Just now, SageAgainstTheMachine said:

The 2022 Broncos have to be one of the worst failures of all time, right?  Given their aspirations and the resources they parted with?

I would say so. NFL fans had to suffer through 5 nationally televised Broncos games. This firing was for all NFL fans lol

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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