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Bills FA rumors thread

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6 minutes ago, NewEra said:

Meh.  I don’t want Jackson.  Not worth the money.  Better spent elsewhere imo

I would too with Jackson looking at $20M per season. It would be the best Secondary in the NFL though. 

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4 minutes ago, BuffBills51 said:

When does Star get cut to create much needed cap space? He was a giant waste last year. 

I don’t think they can cut him with much cap savings ATM. Post June 1 I think they get minor relief. But more than likely, he’s on the team until next off season. 

Just now, extrahammer said:



Wouldn't cutting Star save us over $9m in cap space?

Not when accounting for his dead cap. 

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22 minutes ago, Process said:

If Chandler wanted to come here, and we didn't sign him but meanwhile kept Edmunds at $12M.....my god

Uh….why?  Is this one of those time machine things?  5th years are guaranteed and this decision was made long ago.  The money for Jones would come from somewhere other than Edmunds….always would have and still will.  It is entirely unrelated.  The Edmunds stuff on this board is insane.  Do you think if the Bills traded Edmunds in 2019 that Covid would have ever happened?  Bat at a wet market? Nope.  Lab leak?  Nope.  Edmunds.  Definitely Edmunds.  Also that Russia Ukraine thing seems suspicious too.  And did Gabby Prtito’s boyfriend look strong enough to you to do all that murder stuff on his own?  Wasn’t the murder done in the off-season where Edmunds whereabouts are unknown?  Hmmmmmmmm

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23 hours ago, Buffalo619 said:

Rodger Saffold to sign with Bills today or tomorrow at latest. 

EDIT:^^^^Oops, you beat me to it!!



Lucky guess, or something more???

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3 hours ago, Alphadawg7 said:

From what I’ve read, Bills could get out of it after next year if it wasn’t working out.  And we can always redo his deal as well, and I would suspect that if we did trade for him that discussion about that would be done before we did.


Personally I still think it’s more plausible we end up with Barkley.  But the CMC trade is more doable than people think. 


Have to take 13 million in Dead Cap to do it: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/christian-mccaffrey-21749/


And this thought that you can always re-do players is getting out of hand. You can't just snap your fingers and re-do deals. The other party has to be okay with it.

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