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Hackett fired in Denver


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10 minutes ago, Beck Water said:


I know opinions on this board vary, but I trend towards crediting some of the film breakdowns pointing out that Wilson has had options, he's just running off-script (or writing his own script) and there actually are open receivers and plays to be had.


I don't think we're going to see a change under the same OC (the Packers former TE coach).  But, an OC who can either design a system to work with whatever Wilson has left, OR, who can get Wilson to buy-in and work within the offense he designs, could look much more successful with Wilson.



Broncos were not a Superbowl team this year.

I think Wilson tanked season since he is on guaranteed contract.   

He wants input into new coaching staff and with being better in draft order Broncos can draft impact rookies since he is such a large amount of salary cap. 

Just now, Steptide said:

Isnt it crazy that analysts were picking this team to go to the superbowl in the pre season 

Crazy but not crazy like a fox but crazy like an asylum.

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36 minutes ago, LyndonvilleBill said:

Looks like 3 good interviews for Frazier after the SB.😉😁

I would suspect Denver goes offensive as they have too much invested in Wilson and their D is not the problem.  I'm thinking maybe Reich would have a possibility of landing there.  Don't think Payton would take it as it's cap hell again.


I would think DeMeco Ryan lands somewhere before Frazier.  He's young and running the best D in San Francisco.

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37 minutes ago, MiltonWaddams said:

I would guess that the Broncos will still look for offensive minded head coaches. Will this be Eric Bieniemy’s opportunity at last? Stays in division against the great Andy Reid?

Eric Bienemy is not getting a head coaching job. He has a bad rap sheet and is not well liked by people. Plus he interviews like sh*t

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39 minutes ago, BillsSbSoon said:

Not sure about that. Hackett was a trainwreck no doubt, but Wilson looks like he can’t play anymore. He’s an absolute shell of his former self


   Makes you wonder what Wilson thinks about how he is playing when he watches game film.  Doesn't it register he's playing lousy football?  Talk about brain damage if he can't see the garbage play and tries to find answers with the oc.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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